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17 Tenfold Gravity

Sounds of weapons clashing filled the serene valley. Luo Hao, Zhao Xin and other men were encircling Mu Yu Die, defending her against the fierce attacks of those from the Dark World.

A tall, thin man in a gray gown, with a silver crescent embroidered on his shoulder, was commanding his eight subordinates to encircle the four of them. His eyes were cold and ghastly under his pale mask.

"Miss Mu, you'd better come back with us to meet the Lord of the Dark World, or we don't know how we'd report." The tall, thin man in a gray gown, seemingly the leader, advised coldly as he commanded his people.

Disgusted, Mu Yu Die shook her head and said firmly, "I would rather die than go back with you guys!"

"So you have decided not to cooperate, Miss Mu. Oh well, we'll have to capture you then." Pausing for a second, the man suddenly shouted, "Luo Hao! You should know how powerful our Dark World is! If you go against us, you are heading towards your own destruction!"

"Haha!" Luo Hao burst into laughter. His voice was resonant. "I'm used to acting on my own accords. To kill me, you, the 'Dark World' would have to pay a price. As a Dark Moon Emissary of the Dark World, with the power of the Second Sky of the Disaster Realm, you're capable enough to die with me!"

"You're not capable enough to make me die with you." That Emissary shook his head and vanished into thin air like a ghost.

The next moment, he was standing three meters in front of Luo Hao. He stretched out his left hand, his five fingers shaped like a claw; between them glowed a ghost-like green light, which suddenly flew toward Luo Hao, and started to twine about him like a ribbon.

"The [Green Claw]!" Luo Hao's facial expression changed. He uttered calmly, "Zhao Xin, you three! Protect Die!"

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Luo Hao's heart started rapidly beating! Around him, the power of gravity surged ten times!

Suddenly, the eight men surrounding Luo Hao's group felt an immense pressure, as if a huge mountain was pressing them down. The pressure almost made them kneel on the ground.

It even affected the Crescent Emissary. However, he grunted and said, "Luo Hao, what a surprise! Your Gravity martial spirit is truly at an advanced level!! Ten-folds gravity! No wonder you are so arrogant."

"Hahaha! If I can't even do that, how could I claim that to make you die with me?" Luo Hao laughed with an indifferent smile still on his face. Meanwhile, the broadsword on his shoulder gave out a dazzling blue light, releasing monstrous pressure from his body.

Luo Hao laughed loudly as he wielded the sword in his hand, and walked right in front of Mu Yu Die, obstructing the Crescent Emissary.

After the Crescent Emissary displayed the [Green Claw], wisps of gloomy green light had pervaded the air. But being influenced by the increase in gravity, even the Crescent Emissary had difficulty controlling it. He curved his fingers and pushed forward, as he encircled Luo Hao with other three Star emissaries.

"Zhao Xin, take Die and go first!" Luo Hao shouted. When slashed, the broadsword in his hand gave out a bright blue light and looked like a shooting star. It was able to obstruct the enemy.

About fifty meters behind the Dark World's emissaries, Shi Yan suddenly stopped near an ancient tree. Hiding behind the ancient tree, he gazed ahead with a rigid face, with his eyes shining in the dark.

Every Star Emissary from the Dark World was at least in the Nascent Realm. And that Crescent Emissary, with the silver moon pattern on his shoulder, had already reached the Second Sky of the Disaster Realm. It was too much for him. If he hastily took action, he would be easily killed before he could move near Mu Yu Die and the rest.

Shi Yan was imagining various scenarios for the best possible approach.

A few seconds later, his eyes radiated. He grabbed his bag and cautiously took out the Bone Cutting powder wrapped in a soft cloth. Lowering his body, he then quietly climbed out onto the tree branch.

On the long branches of the ancient tree, Shi Yan wiggled his body and cautiously moved towards the battling crowd.

The Bone Cutting powder was a drug invented by Master Karu, the alchemist who always liked to take the wrong path. It made one's veins and bones numb and reduced their power. Its effect could last for 3 hours; enough time to change the result of a battle.

"Zhao Xin! Leave!" Luo Hao roared, as his sword radiated with blue light. He, by himself, was fighting against almost ten of the Dark World's assassins.

"Miss Mu!" Zhao Xin was anxious; he stomped on the ground and said, "Hurry please!"

Mu Yu Die looked tranquil, but her eyes showed stubbornness. She spoke softly, "I won't leave. If we fight together, we might win. But once all three of you leave, Uncle Luo will definitely die after being trapped for too long. Without Uncle Luo, we can't win against the Dark World anyway. We would still be caught in the end."

"Good! Let's fight till death then!" Zhao Xin was a smart guy. Upon hearing Mu Ye Die's words, he finally made up his mind and shouted, "Di Yalan! Hu Long! Let's go!"

They encircled Mu Yu Die, took out their sharp weapons, and charged with all their strength toward those Dark World emissaries.

"Four of you, go and take care of those three kids." The Crescent Emissary frowned and ordered coldly, "Don't hurt Miss Mu. The Lord has given us orders. Miss Mu must be brought back alive and unharmed."

"Yes Sir!" the four Star Emissaries replied in unison, and in no time rushed toward their targets.

Just then!

Suddenly, a slight sound came from above. The Crescent Emissary was alarmed, he abruptly looked up into the sky, and shouted, "Dammit! Run!"

But It was too late!

Gray dust fell from the sky like a drizzle and spread all over the area. Everybody, including those from the Dark World, and even Luo Hao and Zhao Xin, were all covered in the dust. No one was spared.

The Crescent Emissary quickly realized the situation as he held his breath. Though he drew back quickly, there was still a lot of dust on his body. The dust had a strong penetrating power as it entered through his skin and into his body. As his hands and feet became numb, the Crescent Emissary's heart sank, and hurriedly stirred his Profound Qi to defend against it.

But, those Star emissaries were not as cautious as he was. Many of them inhaled the Bone Cutting powder, which went into their hearts and lungs, which then quickly affected their bodies. In just a few seconds, these people were numb all over, their bones softened and they lost their strength.

Luo Hao's face turned dark all of a sudden, he was also a victim. Having his energy taken out of him, he quickly circulated his meager Profound Qi throughout his body in order to counter the poison, and at the same time he looked up into the sky with hostile cold eyes.

A thin figure showed up from the branches above them. With an indifferent face, that person abruptly flew down from the tree and stood calmly by stunned Mu Yu Die. He took out a medicine bag and said lightly, "Smell it. It will detoxify you."

"It's you?" Astonishment took over Mu Yu Die's moon-like face. She couldn't believe it was Shi Yan who flew down from the above.

Gazing at Shi Yan carefully, Mu Yu Die was even more surprised. Shi Yan had reached the Nascent Realm in just a few days. How on earth did he do that?!

"Miss, you have saved me twice. Once unintentionally, and another intentionally. I will remember that forever." Shi Yan smiled, seeing that Mu Yu Die grabbed the medicine bag. He then added, "The effect of the Bone Cutting powder will last for three hours, which is enough to deal with them. You should know what to do next, Miss." A chilling light flashed across his dark eyes.

"Got it." Mu Yu Die understood what Shi Yan said. She took a deep breath of the fragrance smell emitted by that medicine bag, and then passed it to Zhao Xin near her, "Quick!"

The Crescent Emissary was still operating his Profound Qi to defend against the effects of Bone Cutting powder. After hearing their conversation, he shouted with a rigid face, "Move! Grab that medicine bag! If they are cured by that powder, none of you will survive!"

After shouting out, he forcibly stirred his Profound Qi and dashed towards Luo Hao.

As soon as those Star emissaries realized the situation, they began to sluggishly besiege Zhao Xin again, despite the poison in their bodies.

Before Zhao Xin could get the medicine bag from Mu Yu Die, he was already surrounded by numerous attacks.

His face turned pale, and he had to give up on the medicine bag. Instead, he concentrated and began to confront those emissaries' deadly attacks.

Hu Long and Di Yanlan were facing the same situation. Under the fierce attacks of those Star emissaries, they hadn't even gotten the chance breathe from the medicine bag.

Mu Yu Die held onto that medicine bag, but couldn't get a chance to pass it to others, so she became very anxious, and didn't know what to do.

Helplessly, Mu Yu Die turned to Shi Yan. Her beautiful eyes were obviously asking for his help.

Everybody else was poisoned by Bone Cutting powder, and she couldn't use her profound Qi at all. So at the moment even though Shi Yan was low-ranked, he became quite important.

Seeing Mu Yu Die's pleading eyes, Shi Yan smiled and asked naturally, "Miss, may I know your name?"

"Mu Yu Die."

"A nice name."

Shi Yan nodded and imprinted that name in his mind. Under Mu Yu Die's gaze, he darted out instantly!

With a dagger in his hand, Shi Yan broke into those emissaries and wielded his dagger with a serious face. The dagger made cold streaks in the air.

In no time, one of the weakened Star Emissary got a deep gash in his neck and fell to the ground on his back.

Shi Yan's movements were sharp as he traveled swiftly among those emissaries, leaving scars on them.

"Uh... " Mu Yu Die combed a piece of stray hair behind her ear with her hand. Astonishment flashed through her eyes, and a weird expression was on her face: "I just... I just wanted him to pass them the bag... "