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1122 Land Becomes Sea

Many of the human cultivators felt pity and sadness, but quite a few smiled happily too.

"Oh! Zhang Ruochen…" Wan Huayu sighed, not knowing what to say. She felt guilty.

Her father was one of those who'd repressed Zhang Ruochen. Though he'd been under the Empress' orders and was forced to do so, he was still responsible.

Zhang Ruochen was such a talented human, but he'd gone crazy from his cultivation and was abandoned by humanity. She could only watch as he was besieged by the beasts and, finally, killed.

Any human with a conscience would be unable to move on from this cruelty.

Kong Hongbi shook his head and smiled in scorn. "I'd thought he was a match, but I didn't think his mind would be so weak. I didn't even attack yet and he's already ruined himself."

Rain continued falling. It splashed on the ground, creating a misty haze.

The Kun Prince flew in the clouds, slipping through the bolts of lightning, and laughed. "The so-called Time and Space Descendant isn't much either. If I didn't want to see what the ancient relic on Dragontop Mountain was, I wouldn't even waste time on you."

Blackie had set up a hallucinatory formation earlier on Dragontop Mountain's peak. It covered the altar so other creatures wouldn't see their true motive beforehand.

Thus, no one knew what Zhang Ruochen was digging for. They really thought that there was some amazing treasure.

When the Kun Prince saw that Zhang Ruochen had gone crazy, it stopped taking him as seriously and attacked first. It spread its wings. They covered the sky like two red clouds. Two blue rivers appeared above them.

This "water" wasn't regular water. It had been created by activating the rules of water using techniques and a saint soul. If the Kun Prince wanted to, it could even create two giant oceans, let alone two rivers.


As the Kun Prince flapped its wings, the two rivers fell from the heavens, shooting toward Dragontop Mountain like two pillars of water.

"Let me fight you." Flames spewed out of Sun Dadi's body.

He stood on the peak and hurled his metal rod to break apart the pillars of water. However, the pillars contained horrible strength. Sun Dadi spat out blood as soon as they clashed. He flew back hurriedly and crashed into the mountain with a boom. It was unknown whether he survived or not.



No matter who touched the two pillars, they all exploded instantly into a cloud of blood. In an instant, three of the five Murong Clan Half-Saints had died. Their bodies had turned to bloody powder, completely destroyed.

The Kun Prince's combat abilities were terrifying. It was even stronger than some lower Saints that Zhang Ruochen had seen before.

Zhang Ruochen attacked immediately with the Luo Water Fist Technique. He wanted to counter water with water.

Forming fist prints with his hands, he gathered the sea of Holy Qi within him. A thousand-mile-long river appeared above his head.

"First move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Sky and River Apart."

The river formed by the fist crashed toward the two pillars of water. A huge boom sounded instantly. Thousands of feet in the sky where the two forces collided, the sky seemed to shatter. A huge waterfall fell straight to the ground.

"Second move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Nine Twists and Turns."

"Third move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Broken Heaven Road."

Zhang Ruochen had already combined memories of two lives within the Seven Lives and Seven Deaths Map. He'd cultivated the Luo Water Fist Technique to the highest level. In this aspect, he was second only to Luo Xu.

He performed all 36 moves of the Luo Water Fist Technique and was neck and neck with the Kun Prince. The power that rolled off shocked all the creatures present.

An hour later, the area around Dragontop Mountain had turned into an ocean. The water level kept rising too, making the mountain into a lonely island.

Thankfully, all the creatures that remained in the Blue Dragon Void World were Half-Saints and could fly. They didn't drown and, instead, flew atop the water, gazing at the Kun Prince and Zhang Ruochen fighting intensely with reverent eyes.

The Kun Prince was huge. It was more than 10,000 meters long and radiated with horrible and wild Qi. Bolts of lightning passed through the fish scales, crackling and extending toward Zhang Ruochen along the water pillars.

Zhang Ruochen flew from the peak of Dragontop Mountain and attacked. The Blue Dragon and Blue Elephant's huge apparitions appeared in his arms. He punched, hitting the water pillars straight on.

"Did the Kun Prince and Zhang Ruochen really not reach the Saint Realm? Why does it feel like they're stronger than my teacher?" A Ninth Level Half-Saint human was utterly shocked.

Wan Huayu stood on the water, her brilliant phoenix wings unfurled. She was worried. "Zhang Ruochen has activated 3,000 runes on the Abyss Ancient Sword. Now, he's using up more energy to fight with the Kun Prince. How much more Holy Qi does he have left?"

Usually, only lower-level Saints had the quality and quantity of Holy Qi to support 3,000 runes. Zhang Ruochen was only an Eighth Level Half-Saint, but he could already do so, activating the Destruction of the Thousand Runes. It was already impressive.

Many people were guessing that Zhang Ruochen's energy would run dry soon.

On the other hand, Blackie took the pill furnace out. Placing it in the center of the altar, it telepathically messaged everyone, "I am going to use a secretive method and start the ritual soon. Everyone, hurry up and gather more sacrifices. We won't be able to resolve today's crisis without taking the divine pill."


Seven-colored light immediately shot out of Dragontop Mountain. The shadow of a blue dragon appeared amidst the light. In an instant, a heavy fragrance flew out, filling the air.

Blackie had created all of this using the hallucinatory formation. It wanted to fool all the beings and hide the truth, making them believe that an ancient treasure was really coming out.

As expected, the phenomenon at Dragontop Mountain's peak caused a huge commotion.

"The treasure buried in Dragontop Mountain is coming out."

"What kind of treasure did Zhang Ruochen dig out that's causing such a phenomenon?"

The Kun Prince fought with Zhang Ruochen while yelling, "Water beasts, listen. Attack Dragontop Mountain immediately. Take the ancient treasure, no matter what."

The water beasts set off in large numbers. The force included dozens of Beast Kings and some Taigu Remains from the Half-Saint Rank.

A huge tortoise, thousands of feet long, carried a green spiritual mountain. It swam in the water and crashed against Dragontop Mountain.

The great tortoise was a Taigu Remain by itself and was 12th on the Half-Saint Rank. Its ancestors had left many legends during the ancient times, and it was comparable to the Kun and Rosefinch. It was definitely a dominating existence.

There were eight figures on the tortoise. They were all Taigu Remains but in human form. The men were handsome and the women were beautiful. They were all strong savage beasts on the Half-Saint Rank.

Huang Yanchen, Princess White Li and the others couldn't fend off such a strong attack by themselves. Zhang Ruochen had to retreat early and return to Dragontop Mountain.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The Kun Prince pursued and attacked. Firelight appeared in its golden eyes. Soon after, two thick beams of light shot out of its eyes.

Zhang Ruochen grabbed the Abyss Ancient Sword and activated the 3,000 runes with the fastest speed. He swung down at the Kun Prince.


Sword Qi hit the Kun Prince's left wing, leaving a hundred-meter-long gash. The wing was barely hanging on. Fresh blood flowed out of the Kun Prince like a waterfall. The water below it was dyed red.

The Kun Prince had ruled the waters since it was born and had never met an equal match. Today, Zhang Ruochen had destroyed its unbeatable record, wounding it.

There were so many creatures present. They were the elites of all races. This was an embarrassment to the Kun Prince.


Three thousand runes emerged on the Abyss Ancient Sword once again. It transformed into a huge black sword, hanging in the air, cutting down on the great tortoise.

In the midsection of the spiritual mountain on the tortoise's back, one young man transformed by a Taigu Remain waved his fan. He smiled. "It's just a sword. It's not like it can sweep through the sky, unless it's the Void Sword from the Thousand-bone Empress or Empress Chi Yao's Divine Blood Sword."

Of course, the eight Taigu Remains in human form didn't look down on Zhang Ruochen. They each created a beam of light. Connecting them, it shot into an ancestral weapon.

This weapon wasn't an ordinary weapon. It was a dark purple battle-ax with an ancient beastly imprint branded on the flag. The ax rose up speedily. Three thousand runes emerged on it and it radiated with powerful and wild strength. Its might was comparable to the Ancient Abyss Sword.


The ax and sword finally collided. The energy waves created waves dozens of meters tall. The reverberations shook the blood within Zhang Ruochen. He flew backward, toppling a wall of the mountain. The falling rocks buried him.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen also forced the great tortoise with this hit too. It retreated to dozens of miles away. The eight Taigu Remains also took many steps back. The Sword Qi from the Abyss Ancient Sword left many small cuts on their clothes.


Zhang Ruochen walked out of the pile of rocks. He looked a bit pathetic, but he wasn't hurt. His strong body had survived the attack of the eight Taigu Remains.

He looked around and saw 18 ancestral weapons hovering in the air. They were controlled by 18 Beast Kings to anchor the space so he couldn't use spatial tactics.

Basically, neither his fight against the Kun Prince nor the eight Taigu Remains was fair. He'd been restricted by these 18 ancestral weapons and couldn't fight freely.

I must kill these 18 Beast Kings first, he thought. Then I can break free from the shackles and have the upper hand.

The Carnivorous Holy Flower's voice entered his mind. "I have passed the blooming period and bore a fruit. I direly need nutrients now, so the fruit can mature. Hand the 18 Beast Kings to me. I'll absorb their Qi so I can reach a higher level."