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8 The Jade Blade Spider

The moon was like a silver plate hanging in the night sky.

The warriors were all training quietly. Mo Yanyu, hidden amongst the foliage of a huge ancient tree, was taking long breaths. Master Karu stood against another tree, reading a volume of his poison encyclopedia joyfully. Medicine slaves were lying disorderly on the wet ground behind the Ground Dragon.

Shi Yan woke up from training and observed his surroundings quietly in a calculating manner.

Mo Yanyu was at the front of the troops while Master Karu at the rear. The two pretended to not care about Shi Yan, but their position gave them away. Apparently, they were both on guard against Shi Yan who was in the centre of the troops.

Johnson seemed to know that Shi Yan would make his move tonight, so he didn't train, instead focused on Shi Yan who was ten meters away. Once Shi Yan made a move, he would notice it and stop him.

Not good. Shi Yan thought to himself. He waited for them to let their guard down.

As time passed, the bright moon disappeared. Dawn was about to arrive. However, Shi Yan hadn't gotten a chance to escape yet, so he was a little anxious. After a moment's hesitation, he decided not to wait and was about to take action.

"Kaka! Kakaka!"

At that moment, a strange sound came from afar. Something was heading in their direction slowly.

As the Profound Qi moved forth and back in his arms, Shi Yan's eyes suddenly shone with excitement.

"Everyone on alert!" Mo Yanyu shouted, as she lifted herself up from the ancient tree. Staying in a high position, she looked into the distance for a while, and then screamed, "A Jade Blade Spider!"

All the warriors woke up from their training.

The warriors were all wearing a rigid face. Before Mo Yanyu uttered anything, they took out their weapons and circled around the Ground Dragon, while maintaining a distance of five or six meters from each other.

Master Karu packed the book and frowned. He walked up to the Ground Dragon and ordered in a low voice, "Keep an eye on the medicine bottles on the dragon!"

"Yes, Master Karu!" The warriors responded in unison.

The medicine slaves woke up one by one. Hearing a Jade Blade Spider was approaching, they were all frightened and ran to the ground dragon. Clearly, they were all familiar with the cruelty of a Jade Blade Spider.


A bunch of keys flew out from Mo Yanyu's hand and landed under Johnson's foot. "Johnson, open their shackles! Or they will be killed by the spider! Hurry up!" Mo Yanyu urged.

Johnson picked up the keys and looked up at Mo Yanyu, while pointing to Shi Yan, "Including him?"

"Yeah. I don't want him to die easily." Mo Yanyu showed an impatient face.

"Kid, be well-behaved. I will keep an eye on you!" Johnson snorted. He released the shackles on Shi Yan first, then walked over to the rest of the slaves and freed them one after another.

Thank God!

As the shackles were released, Shi Yan felt extremely relaxed and smirked in his mind.

The Shi family was an aristocratic family with a Martial Spirit. Although the owner of this body wasn't a Warrior, he loved adventures and searching for historic remains immensely. He was also familiar with all sorts of demon beasts. So when Mo Yanyu mentioned the Jade Blade Spider, instead of being afraid, Shi Yan was extremely happy as he knew his chance to escape was coming!

The Jade Blade Spider was a Level 2 demon beast whose eight legs were as sharp as knives. They liked to wander at night and always appeared in groups of five or six. The spiders were cruel in nature and loved eating humans. Once they came across humans in the Dark Forest, they would never spare them.

Demon beasts were always much larger than humans. They had thick, coarse skin and were faster faster than humans. Commoners would either die or be injured whenever they met one. Only skilled warriors could escape. Although the Jade Blade Spiders were a mere Level 2 demon beast, they were always in a group of five or six, and being faster than normal warriors it was hard to compete with them.

To meet Jade Blade Spiders in the Dark Forest was a bad situation for anyone, as there was nothing valuable on its body and they were aggressive and fast. They would start attacking as soon as they saw a human and would never leave without getting something, even ignoring their injuries.

Shi Yan approached the Ground Dragon quietly and stood by the panicking medicine slaves and started to observe what was happening, not in a hurry to escape.

"Shit! There are eight of them!"

Mo Yanyu cried from the tree, frowning with a rigid face. "It will be a nasty fight. Get ready! Remember, do not pursue and attack! The spiders will have the advantage if we retreat into the thickets! Do not fight in them there!"

"Kakaka! Kaka!"

The sound of a knife stabbing into the earth was heard. Soon, they saw two Jade Blade Spiders who were 10 metres long and 1.5 metres tall. The whole body of the Spider was snow white and as large as a bus, with eight bright and sharp dagger like legs.

The Spiders advanced quickly and nimbly while moving their dagger-like legs. They arrived in an instant. While moving, their legs reflected an icy light that easily scared everyone. It was not hard to imagine what tragedy would happen if one was cut by those legs.

Seeing the Spiders show up one by one, the warriors turned silent. Mo Yanyu had jumped down from the tree minutes ago. She was standing in the front of the troops, getting ready by intertwining her fingers with radiant lightning. Master Karu sat relaxed in the sedan atop the Ground Dragon with indifferent eyes, not showing any indication of fear.

Soon, all eight spiders appeared. They were not stupid, as they separated and surrounded the Ground Dragon, and then moving forth like eight cars.

With a harsh whistling sound, the eight spiders started the battle at the same time. White legs were raised up into the vast sky, they flew forward at the same time, rushing towards the warriors who were around the Ground Dragon.

At that moment, the scene was filled with silver and white knives. The warriors reacted quickly. They thrust their weapons towards the beasts' waist and eyes, while deflecting the spiders' attack.

The whole area descended into chaos.

The Jade Blade Spiders surrounded the Ground Dragon. White legs crashed down. Warriors dodged to the left and the right, and kept thrusting their weapons. Mo Yanyu called out her Martial Spirit. Her hands were twined by lightning and kept radiating [Verdant Crescent Slashes], which fell upon the spiders and left them trembling.


One of the warriors sustained a cut on his torso by a spider leg before he could react. His organs spilled out of him along with his desperate cry. He then fell heavily onto the ground.

The medicine slaves were so frightened that they couldn't help themselves and hid beneath the Ground Dragon. Some slaves lost their mind. They ran in between the spider legs in order to escape, but were nailed to the ground by the spiders' legs and died instantly.

Shi Yan contained himself, his eyes filled with a strange light. He almost didn't move behind the warriors, the shackles ringing with clear sounds.



The warrior in front of Shi Yan, who was of the Second Sky of the Elementary Realm, bumped into another warrior while moving. Before he could even evade, a spider leg cut through his neck and his head was sent flying. Shi Yan was showered with his blood.

Shi Yan's eyes blurred by the blood. Suddenly, a violent and blood-thirsty desire broke out from within inside his body. The cyclones in his seven hundred and twenty meridians swirled madly while a potent strength welled out of the meridians.

The headless body of the warrior was spurting out blood. Shi Yan sensed an a89r current, which was filled with despair, anger and regret, and it seeped into every pore on Shi Yan. It flowed along his veins until it reached all of the seven hundred and twenty meridians.

In a trance, Shi Yan felt as if he was back at the blood pool again, where he had absorbed all that blood into his meridians as well. The blood had changed his meridians, produced cyclones, and enlarged their capacity, which accelerated the speed it could absorb the blood.

This time, the wisps of air, combined with the despair and hatred of the dead warrior, entered into his body the same way, from the veins to the meridians, in a very rapid speed. The cyclones in his meridians spun hard as if digesting the air currents, seeming extremely strange!

In ten or so seconds, the air current stopped entering his body. The dead body of the warrior had dried up, as if all his blood and Profound Qi were sucked out of it. He was like a dry mummy!

The desire to slaughter emerged in Shi Yan's heart. When the seven hundred and twenty meridians spun in his body, the power of despair, fear, and cruelty increased as well, which urged Shi Yan to begin a massacre.


A spider leg flew towards Shi Yan's head. Surprised, Shi Yan controlled his urge to kill and moved behind another warrior to evade the strike.


A warrior was facing the spider, he thrust his weapon into the spider's eye with all of his strength. The blind spider went insane and brandished its leg, cutting into the warrior's waist. The warrior was cut into two pieces and died quickly.

In search for a safe area, when Shi Yan was near the warrior things changed again!

The absorption power of his meridians erupted again! The air currents of rage and regret from the two pieces of the warrior's body insanely rushed into his vein and meridians.

In an instant, that warrior became mummified too.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

Without a second thought, he assumed that there was another Martial Spirit hidden in his body. This Martial Spirit was based on his meridians and was able to absorb a dead body's power. Shi Yan was frightened by this evil Martial Spirit.

Just then!

A Jade Blade Spider let out a strange whistle, and the remaining six spiders quickly flew back into the thick forest.

Apparently, they had noticed that it would be hard to fight with this troop. After the two of them died, they finally withdrew.

Shi Yan's face turned cold. He stopped thinking about that weird Martial Spirit at once and moved all of his Profound Qi into his feet. like a whirlwind, He dashed out with those Jade Blade Spiders.

He could only run away among the spiders.

Suddenly, a warm stream welled out of his meridians and into the Profound Qi inside Shi Yan. His thin Qi was twice strong as before!

Shi Yan went into a state of ecstasy and gained more confidence. From afar, He looked back to Mo Yanyu while running along with the spiders. He said coldly: "Mo Yanyu, wait and see, I will fuck you one day!"

"Catch him!" Mo Yanyu's slim body trembled intensely, her eyes were on fire, as she chased after Shi Yan.

Master Karu was even faster!

The vicious alchemist kept quiet on the Ground Dragon as if waiting for something. When Shi Yan ran away with the spiders, he jumped up and flew high after Shi Yan like an eagle.

"Kid, I've waited for you to escape for so long." From uip in the sky, Master Karu smirked in an evil voice.

what does this mean?

Shi Yan has shackles on him because he's a medicine slave, so his shackles are jingling