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Beside a small gentle stream, the Ground Dragon was drinking water quietly, many different bottles and jars hung on its robust body.

Mo Yanyu was sitting upright in a sedan on the dragon while playing with a blue smoke bomb in her hand, lost in thought.

Recently, she has been haunted by Shi Yan's image in her head. Every time she remembered the cold decisiveness in Shi Yan's eyes, she became restless. How she wished she could catch him, break his bones, and tear his tendons.

Given Master Karu's death, she had already released the medicine slaves who were of no use now.

She had with her eleven warriors of the Elementary Realm from the Mo family. Their power was insufficient to help Mo Yanyu search for Shi Yan. As such, she could only wait for the aid from her family.

All of a sudden, a pale blue light shot up across the sky about five miles ahead. Thick mists lingered with the blue light and dissipated slowly.

"They've finally arrived!" Mo Yanyu's spirit rose. She immediately threw the blue smoke bomb in her hand up into the sky, and thus the same pale blue light was seen above her.

The warriors around the Ground Dragon rejoiced with a lively outburst of happiness as if they were getting ready for a fight.

In less than a quarter of an hour, three dark shadows showed up from afar and flew in their direction. The first of them had a graceful beard and wore an indifferent smile. He approached Mo Yanyu and laughed loudly. "Yanyu, where is Master Karu?"

"Third uncle, Master Karu is dead." Mo Yanyu swallowed her pride and explained, "We met a thief mid-way. He being only in the Elementary realm, was somehow able to decapitate Master Karu. I just can't figure it out."

Mo Chaoge's smile disappeared at once and his face turned pale: "Have you got the things that were on Karu?"

Mo Yan Yu shook her head, "They were taken by that thief."


Mo Chaoge cursed in a low voice. With a cold face, he observed: "We received information that Karu had stolen an incomplete map of the 'Gate of Heaven' from his teacher. His teacher, Mu Xun, is looking for him everywhere for that incomplete picture. It is said there are Martial Skills of the Spirit and even Sacred level in the God Area where the Gate of Heaven leads to! I came here in a hurry with two dedicators just for that incomplete picture! But you let him die! You really are a fool!"

"What?" Mo Yan Yu's pretty face was shocked, "How could that be?"

"Why would Karu leave Medicine Valley with you if it weren't for the fact that he stole the treasure map from his teacher? You think he was attracted by the wealth of Mo family? Hmph! In fear of his teacher Mu Xun, he attempted to seek shelter in the Merchant Union. "

Mo Chaoge thought seriously for a second and reproached, "Tell me the details. That kid must be still in the Dark Forest. We have to find him! The map means a lot. We, the Mo family, have to get it! "

Mo Yanyu started to realize how bad the situation was. Other than the fact that she was violated by Shi Yan twice, she truthfully told him all the details.

"Dumbass!" Mo Chaoge cursed again. He flew into a rage, "You didn't keep chasing him? That bastard is only in the Elementary Realm! No matter how he killed Karu, he must have paid a significant price. He was probably severely injured. If you had chased him you could have killed him easily! Idiot!"

"I was afraid that we would suffer more losses, so... " Mo Yanyu lowered her head in shame.

"Only an Elementary Realm guy and you were afraid of him?" Mo Chaoge was stomping the ground angrily, "You wasted so many resources of our Mo family! What are you doing now? Show me the way! You! You! You! Bring the Ground Dragon back to the Merchant Union through the secure route. Others, follow me and search!"


Shi Yan had chased along for two days but found nothing.

Under the moonlight, Shi Yan was frowning while leaning against an ancient tree. He had temporarily decided to stop the chase for the time being.

He took off Karu's bag from his back and opened it, staring at the contents inside.

Inside the bag was a volume scroll on poisons, several bottles of poison made by Karu, and two Mortal level Martial Skill books: [Dark Light Shield] and [Black Formula].

Apart from those things, there was a dark yellow, fragmented map, on which two hills were painted. Shi Yan studied it for two days but found nothing, so he didn't take it seriously.

The cultivation of [Black Formula], required a collection of Yin Qi first. Thinking hard for two days, Shi Yan didn't come up with any idea of where he could find Yin Qi, and so he soon forgot about it.

Fortunately, the other Martial Skill, [Dark Light Shield], didn't require anything special. One simply needed to circulate his Profound Qi according to the meridian map.

Shi Yan took out the book on [Dark Light Shield] from the bag and started to memorize it. He was determined to try to learn that skill and thus made every effort in remembering the mnemonics of the skill.

[Dark Light Shield] was purely just a defensive Martial Skill. It used Profound Qi to form a layer of dark light around one's body in order to defend from an enemy's assault. It was just a Mortal level Martial Skill that only required the flow of Profound Qi.

Shi Yan packed up the bag again and observed his surroundings for a while. Assured that it was safe, he quietly climbed up a tree behind him, hid himself in the thickets, and started to cultivate the [Dark Light Shield].

After reaching the Nascent Realm, his veins and tendons were as smooth as silk. Once he thought of moving his Profound Qi, it would rapidly start flowing in his veins.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan concentrated and operated his Profound Qi quietly as he trained according to the meridian map for [Dark Light Shield].

The Profound Qi flew around his body like a gentle stream in a controlled manner. At once, Shi Yan sped up the circulation of his Profound Qi.


Suddenly, a hazy black light emitted from Shi Yan. The black light was highly flexible and almost seemed like solid material. It gradually started forming a thin layer over his whole body, pushing away the leaves and branches that surrounded him.

Shi Yan set his mind at ease, knowing that he was training in the correct way, he once again accelerated the Profound Qi.

The black light emitting from his body began to grow in intensity. At first, it was only half a meter, then it formed a one-meter thick layer becoming exactly the same as Karu's.

After a long time, Shi Yan exhaled the impurities in his body and opened his eyes leisurely. The Profound Qi in him had already finished six complete circulations.


Shi Yan smiled. He found that it was very easy to cultivate the [Dark Light Shield].

In merely one night, he had grasped the essential part of this Martial Skill. With his Profound Qi growing, he only needed to accelerate its circulation and his defense would increase greatly.

He looked up into the sky and realized that the moon had disappeared. Dawn was coming near.

Shi Yan was not in a hurry to leave. He calmed his mind and tried to operate the Profound Qi for a second time. The Profound Qi flew toward his left arm. Once it arrived at the first meridian, Shi Yan had another thought in his mind and his Profound Qi promptly started swirling in that meridian.

After three breaths, Shi Yan changed his mind again. Immediately, the Profound Qi flew backward and he felt a splitting pain in that vein!

It was the special phenomenon that only happens while training [Rampage].

Enduring the pain in his arm, Shi Yan clenched his teeth and continued to circulate his Profound Qi. He tried using his force again, using the same method he previously followed in his right arm.

The muscles in the left arm began to contract and slowly shriveled up. The thin white fog was coming out of his left arm...

In the white fog was a mix of negative feelings including fear, cruelty, and despair, They had the weird power of bewitching people's minds. The negative feelings sourced from the meridians in the left arm and were temporarily bound by the fog. Once he starts a fight with others, they would directly fly out of his arm.

The sun was hanging high in the sky.

Amidst the branches of the ancient tree, Shi Yan was sweating all over, the look in his eyes was sharp as a blade as he concentrated entirely on his left arm. His left arm was covered with a heavy fog. Wisps of evil energies wrapped around his arm like evil spirits, making him feel irritated.

"Huff, huff!"

Shi Yan tried very hard to control his internal desires. Little by little, he withdrew the Profound Qi in his arm back into the abdomen. The arm gradually returned back to normal, and the white fog wrapped around it began to drift back into his meridians, till none of it remained around his arm.

Shi Yan leaned against the tree trunk with a deathly pale face. Exhausted, he was drowned in his own mixed feelings.

This Martial Skill [Rampage] was able to induce all the negative energy in his meridians, though the negative energy would also disturb his mind at the same time. This Martial Skill was a double-edged sword in battle, having the capability of making him lose his mind. [Rampage] could bring a warrior enormous power, but it was at the same time very dangerous.

Nevertheless, Shi Yan remembered when this martial skill broke Karu's [Dark Light Shield], and the odd state of Karu when his brain was invaded by the negative energy. Shi Yan thus made up his mind to spread the effects of this vicious Martial Skill to his whole body. He wanted to know what would happen to his body when the negative power within all of his meridians stirs.

He had this vague thought that when he finishes training the first sky of [Rampage], his body would experience a tremendous change and that his strength would drastically increase by one or maybe two times.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!" The sound of people moving rapidly came from afar.

Shi Yan frowned and concealed his presence. Even the Profound Qi in his body had stopped flowing as he started observing his surroundings.

Soon, seven shadows, each of whom was wearing a gray gown and a pale mask, stopped under the ancient tree Shi Yan was on, seeming to be waiting for something.

Embroidered on the shoulders of six of those seven men, were signs of silver stars, while on the last one's shoulder, was a sign of silver crescent.

"Wooon! Woon!" A weird sound, like a communication signal, came from the grove ahead.

Under the ancient tree, the tall, thin man with the crescent on his shoulder had a cold look in his eyes. He listened to the surroundings for five seconds and remarked coldly, "The emissaries have tracked them in a valley twenty miles away. Now, follow me!"

The troop of seven people passed rapidly.

Ten seconds after they left, Shi Yan finally poked his head out of the leaves. After hesitating for a while, he jumped down from the tree and secretly followed after them.