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"Uncle Luo, why are we retreating?" While marching, Di Yalan's angry voice came as she forcefully slashed tree trunks with her sword, "How dare that bastard tease me and Miss Mu! I want to stab him to death! He makes me so mad!"

"Nothing would have happened if you two hadn't shown up. Now we've gotten ourselves into trouble. Aii..." Luo Hao sighed and said, "Stop babbling. Let's leave. Hopefully we can escape from here."

"Uncle Luo, we've already left, what's wrong?" Mu Yu Die asked in a confused voice.

"It's more complicated than you think."

Luo Hao shook his head, "None of those mercenaries are good men. Their captain was so salacious when he looked at you, so clearly he won't let you go easily. The four mercenaries attacking the snake appeared to be indifferent when we left, but they were strongly interested in you before that, thus it's unreasonable that they would give up. They must know their captain's plan well."

Mu Yu Die's pretty face turned pale, "Uncle Luo, are you suspecting that they would pursue us?"

"Not a suspicion. I know they definitely will pursue us"

Luo Hao sighed again, "The reason why they didn't take action at once, was because they were worried about the materials on the demon snake. Other warriors and mercenaries may come up to collect their prize while they fight with us. So surely they will chase us after they take all the material on the snake."

"The Fangs Mercenary Corps have a really bad reputation. I have heard about them doing a lot of horrendous things. Uncle Luo is definitely right." Hu Long added.

"Uncle Luo, sorry... we were just worried about you." Mu Yu Die in a apologising tone.

"I understand." Luo Hao replied. However, he suddenly stopped and put Mu Yu Die down gently.

Shi Yan stopped as well. He asked while frowning, "What? Are they coming already?"

Luo Hao glanced at Shi Yan in appreciation and nodded and replied with a sullen face, "They're coming."

"Uncle Luo, what should we do now?" Hu Long snorted and then yelled, "They went too far! Let's fight them to death!"

Luo Hao frowned deeply. He thought about it quickly and ordered, "Di Yalan, you carry Die and go first, and leave our signals on the way. Young man, you go with them, and be careful. Choose untraversed regions, and don't get into high-level demon beast's territories."

"What about you?" Shi Yan asked calmly.

"The three of us will stay. Without Die among us, we can split up and easily launch sneak attacks. After holding them back for a bit, we will catch up. Those guys won't fight with us if they don't see the girls. They should give up soon." Luo Hao replied fast.

"Got it." Shi Yan nodded and smiled light-heartedly, "Don't worry Uncle, wherever these two beauties go, I'll be right there with them."

"Okay, now go!" Luo Hao replied.

Di Yalan wanted to stay and fight, but she had to comply under Luo Hao's firm gaze.

She stomped on the ground begrudgingly and crouched to carry Mu Yu Die on her back. Then she ran to the thickest part of the forest.

After some hesitation, Shi Yan took out a paper bag from his bag and shoved it into Luo Hao's hand, "I got this poisonous powder by accident. It is called Seven Snake Saliva, made from the venoms of seven types of snakes. It's very easy to use. Just wipe it on the weapon, and it will take effect just by drawing blood of your opponent..."

Before Luo Hao could say anything, Shi Yan smirked and moved in the direction of Di Yalan.

"Uncle Luo, isn't this method too vicious? A warrior has his own honor. To use poison is contemptible." Zhao Xin frowned and looked at the poison powder in Luo Hao's hand with disdain, then he murmured, "We know nothing about that boy, and he's hidden so many vicious things. It's dangerous to let him stay with Miss Mu."

"Zhao Xin, there are no rules here, so cut the crap. We would have been dead bodies if it weren't for his Bone Chilling powder, and you wouldn't be here talking about righteousness."

Luo Hao reproached angrily and said, "Everybody gets to keep some of this powder, but don't use it too early in case it angered those mercenaries. If the situation becomes irreversible, then don't hesitate and immediately wipe it on your weapons. You can reproach that boy's viciousness in front of Die only after you two return alive, understand?"

"Got it."


In the woods.

Bernard and his seven mercenaries were flying fast in the woods with cold expressions and obscene smiles on their faces.

"Shoo, shoo, shoo!"

Fierce and quick arrows shot out from the woods one after another, forcing the mercenaries to stop and defend.

Bernard stopped abruptly and smirked. His right hand in the sleeve finally stretched out- it was a shining silver iron hand! A cluster of silver light exploded as the iron hand stretched out, and the light then divided into seven crescent knives in the air, and rushed toward Luo Hao's hiding spot.

"Ka ka ka!"

Tree branches in the woods exploded, and fell one after another as the knives flew by. The knives let out frightening silver lights and bombarded heavily in the place where Luo Hao hid himself.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

An ancient tree collapsed suddenly after being cut by the knives. Luo Hao's figure showed up for a moment and disappeared into the woods again quickly.

"Tumu, go chase that way with Kinmo. We will take care of this side." Bernard smiled cunningly with his heavy face, and added, "The strong warriors are all here, while the two women and a boy left early. Remember, I need the women alive. If you kill them, you won't get a single crystal coin!"

"Be at ease, Captain. I promise, I will bring that woman to you clean and beautiful, so that you can make her serve you however as you like." Tumu laughed loudly, "Kinmo, let's go first! Haha! That hot chick, I will have her first. You are lucky today, you can taste her after me."

"Yeah, I can't wait anymore!" The ugly mercenary with pimples all over his face laughed too as he left with Tumu.

"Oh no!" Luo Hao was startled, and was about to send a signal.

He didn't expect that Bernard was so experienced with this kind of situation. Bernard saw through Luo Hao's plan at first glance and sent people to chase after Di Yalan specifically.

"Stay here." Bernard sneered as he rushed to Luo Hao, "My friend, Didn't you want to delay us? Now, I'm not going to leave, so don't you leave as well. Let's trade blows and exercise our muscles."

As soon as Bernard moved, the other mercenaries split up to search for Hu Long and Zhao Xin's traces.


Carrying Mu Yu Die on her back, Di Yalan sped through the woods. Every time she touched the ground, her well-shaped long legs would pedal on the earth making her hot athletic body leap several metres high, like a female leopard pursuing its prey.

While up in the air, her short skirt under her armour flew with the wind, and her plump ass showed an attractive shape as she moved, looking extremely elastic.

Shi Yan was admiring her figure from behind, and couldn't stop praising her hot body. No wonder those mercenaries couldn't get rid of Di Yalan in their mind.

"Little bastard, stop gawking at my ass! Pay more attention to the surroundings! Keep an eye on any demon beast trails around here!" Di Yalan seemed to have a pair of eyes on her back, as she shouted while running.

"It's fine." Shi Yan grinned, "There are no trails of demon beasts for the time being, but it seems that someone is chasing us. I seem to hear some light footsteps."

"Someone's after us?" Di Yalan was stunned, "No way? Can it be that the three of them including Uncle Luo, weren't able to stop those crazy dogs behind us?"

Shi Yan abruptly stopped, bent down, and leaned his ear against the ground. He said with a serious face, "Uncle Luo really wasn't able to stop all the crazy dogs. Two of them are almost here."

Di Yalan was astonished as she stopped in her tracks, she spoke with a pale expression, "Kid, carry Miss Mu and keep going. I will stay and fight with them."

"No, I will stay."

Shi Yan shook his head, took a deep breath, and answered in a low voice, "I was just thinking about testing the results of my recent training. Keep going, I will catch up. Hmm, by the way, I will leave some signals behind as well, in case Uncle Luo Hao loses trace of us after dumping those mercenaries."

"You..." on Di Yalan's back, Mu Yu Die turned her head to Shi Yan and gazed at him numbly. Then a glow crossed her eyes, and she said with a complicated look on her pretty face, "This had nothing to do with you, originally."

"I know." Shi Yan smiled, "But because of you, now it has something to do with me. I still owe you a lot. Once I pay it all back, I will leave even if you want me to stay." Waving his hand, he urged Di Yalan, "Sister, what the hell are you doing?! Move!"

Di Yalan felt it a little heartbreaking to look at him, so she turned her head away and said, "Little bastard, live on happily. If you can catch up again, I, I will allow you to touch my... butt." In an instant, she stomped on the ground and dashed out rapidly.

"Haha, then keep yourself clean and wait for me." Shi Yan laughed and shouted towards her direction, "I will be back soon."

Di Yalan quivered, and almost fell. She gritted her teeth and cursed in her mind with a blushed face, "This damned little bastard!"