God Emperor
1274 Five-colored Ice Gorge
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1274 Five-colored Ice Gorge

Zhang Ruochen carried the heavily injured Ao Xinyan and fled with his greatest speed. His eyes were as cold as knives. He appeared and reappeared using the Great Spatial Move.

According to Ao Xinyan, they'd suffered from a siege by many Saints from the Immortal Vampires, Nine Li Palace, and Ancient Dragon Mountain. At the critical moment, Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo activated the Heir Stamp with all their might to force an escape route for her.

Unfortunately, the young Manlong Dragon lord and Flood Dragon King were too much stronger than her. They heavily injured her and she couldn't escape in the end.

If Zhang Ruochen hadn't hurried over in time, the consequences would've been unthinkable.

Zhang Ruochen felt the urgency. He pushed his speed to the extreme.

Qing Mo was indeed powerful, but her true combat abilities weren't that strong. She also had a disadvantage in numbers, so she might not be able to last long.

After a while, Ao Xinyan brought Zhang Ruochen to where they'd been attacked. The icy land had been shattered. Some cracks reached hundreds of miles away. Some ditches were thousands of meters deep. Chaotic energy filled the world.

Some of the broken ice had been dyed red from both human and savage beast blood. There were also countless Saint corpses sealed in ice. Some had been torn apart by cat claws. Others had been killed by a kitchen knife.

Zhang Ruochen checked one of the Blood Saint corpses. The strongest spine had actually been sliced neatly, splitting the corpse in half. It was obvious he'd suffered from a blow from the silver kitchen knife.

Had even Qing Mo gone into a rage?

They couldn't find Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo on this icy field. Zhang Ruochen's expression turned frigid.

"Enter the gourd and heal. I'll continue to search for them."

Zhang Ruochen sent Ao Xinyan into the Mercury Gourd. He found a remnant of Holy Qi from Huang Yanchen at the fringe of the plain and he chased forward.

On the ground, he found more bloodstains. The aura coming from them belonged to Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo.

"Please don't let anything happen. Please."

After around 300 miles, a gigantic ice gorge appeared on the plain. Beams of five-colored light poured out of the bottom. Like polar lights, they turned the sky multicolored, looking extremely beautiful.

Two Saint Beasts guarded the border. One was a Dragon Li Cat with thick scales. The other was a stone turtle the size of a millstone.

Those who could venture into the center of the Abandoned Deep Sea were naturally very strong. The weak ones had already died along the way.

The Dragon Li Cat was surrounded by a saint soul territory that could fend off the terrifying cold. White smoke came out of his nose. "There must be an extreme treasure in the bottom. Otherwise, why would it have five-colored light?"

"It can also be filled with danger," the stone turtle said. "The five-colored light carries Extreme Yin Dragon Qi. With our cultivation, we'll be sealed in ice the instant we touch it."

Being sealed in ice meant death.

"So you're saying that the two injured women and the black cat definitely died after getting thrown in by the demoness and Crown Prince Qitian?"

"Anyway, the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and two princes of your Nine Li Palace entered the gorge," the stone turtle said. "Even if they didn't die, they would have been captured. Now, we're just waiting for Zhang Ruochen to come on a suicide mission. We'll take care of him and then split the treasures under this ice land."

The Dragon Li Cat laughed. "Zhang Ruochen is just too arrogant. He thinks that he's undefeatable because he's the Time and Space Descendant. He dares to offend the Ancient Dragon Mountain, Nine Li Palace, and Immortal Vampires at the same time. These three forces can pulverize him with just a finger."

"Zhang Ruochen captured Princess White Li," the stone turtle said. "That is taboo for the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon. His Majesty has ordered us to capture Huang Yanchen alive and send her to the Sky-swallowing Dragon Palace to make Zhang Ruochen suffer something worse than death."

"Where did Zhang Ruochen go? How come he still hasn't come? Did he sense the danger and run out of the Yin Yang Sea? I wish he'd come quickly. Torturing the strongest young human must be an interesting thing." The Dragon Li Cat sneered.

"He can escape today but not the next day. As long as he's in Kunlun's Field, killing him will be as easy as killing an insect for the Ancient Dragon…Mountain…"

Before the stone turtle could finish, a young human appeared before him. The man stood on the ice plain with a long sword, radiating with sharp murderous intent.

"Are you talking about me?"

The figure grew clearer. He wore a white robe and his hair fell down both sides of his cheeks, revealing a handsome face.

"Zhang Ruochen," the stone turtle said, voice trembling. It was quite unexpected. They were just talking about Zhang Ruochen and he actually appeared.

Purple-red light emerged from the stone turtle's stomach. Light flowed to his neck and he spat out purple-red flames. His reaction speed in a fight wasn't like a turtle at all. It was too fast. He spat out fire as soon as he saw Zhang Ruochen.

The stone turtle was a Taigu Remain and had lived for more than 1,000 years. Even though he cultivated slowly, he had a long lifespan. They had some of the longest lifespans of all races. His cultivation had also been challenged for 1,000 years. He was practically unchallenged in his own realm.

Zhang Ruochen wasn't afraid of the stone turtle's flames. He ran through the fire. Holding the Abyss Ancient Sword, he pushed out the Destruction of the Thousand Patterns and struck down.

"What? The Purple Geofire can't hurt him. Is this man's physical body made out of divine metal?"

The stone turtle stopped spitting fire. Holy Qi surged to his back. Purple-red veins appeared on his back. They looked like ancient words and actually started moving.


The Abyss Ancient Sword was impossibly strong. It cut through seven layers of flaming words in a row, producing seven huge booms. Firelight splattered. It got closer and closer to the turtle.

The stone turtle was shocked. Even with its defensive power, it couldn't fend off Zhang Ruochen's attack. What kind of incredible weapon was that sword?

"Zhang Ruochen, you're finally here to die. I will kill you."

The Dragon Li Cat roared. Reaching out a paw, he swatted. The cat paw was shaped like a dragon claw. The longer it stretched, the bigger it became. Finally, it was multiple times larger than the Dragon Li Cat's body.

The Dragon Li Cat was at the peak of the Xuanhuang Realm. He wasn't weak. Xuanhuang Qi surged out. The claws produced deafening wind. The force that it carried shook the space.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the Dragon Li Cat and struck down with his sword.


Saintly blood splattered. The Dragon Li Cat's paw was shattered by Sword Qi, turning into a spray of blood.

With a pained cry, the Dragon Li Cat retreated quickly. He prepared to gather saintly power to regrow the broken claw.

The stone turtle's defense was too strong, especially after the purple-red ancient words were activated on his back. He actually formed ten layers of light. Even the Abyss Ancient Sword couldn't hack through them.

Zhang Ruochen gave up on the stone turtle. Hefting up the black sword, he rushed at the Dragon Li Cat.

Seeing the charging Zhang Ruochen, the Dragon Li Cat didn't have his earlier confidence. He retreated even faster. Right now, Zhang Ruochen was completely different from when they were on Dragon Fire Island. He was practically a death god. His combat abilities were crazy too.

"Didn't you want to kill me? Why are you escaping?" Zhang Ruochen ran up.

The Dragon Li Cat felt the icy Qi coming from Zhang Ruochen. It was even colder than the Qi in the ice gorge. He truly didn't dare to fight with Zhang Ruochen anymore. Go all out! He thought.

He suddenly jumped into the ice gorge.

The Dragon Li Cat didn't fall directly. Instead, he pounced at the five-colored ice wall on the right, wanting to gain footing on the wall.


Zhang Ruochen slammed forward, sending a spatial crack flying. It hit the Dragon Li Cat.


The Dragon Li Cat was shattered. Only some bits of flesh remained. They flew out from the sides of the spatial crack and fell into the ice gorge.

As soon as the bits of flesh touched the five-colored light, there were crackles and they turned into ice.

Zhang Ruochen had actually killed a Saint like the Dragon Li Cat so easily. Only a few short days had passed, but his abilities had reached a terrifying level.

The stone turtle was in fear. Trembling, he said, "You dared to kill a Saint Beast of the Nine Li Palace. You've utterly offended them and will definitely be punished. No human can save you anymore."

"Not only do I want to kill him, I also want to kill you. Sword Seven."

Zhang Ruochen was filled with overwhelming sword intent. Thousands upon thousands of sword shadows appeared in the air.

They whooshed into Zhang Ruochen's body. Then he transformed into a streak of light and hit the stone turtle before he could even react.

Thud, thud.

The ten layers of purple-red runes on the stone turtle were all penetrated by Sword Qi. Zhang Ruochen had used all his power with this strike. With the additional power of the Abyss Ancient Sword, he was very close to a saint sword.

The stone turtle was thrown into the air. The shell was dislocated from his body.

A turtle without a shell would have reduced defensive abilities. It was like a stone worm. He fell onto the ice with a thud. The turtle was terrified and fled toward the ice gorge.

Zhang Ruochen flashed forward and appeared above the turtle. Grasping his sword hilt, he stabbed downward. The sword cut three feet in and red blood flowed down along the blade.

"Tell me," Zhang Ruochen said coldly. "Are Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo alive or not?"

"I don't know!" the stone turtle said while screaming in pain.

"Don't know?"

Zhang Ruochen used more power. The Abyss Ancient Sword cut in deeper and more blood poured out, dyeing his white robe red.

"I really don't know," the stone turtle wailed. "Earlier, Crown Prince Qitian and the demoness from the Immortal Pavilion activated the origin power of the God-killing Cross Shield. They sent the two humans and black cat you're looking for into the ice gorge. Before that, their bodies were already splitting apart. They probably died in the gorge."


With a beam of dark light, the Abyss Ancient Sword cut through the stone turtle's skull. With a long trail of light, he beheaded the turtle.

Zhang Ruochen's eyes were cold and sharp. He grabbed the sword hilt. Without any hesitation, he jumped down into the ice gorge.
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