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704 Saint Lady in the Mortal World

Qi Hong's legs became limp. He knelt on the ground with his whole body shivering as he begged. "Your Excellency, Saint Lady, spare my life! I went into the altar because I was tailing Lin Yue. I know nothing about the altar's secrets."

Qi Hong looked really scared. He kept kowtowing, knocking his forehead on the ground and making loud noises.

"A Half-Saint kneeling and kowtowing. Does he really fear Saint Lady that much?" Behind him, Zhang Ruochen looked baffled.

Saint Lady turned her eyes to Lin Yue.

She had indeed discovered his aura within the Heaven and Earth Altar.

A Monk of the Fish-Dragon Realm barging into the Heaven and Earth Altar... and he escaped!

Qi Hong suddenly raised his head and snickered. He stood on his toes and then leaped into the air.

With a whoosh, he soared upward.

The Shooting Star Invisible Cloak and his Half-Saint realm allowed Qi Hong to whiz through space. He was in front of Saint Lady in a flash.

Saint Lady was a Spiritual Power Saint. Her cultivation was very powerful, but she had an obvious weakness—because she did not practice Martial Arts, her physical quality was just a little stronger than an ordinary person's.

If he could approach her without her knowing it, Qi Hong could kill her with a finger.

Although the word "Tao" had hit Qi Hong's body, most of its force had been absorbed by the Shooting Star Invisible Cloak. As a result, Qi Hong was not badly injured.

He had pretended to be badly hurt so that Saint Lady would lower her guard and his attack could succeed.

"Damned Saint Lady... go to your death!"

Qi Hong condensed a Finger Sword and executed Sword Two, attempting to stab between her eyebrows.

The sword tip was about to penetrate her skull, but Saint Lady remained very calm. With an unflustered air, she shook her wrist and unfolded her fan. She then flapped it forward.


Hundreds of words soared out from the folding fan.

Every word contained a powerful energy and hit Qi Hong's body with force. His chest immediately caved in—many of his ribs were fractured.

His back started bulging as columns of blood gushed out.

BAM! Qi Hong fell onto the ground, creating a 30-meter-diameter crater. His Half-Saint body was mangled, and only a few of his bones remained intact.

The hundreds of words soared back into the folding fan.

"A Half-Saint dares to mount a sneak attack on a Saint. You deserve death... cough... "

A black coat of Death Qi had tainted Saint Lady's folding fan.

The Death Qi gushed up her arm from the folding fan. In the blink of an eye, her snowy-white arm had been contaminated and turned gruesomely black.

Saint Lady was only flesh and blood. Her Spiritual Blood was not as strong as a Half-Saint's. It was very difficult for her to shake off the Death Qi that was invading her body.

Moments later, the Death Qi had spread to other parts, wrapping her completely within.


The Death Qi began devouring Saint Lady's Spiritual Power. It took the form of countless black tentacles seeping into her skin and her bloodstream. They coursed through her entire body.

In the crater, Qi Hong got up. His body was dripping with blood but he still managed a sinister laugh. "This cloak I'm wearing is a treasure! I've been struck by a Psychic Sage, yet I survived."

Qi Hong then soared into the sky. Midway up, he aimed a palm at Saint Lady's head and managed to make her fall on a tombstone.


Qi Hong's face looked grotesque. He landed on the tombstone and kicked Saint Lady's abdomen, sending her flying away.

Saint Lady flew from the tombstone and landed on the ground heavily, stirring up a huge cloud of dust.

Saint Lady vomited a mouthful of blood and pressed her hand on her abdomen. She curled on the ground as if in great pain.

"Aren't you very noble and powerful? What happened to you today? Even if you are a goddess from above the Nine Heavens, I will make you fall to the mortal world!"

Grimacing, Qi Hong snickered hideously. He dragged Saint Lady by her hair and threw her headlong at a nearby tombstone. Blood gushed out incessantly from her head.

The fierce collision snapped Saint Lady's belt. Her white robe became loose and disheveled. The collar had come undone, revealing an expanse of snowy-white skin. Her shapely bosoms with their enticing cleavage were partly visible, half-covered by a light blue undergarment.

Saint Lady was not simply beautiful and alluring. Her gracious air was not found in many women, making her a great object of temptation even to Saints.

A ravishing beauty whom many Saints admired was now lying on the ground. She was like a tender lamb awaiting slaughter.

The sight aroused Qi Hong's innermost desires. He smiled lasciviously and sneered aloud. "What a peerless beauty. It's a pity to kill you. Much better for me to see your tender body before you die. Then I'll know whether it's as lovely as your pretty face, hee hee."

Saint Lady's Spiritual Power was indeed very strong, but she was still a woman. As the lustful Qi Hong edged closer and closer to her, she felt deep terror inside.

She tried mobilizing her Spiritual Power to create a spell that could kill Qi Hong.

The more anxious she was, the harder it became to condense her Spiritual Power. The force of the Death Qi struck back and she vomited another mouthful of blood.

Qi Hong grabbed hold of Saint Lady's chin and tilted her startlingly beautiful face upward. Her eyelashes were curled, her eyes dewy bright. Her nose was perfectly shaped. Even the most skilled artist could not have sculpted such lovely, divine features.

Qi Hong laughed. "To sleep with Saint Lady must be a dream for every man in Kunlun's Field. Let me treat myself to it first."

Qi Hong's hand strayed downward and ripped Saint Lady's outer garment apart. Her fair, voluptuous body was laid bare for all to see. Her smooth shoulders, breasts, and buttocks were very full, yet her waist was slender and supple.

Perhaps it was because Saint Lady did not practice Martial Arts or because she had been nurtured by poetry that her skin was very fine-pored—so delicate that it might tear if someone blew on it.

Qi Hong was not in a hurry to bed Saint Lady. One must play with such a noblewoman slowly, wrecking her self-confidence. It was no fun to simply crush her from the top.

"Qi Hong, if you dare to lay a finger on me, I guarantee your family will be exterminated."

Saint Lady placed a hand on her chest, clutching her undergarment for cover. She clenched her white teeth and edged backward.

She had never suffered any setback ever since she began cultivation. She had always been surrounded by applause and praise.

After becoming one of the Nine Goddesses of the Empyrean under the Empress, her status had soared. She was adulated wherever she went. Even Saints had to bow before her.

She had never imagined she would end up in such a situation.

Qi Hong saw the body of the partially unclothed Saint Lady and his evil thoughts blazed more intensely. He snickered. "Are you threatening me? You have to escape from me first."

Qi Hong sneered lewdly and stretched out his arm, trying to grab Saint Lady's breasts.


Zhang Ruochen dashed out from behind the tombstone. His Void Sword pierced through the other man's fingers. He slashed and successfully repelled Qi Hong.

Zhang Ruochen crossed his sword horizontally in front of Saint Lady. He snickered. "Senior Qi Hong, I didn't know you were such an old lecher. How can you be a Sword Holder of the Sword Pavilion if you practice immoral behavior? If what happens today spreads, your reputation will be utterly ruined."

Saint Lady heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Qi Hong get repelled.

She was well aware that Lin Yue was no match for Qi Hong, so she took advantage of this brief respite to start condensing her Spiritual Power.

The Void Sword was extremely sharp. It broke through Qi Hong's physical defense, leaving a bloody hole in his palm.

Saint Lady had already badly injured Qi Hong, allowing Zhang Ruochen to injure and repel him with one strike even though his cultivation was far inferior.

Qi Hong looked at the traces of blood on his hand and guffawed. "Such a wicked boy to have messed things up. I have no choice but to kill you first."

Qi Hong lifted his two hands and started condensing his Holy Qi.

Zhang Ruochen would certainly not fight him directly. He could not really match even a badly-injured Half-Saint.

"Come with me."

Zhang Ruochen grabbed Saint Lady's wrist and dragged her as he dashed out into the tomb forest.


Qi Hong pushed both palms out and created a massive Qi billow. Everything around the tombstones whirled into the air and hurtled toward the two.

Zhang Ruochen glanced back and saw the powerful Qi gushing toward him like a torrential tide.

It was the all-out strike of a Half-Saint. There was probably no chance he could survive the blast.

"I'm sorry!"

Zhang Ruochen extended his arm and grabbed hold of Saint Lady's waist. He bent his knees slightly and threw himself forward on his toes.

Only a thin undergarment covered the upper half of Saint Lady's body. Her waist was completely naked. Zhang Ruochen's hand was pressed on her supple waist and their skin were glued together.

Her full bosoms pressed against Zhang Ruochen's chest. His chest felt broad and muscular, giving her a very strange sensation.

The face of the perpetually reserved Saint Lady became slightly flushed.

As the situation was critical, she did not resist. She only stretched out her arms and weakly pushed Zhang Ruochen's chest away, trying to alleviate the pressure.

Zhang Ruochen dashed into the array that Blackie had already set up.

Blackie pressed both paws down on the ground. He released his Genuine Qi and activated the Inscription of Array.