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A Star emissary fell on the ground, and his Profound Qi dissipated.

Shi Yan circled around him three times and felt his meridians charge with foreign Profound Qi.

Waving his dagger, Shi Yan was covered in dark light. He moved among the three Star emissaries swiftly, avoiding their attacks while leaving wounds on their bodies.

The Three Star emissaries were all completely poisoned by the Bone Cutting Powder. Their hands and feet were slowly losing strength, and their movements were becoming very slow.

Assaulted by Shi Yan, the three stood in a triangle, supporting themselves arduously.

Shi Yan looked indifferent as he moved about like a ghost. An icy light exploded between the waves of his dagger.


One of the Star emissaries was hit in the back, so he couldn't help but shout out: "Kill this bastard first!"

The other two Star emissaries nodded in hatred. Leaving Zhao Xin, Di Yalan and Hu Long, the three emissaries operated their Profound Qi. Three streaks of rainbow light sprang from their hands.

The rainbow light flew toward Shi Yan like a sentient arrow, following behind Shi Yan as they were controlled by the thoughts of their masters.

"Be careful! That is the [Dark King Spear] from the Dark World!" Mu Yu Die cried, "Don't keep the image of them in your mind, or else it will chase you forever!"

Shi Yan's eyes glimmered, as he decisively moved out of the entanglement, dropping any ideas of fighting against the enemy and cleared his mind.

In an instant, the three [Dark King Spears] lost their direction and shot toward the grass in the distance. Bits of grass burst out in the explosion.

"Damn it!" One of the Star emissary cursed and prepared to use some other skills.

Just then, Zhao Xin breathed from the medicine bag and gradually recovered from the Bone Cutting powder. Realizing he was about to use a secret skill, the Star emissary hurriedly dashed toward him.

Zhao Xin swung his hands. His arms started to slither like a snake. With a sizzling strange sound, Zhao Xin slowly moved forward, as if he was able to clasp the emissary and bound him from everywhere.

"Hu Long!" Mu Yu Die shouted, and threw the bag to Hu Long, who took a big whiff of the bag and then quickly dashed out.

As Zhao Xin and Hu Long had both re-joined the fight, there was no more pressure on Shi Yan. After sniffing the bag, the two slowly got their energy back. But those three Dark Star emissaries only got weaker and weaker. Soon, they would be killed by Zhao Xin and Hu Long.

"Di Yalan, leave the battle! Give this medicine bag to Uncle Luo." Mu Yu Die called to Di Yalan stopping her as she saw her getting ready to join the fight.

Di Yalan immediately understood what Mu Yu Die meant, and without hesitation, she rapidly ran to Luo Hao.

Shi Yan stopped fighting and walked to Mu Yu Die. Standing by her side, he looked indifferent, but his eyes kept watching Di Yalan.

Di Yanlan had bordeaux colored long hair and bronze skin, wearing solely a small set of crimson armour which only covered her big breasts, the bikini area, and her cute ass. Her flat belly and shiny long legs were all exposed.

Though Di Yalan's face was not exceptionally pretty, her figure was really hot, and her dress was wild enough to arouse any man's desires.

Even while standing beside Mu Yu Die, Shi Yan didn't look at her at all. On the contrary, he couldn't move his goo-goo eyes away from Di Yalan, and didn't even bother to hide his masculine instincts.

"Is she pretty?" Mu Yu Die frowned. Apparently, she was a little unhappy.

Shi Yan came to his senses and smiled to her, revealing his bright teeth, "Every man will be interested when meeting a hot girl like her."

Mu Yu Die had a gleam in her eyes as she gazed at him for a while, and then she giggled, "You talk funny! How old are you? Do you even count as a man?"

Shi Yan was surprised. She reminded him that his body was only seventeen years old. And since he was getting skinnier these days, he probably looked like a fourteen-year-old boy now.

Being in such an immature body and calling himself a man, talking about such erotic things. Indeed everything he did seemed really weird.

Chuckling and shaking his head, Shi Yan didn't bother to explain. He pretended to be walking away from Mu Yu Die and approached Zhao Xin and Hu Long.

With a shrill cry, a Star emissary spurted blood out of his mouth. His heart and lungs were ruptured by Zhao Xin's [Sky Snake]. His body shook for a moment and then stopped breathing.

Shi Yan came forward. The Profound Qi from the dead body was slowly absorbed into Shi Yan's body in a way only he knew. At the same time, Shi Yan's eyes began to show a fierce glint, and a violent bloodthirsty desire took over his mind again.

He knew that before the Profound Qi was purified, that desire would not disappear easily.

Having seen what happened with Master Karu, Shi Yan had some experience now.

After sensing it carefully for a while, he found that since he had reached the Nascent Realm, he could suppress the crazy desire in his mind and kept rational after he absorbed the Profound Qi from the two persons who were of the same level.

Shi Yan vaguely felt like it was because his level was upgraded. He was merely an Elementary Realm Warrior before, while Karu was in the Nascent Realm, he crossed a Realm to purify Karu's Profound Qi, thus he went that crazy from the leaked negative emotions.

"Chase after them!"

While Shi Yan was pondering, Zhao Xin yelled and ran with Hu Long towards the direction of those escaping emissaries.

"Stop chasing! Let's leave right now!" Seeing that the leader, the Crescent emissary, was running away too, Luo Hao shouted at Zhao Xin and Hu Long to stop instead of taking advantage of their opponents and pursue them.

"Why, Uncle Luo?!" Zhao Xin couldn't understand.

Luo Hao breathed the fragrance from the medicine bag deeply, and urged, "Someone's coming! Must be another troop sent out from the Dark World. It will be too late for us to leave if the two troops meet. Remember! Protecting Die is our utmost priority!"

Hearing that another troop was coming, Zhao Xin's face changed and thus nodded in agreement.

Luo Hao said no more. Though not fully recovered, he held Mu Yu Die's arm and went to Shi Yan, "Boy, thank you very much. However, it's none of your business, so don't get involved and suffer with us. Goodbye."

"I still owe Miss Mu my life."

Shi Yan did not seem to know how ferocious the Dark World was. He looked nonchalant and smiled, "One needs to return in form of a lake for the favor of one drop, and Miss Mu did save my life. I discriminate between love and hate. If someone goes against me, I would pay him back with ten times the damage. If someone does me a favor, I would also return ten times the gratitude. I will travel with you for a while. Hope I can help."

"You sure are a man!" Hu Long praised.

Di Yalan showed radiance in her eyes, and giggled, "Kid, you are not only horny but also righteous and bold! You peeped me for quite a long time. I was going to teach you a lesson, now after you said all that, you are forgiven!"

"You... " Mu Yu Die was stunned. She didn't expect Shi Yan to be so fair-minded. She was a little bit moved.

"Well, if you insist, I would not stop you." Luo Hao replied and nodded. He held Mu Yu Die and began to run.

The other three followed after them rapidly. Shi Yan took in a deep breath, and also followed instantly.


Leading a troop of warriors from Mo family, Mo Chaoge was moving rapidly through the woods. Suddenly he stopped halfway and stared rigidly at some emissaries from the Dark World who had shown up unexpectedly.

The Crescent emissary was stunned too. He observed Mo Chaoge and his warriors with questioning eyes. Not knowing where they came from, the emissary was a little worried. Maybe they came to aid Luo Hao.

"Second Uncle..." Mo Yanyu murmured. Her intuition was telling her that those people were not here with good intentions, so she wanted to remind Mo Chaoge to be careful.

Mo Chaoge frowned and stared into the Crescent emissary's eyes for a while. Then suddenly he spoke first, "We are trying to find a very skinny boy around fifteen years of age, who was last seen carrying a bag on his back. The boy is our sole target, we have no intention of offending you."

The Crescent emissary was secretly relieved. The Bone Cutting powder was taking effect in his body now, so he could only utilize 30% of his ability. If he were to fight against Mo Chaoge, the outcome won't be good for him.

Hearing what Mo Chaoge said, he had an idea. He said cunningly, "Oh, we have seen that boy. He was mixed in with our targets."

"May I know where that boy is now?" Mo Chaoge asked very politely.

He didn't notice that Crescent emissary was poisoned by the Bone Cutting powder. But according to the gloomy air emitted by that person, he guessed that the emissary was someone not to be messed with, so he held back his arrogance.

"Over there." the Crescent Emissary pointed and answered coldly, "You'd better be careful. That bastard is at a low level, but he is accompanied by a warrior at the First Sky of the Disaster Realm,and has the Martial spirit of Tenfold Gravity. He is not easy to handle."

"First Sky of the Disaster Realm." Hearing that, Mo Chaoge frowned slightly, and then nodded, "Thanks for the information!"

"Let's go!" Mo Chaoge waved his hand and left hurriedly with the warriors of the Mo Family.

"It seems that this guy is at the Disaster Realm as well." After they left, The Crescent emissary's eyes turned dim. He smirked, "Little bastard, you ruined my plan. I will surely make you suffer after I recover."