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15 Rising to the Nascent Realm

"Uncle Luo, there's someone following us!" The leader of the three mercenaries said. His expression suddenly darkened, as he said in hatred, "It must be the scout sent by the Dark World that left before."

That mercenary had a young and handsome face. He looked like 25-26 years old, and was already 1.85 meters tall, with a strong and slim figure. He was a Nascent realm Warrior who had already reached the Third Sky. His eyes were shining with energy and were always on alert. Just from a simple glance, Shi Yan knew that he was an excellent warrior.

"No, he is not from the Dark World. He is just a horny little stalker. No need to pay attention to him." Luo Hao shook his head, and said with a frown, "Let's hurry. Just ditch him."

Zhao Xin was unhappy about this, and said with a cold voice, "Is he after Miss Mu? How dare he! Shall I stay behind to teach him a lesson?" While he was talking, he gave a caring look at the delicate girl named Mu Yu Die, who was leaning on Luo Hao.

"No, don't make any unnecessary trouble." Luo Hao shook his head again, and asked the girl in a soft voice, "Die, are you ok with this? Shall we speed up a little bit?"

Mu Yu Die was looking very pale and was perspiring slightly on her forehead. She smiled politely, "Yes, we should go faster. It's better if we leave that man behind as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will also be killed by those assassins sent by the Dark World."

Luo Hao couldn't help but sigh, feeling pity for this kind-hearted girl. He nodded to her and said, "Die, don't use your Profound Qi any more. You can depend on me."

After saying that, Luo Hao held the shoulders of Mu Yu Die as if she were a delicate flower, and ran between the trees in the forest effortlessly. When he was about to land on the ground, he controlled his mighty body to just slightly touch the ground before jumping up again. There was no sound of footsteps left behind by him. Obviously, he was a first-class master at manoeuvring his Profound Qi.


On the other side, Shi Yan tightly clenched his teeth, as his breath began to get heavier

The desire for blood had been killing him all the way. His body was also aching from the intense strike from Master Karu. Due to the use of [Rampage], Shi Yan suffered a severe loss of Profound Qi, which couldn't be restored within a short period of time.

Under these circumstances, if he were to encounter Mo Yanyu again, then he would be dead without a doubt. Therefore, he had no choice but to stabilize the abnormalities in his body as soon as possible.

The beautiful music of that girl was his only hope!

He didn't care whether that girl hated him or not. Shi Yan felt like he didn't have a choice. Even if he had to act shamelessly, he would keep following behind her. All he wanted was for her to play that enchanting music again.

Shi Yan tried to forcefully control his growing murderous urges. With a grim expression, he moved what was left of his Profound Qi to his legs, and tried his best to keep up with the five people ahead of him.

Shi Yan was more focused than ever. The only goal in his mind was to keep up with those people. His feet became much more swift after getting rid of the distracting thoughts.


"Uncle Luo, are you sure that guy is just an Elementary Realm Warrior?" In the midst of their rapid movement, Zhao Xin suddenly asked with surprise.

Luo Hao was also wondering. According to his knowledge, a warrior of the Elementary Realm shouldn't be able to keep up with their speed. However, although they had successfully distanced themselves from the man pursuing them, they never managed to ditch him. This made Luo Hao a little uncertain, making him wonder whether or not he could have underestimated this warrior the previous time they met.

"Uncle Luo, I can keep up. You can speed up a little more." Mu Yu Die said with a layer of sweat on her face while holding in her pain.

"No, we can't go any faster!" Luo Hao stubbornly refused. He said in a low voice with a frown, "Don't pay too much attention to the kid. He is seeking his own demise. If he dies, it is not our fault."


As they spoke, a loud horrifying roaring of a wild beast came from behind, which was apparently from Shi Yan. However, that roaring didn't sound human at all. It was filled with craziness and an evil craving for blood and killing, making anybody who had heard it tremble inside.

"Is this guy even human?!" The hot female mercenary named Di Yalan couldn't help but tremble, and said with a scared look in her eyes, "How could any human make such a terrifying roar? Even a rabid demon beast wouldn't sound like this."

"The crazy craving inside his body is eating him up again." Luo Hao's face changed, and said quickly, "Stay away from him! Otherwise, he might frantically attack us. It's not very difficult to kill him, but if we wasted our time and let the Dark World's emissaries catch up to us, we'd be in a lot of trouble."

"I'll give him a little help. Otherwise, he will become a crazy monster who only knows slaughter. He will go on a killing spree in this forest." Mu Yu Die said after a little hesitation and unwrapped the zither that she had been carrying. Before Luo Hao could dissuade her, she sat down with her legs crossed and started to play a song.

Luo Hao stomped hard on the ground with anger, "That bastard!"

The mesmerizing sound of the zither flowed through the Dark Forest like a gentle stream. The zither music was directed right towards Shi Yan.

With both of his eyes turned crimson, Shi Yan was on the brink of breaking loose, almost losing to that murderous rage. Hearing the familiar music, he suddenly froze. He just stood there frozen in place with a dazed look in his eyes.

Wisps of light mist, containing negative energies of desperation and fear slowly drifted out of his body and started to engulf him. His Qi was swirling frantically in all of his seven hundred and twenty meridians, and a strange energy was being purified and concentrated over and over again.

After a while, Shi Yan's eyes gradually returned to normal and regained its clarity. At that moment, he realized that the beautiful girl had reached out her hand to help him after all.

With deep gratitude in his heart, Shi Yan sat down right where he was. He put his heart and soul into this beautiful music and started to operate his Profound Qi without any second thoughts. Immersing in this soothing music, he started to relax.

Right in the middle of this dark forest, filled with all kinds of unexpected danger, Shi Yan managed to magically enter the world of the empty Selfless State.

After an immeasurable amount of time, the white mist wrapping around him had already been absorbed into his own body. Under his guidance, they flew into the different meridians inside his body.

Suddenly, wisps of warm but strange streams of energy overflowed from all the meridians in his body and entered into his Profound Qi through his tendons.

Shi Yan's body shook. He could clearly feel his Profound Qi compressing and strengthening with an amazing speed!

Within seconds, he could feel that his Profound Qi became five to six times more vigorous than before!

His strengthened Profound Qi suddenly started to gather in his lower abdomen and filled his entire body with power. Realizing that he must have finally purified all the Profound Qi that he got from Master Karu, Shi Yan was overjoyed.

Shi Yan slowed his breathing and concentrated all his energy in operating all his Profound Qi towards his twelve Major Veins and eight Special Veins.

The overwhelming increase of Profound Qi stormed through his entire body like a raging flood. Shi Yan was able to unblock all his congested veins, albeit suffering from intense pain. He felt as if he were finally able to relax.

Now that his Profound Qi had become stronger than ever, it seemed to have unlimited potential. Like surging waves, the Profound Qi slowly went through a full circulation in his tendons and veins. Many congested tendon routes were unblocked by this flow of fierce force.

The sun had already set, and the moon was shining brightly in the starry sky.

Suddenly, Shi Yan's body shook. With the last of his tendons cleared, Shi Yan was very excited. He was trying hard to contain his exuberance while circulating the Profound Qi in a full cycle throughout the body.

When his cycle was finally over, Shi Yan let out a long breath. After awakening from his intense cultivation, he looked up at the shining stars in the sky and felt nothing but unparalleled happiness.

Now that he had broken through all the tendons and veins in his body, it meant that he was officially in the Nascent realm!

Using the Profound Qi from Master Karu, and through the incidents where he almost lost his mind and went crazy with bloodlust, he had finally purified all the power he got from Master Karu and broke through all his veins with the newly purified and concentrated Profound Qi. Now, he had finally entered into a whole new level.

After purifying all the energy he got from Master Karu, the bloodlust that had once tangled his mind suddenly vanished.

Now that he thought back to the previous situations, Shi Yan realized that every time after absorbing the Profound Qi from the dead, some negative emotions would always leak out before the Profound Qi was completely purified by his meridians. The negative emotions would trigger the darker side of him and drive him into a state of violence and insanity.

Because the first few victims of him were just Elementary Realm Warriors with moderate energy, he could still control his internal desires.

But, Master Karu's level was a whole realm higher than his. Master Karu's Profound Qi contained too many negative emotions. Therefore, this time Shi Yan couldn't control the negative energy, and almost lost his sanity.

Right now, since he had fully purified all of Master Karu's Profound Qi and entered a completely new level, Shi Yan didn't need to worry about the backlash anymore.

"Crack, crack!"

After stretching his body a little Shi Yan stood up slowly. The pain had all disappeared, and the broken bones in his chest also seemed to have recovered.

After checking his body, Shi Yan found all his wound had healed. This made him extremely happy.

He knew that his fast recovery was not only due to his breakthrough to a new realm, but also had something to do with his 'Immortal Martial Spirit'.

Right when he was about to lose his sanity, he had felt the cells near his chest wounds becoming abnormally active, and began to heal a long time ago.

Looking around, Shi Yan realized that the location he was in was completely exposed, with no tree cover or shade. Realizing that he had been cultivating in this open space, forgetting everything around him, Shi Yan felt a little scared in afterthought.

By practicing his Profound Qi in such an exposed location, if Mo Yanyu had found him, he would have definitely been captured by her.

Currently, that mesmerizing music was long gone. He remembered the sky was still bright when he fell under the effects of music, however, now it was already midnight. He must have been cultivating for a long time without realizing. He felt immense gratitude towards that beautiful girl. She had saved him more than once. The first time she might have saved him unintentionally, but the second time, it was specifically for him.

Based on the discussion he overheard from the five people, Shi Yan realized that they were being chased by someone. However, out of gratitude, he didn't think too much and decided to continue following them.

He didn't like owing favors, and so he decided to pay back the girl's kindness in his own way.