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14 Heavenly Music

Mo Yanyu suddenly stopped.

While panting, the four warriors from the Mo family appeared from the woods. They stood next to Mo Yanyu, with grave expressions on their faces.

On the ground, lied Master Karu's decapitated corpse that was not completely dried up yet. However, the corpse had already been deprived of all its Profound Qi and lay there shriveled as a mummy, as if all of its moisture was taken out.

Looking at the scene, all four warriors stood by Mo Yanyu's side with terror in their eyes. One of them came up to Mo Yanyu after some hesitation, and said "Miss Mo..."

Mo Yanyu was trembling. After a while, she finally replied with a frown, "Stop the chase."

"But Miss... " The warrior wanted to add something.

"Master Karu had already achieved the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm, the same level as me. Moreover, he had far more fighting experience than I do." Mo Yanyu shook her head in exhaustion, "It doesn't matter how he killed Master Karu, nevertheless this means that he is capable of killing any of us right now. If we keep chasing him, it's possible that none of us will be able to make it back to the Merchant Union alive."

"So we just let him go like this? Miss Mo, we have gone through a whole lot of trouble in order to get Master Karu to work for us!" That warrior murmured.

"So Li Tian, do you have any better idea other than giving up?"

That warrior suddenly went silent.

Mo Yanyu kneeled down beside the cold corpse of Master Karu and searched through his body. She clenched her teeth and cursed in a low voice, "Shit! That bastard took everything from Master Karu, all the medicine, and medical books. This time all our efforts were for nothing."

All the other four warriors went silent.

"Go back to Johnson! From now on, no one is allowed to split up!" Mo Yanyu took a deep breath. Then, she stood up and turned back to the way they came. From that moment on, she really hated Shi Yan's guts.


On the other side, Shi Yan was still running for his life in the Dark Forest.

The bloodthirst was still running wild inside his body. Like a beast, it was devouring his consciousness bit by bit. The negative energies of madness, brutality, and bloodthirst were invading his mind uncontrollably. Gradually, his sight blacked out and his body felt on the verge of losing control.

Even worse, he was extremely weak and tired. He couldn't gather any strength in his arms or legs. If he fought with anyone at this moment, he would be dead for sure.

Shi Yan wasn't sure how long he could hold on. He never expected his body to react in such a strange way, so he had made no contingency plans.


The wild bloodthirst inside his mind finally exploded. Shi Yan was panting heavily as he totally lost his sight. There was only one voice in his head, whispering, repeating the same word, "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Shi Yan knew that before long, he will have lost all his sanity, and become a mindless bloodthirsty beast. He would be filled with the intent to kill.


From a distance, a beautiful music suddenly flew into Shi Yan's ears. The music was like water drops falling onto a jade plate, like the wind shuttling through a silk curtain. It was as soft as a bird flapping its wings, as light as a gentle stream flowing through a quiet forest. The music was so beautiful, so peaceful as if it flew down from Heaven.

The beautiful music was like a soft hand soothing his heart. It had taken away all his bloody and crazy desire. Slowly, it also helped Shi Yan regain his sanity that was on the brink of breakdown.

Thanks to that soft and soothing music, Shi Yan gradually regained his sanity as he was just about to turn to madness. He slowly walked in the direction of that music with an intoxicated expression. He felt like his whole body was soaking in the carefree world made by the beautiful music, and all the bloodlust inside his body had totally disappeared into nothing...

In a small valley full of unique flowers and special plants, Shi Yan saw a beautiful figure playing zither. She was just sitting cross-legged in the middle of the flowers. Unaware of Shi Yan's presence, she slightly lowered her head and was completely immersed in the music.

Shi Yan moved closer and closer and stopped around 100 meters away behind her back. He stood there and stared at the beautiful figure in front of him. He slowly closed his eyes, and tried to immerse himself in the beautiful sound of the zither.

After a while, the sound of the zither gradually slowed down, and finally stopped.

Shi Yan was suddenly knocked out of his daze. He found that his anger and bloodlust were completely gone as if they had never existed!

However, his body still felt heavy. The intense pain in his chest was especially intense. It seemed that he was still suffering severely from that blow by Master Karu. Shi Yan concentrated his attention and could feel the non-stop swirling of Profound Qi within his meridians. His body was still processing the Profound Qi that he had absorbed from Master Karu.

The beautiful figure in the distance slowly turned around with an ancient zither in her arms. She furrowed her brows slightly and looked straight at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's body trembled. His eyes unblinkingly staring at her. "Beautiful!" He unconsciously blurted out.

The beautiful girl was around 18 or 19 years old, dressed in a white overskirt. Her eyes were sparkling, her teeth were gleaming, her skin was soft and smooth, and her figure was delicate and slim. Her serenity and cuteness were perfectly combined, making her beauty on the level of Mo Yanyu.

The lovely girl gave Shi Yan a single glance, then promptly turned away. With the zither in her arms, she and walked slowly in silence towards the little creek hundreds of meters away.

Shi Yan couldn't help admiring the beautiful women in this world. Overall, he had only met two, but they were both so breathtakingly stunning, with outstanding beauty.

"Miss! Thanks a lot for your beautiful music. Can I... " Seeing the girl was walking away from him, Shi Yan couldn't help but shout out.

"Boy, enough is enough."

Suddenly, a strong, large, figure jumped down from the giant ancient tree in front of Shi Yan. It was a middle-aged man with a hairy yellowish face. He was wearing a grey-brown warrior outfit. He looked very tall and strong with a huge sword on his shoulder. But he didn't look very serious, just standing in front of Shi Yan, he looked at him with a weird smile on his face.

No doubt, Shi Yan was caught off guard. He instantly became alerted. Just by looking at him, he could clearly sense a terrifying energy emanating from this yellow-faced man in front of him.

It didn't take him long to understand that this yellow-faced man was definitely a warrior way above his level. The yellow-faced man was just looking at him, without intentionally releasing any energy to pressure him at all, but Shi Yan already felt like he was as untouchable as a steady mountain.

Shi Yan took a step back, showing that he didn't come with any malicious thoughts. Then he faked a smile and said, "The music that the beautiful miss played was so enchanting. I just can't get enough. I only wanted to hear more of her music, that's all."

To Shi Yan, this girl had the most magical music skills. Her beautiful music could apparently help him control the bloody desire within his mind. Shi Yan was not sure when this craving for blood inside of him would come back again. Therefore, he was desperate to find something to help him control this ugly desire inside his body.

"I can tell that you are just a lustful guy, nothing else. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let you live until now." The yellow-faced man laughed, and said in a relaxed mood, "But, this is not the place for you to be lustful. I suggest you get the hell away from us. Otherwise, you will be in a lot of trouble."

"Okay, as you wish." Shi Yan lifted both hands to show cooperation. He didn't stay any longer. However, he took a glance at that beautiful figure in distance before turning around and leaving.


"Uncle Luo, I sensed a strong evil spirit in that man. Back then, his whole body was filled with a killing desire and he almost went berserk. However, after his bloodlust faded away, he dared to take such a... lustful stare at me. I guess he shouldn't be someone from the Dark World." Mu Yu Die said with mild discomfort when she recalled Shi Yan's piercing look at her.

That man... it seemed as if that guy never hides his desire from within.

Although there were other men who had the same intention towards her, they would at least do it in secret or cover up their desires when they laid eyes on her. They wouldn't expose their dirty thoughts to the world. However, that guy... he didn't even try to cover up his lust for her in his eyes. What she saw in his eyes was a simple and straight-forward possessive desire.

"He can't be from the Dark World. The assassins sent by the Dark World should at least be of the Nascent Realm, but that guy is still an Elementary Realm Warrior." Luo Hao laughed and said, "But interesting, though, that guy is not even a Nascent Realm Warrior yet, but dares to dream about our beautiful lady who has already achieved the Third Sky of Human Realm. This guy has some balls. Haha!"

"Ah, I am still not sure when I can recover. Currently, I am powerless." Mu Yu Die slightly sighed with her heart filled with sorrow, "Uncle Luo, if the assassins did come and you couldn't defeat them, please just leave me behind. I... can rely on me."

"What is this nonsense?!" Hearing this, Luo Hao apparently was not very happy. He spoke in a firm voice, "We are not far away from the Merchant Union right now. If we can survive the next few weeks, we can definitely get out of this Dark Forest. Once we reach the Merchant Union, the Dark World can't do anything to hurt us."

"Gu! Gu!"

With a strange whistle from the distance. Before long, two men and a woman who dressed like mercenaries came out of the forest with grim expressions on their faces. The leader came up to Luo Hao and said, "Sorry Uncle Luo, we couldn't keep up with the trackers from the 'Dark World'."

Luo Hao nodded, and said with a frown, "We must set out right now and choose a new location to rest. Otherwise, the assassins from the Dark World will soon find and surround us."

The five of them did not stay for long. They quickly packed their stuff and left in a hurry.


Right after Shi Yan left the girl, the bloodthirst slowly rose up in his mind again.

This unstoppable desire for blood may have something to do with the Profound Qi that Shi Yan got from Master Karu. Because Master Karu had the power of a Nascent Realm Warrior, his Profound Qi was mixed with too much negative energy. While his meridians were processing Master Karu's Profound Qi, these annoying negative emotions would spill over from time to time and ignite his crazy desire for blood from inside his body.

But back then, that girl's music helped him in controlling those wild desires, so he didn't lose his sanity and fall into an abyss of craziness and chaos. However, his meridians were still working on purifying Master Karu's Profound Qi. Until this process was completed, there was a pretty good chance that Shi Yan would fall into that bloody, crazy state again.

Before his body finished the purification of Master Karu's Profound Qi, that beautiful girl could definitely be his only cure to stay sane!

Feeling that another bloody urge was slowly creeping up on him, Shi Yan's heart sank. After some hesitation, he started walking towards that girl's direction again.

Only the girl's beautiful music could help him to calm down. And only by following her steps, could Shi Yan get the chance to hear that Heaven-like sound again.