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640 Arriving at the Yin and Yang Sec

The monster ape and Greedy Rabbit displayed tremendous strength. Therefore, Zhang Ruochen was eager to break through to the Fifth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm and open up the second holy meridian in his body.

However, he was different from them.

They only needed to practice in the Scroll World without considering other things. Zhang Ruochen even helped them to handle their practice resources.

Zhang Ruochen had a lot of things to do, so he did not have enough time to seclude himself for refining.

Although they consumed a lot of practicing resources, the monster ape and Greedy Rabbit would become Zhang Ruochen's helpers until they reached the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

He could arrange them to handle things that he could not do.

Until then, it's their turn to search for practicing resources.

"They have great potential and they may grow up to become two Holy Beasts," He said.

Blackie said with a smile, "The exercises I imparted are top class. Now you give them top practicing resources. How can their strength be poor?"

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Where is Han Xue?"

"She is secluding herself for breaking through the Fish-Dragon Realm," Blackie replied.

"To break through to the Fish-Dragon Realm? Is she not going to break through the Ultimate Realm of the Heaven Realm in the Battlefield of Primitive World?"

He clearly knew that her practicing speed was incredible. She had secluded herself for refining in the Scroll World for three years. Now, she had reached the Completion of Heaven Realm.

Most of all, she had reached the Ultimate Realm of the Yellow Realm, the Black Realm, and the Earth Realm. If she did not go to break through that of the Heaven Realm, it would be a pity.

He thought carefully and then shook his head. "She is so young, she should not have much blood on her hands. Forget it!"

Blackie nodded and said, "I asked her this question. She immediately refused when she heard that one can only reach the Ultimate Realm of the Heaven Realm after killing a lot of people. Actually, based on her Thousand-bones Physical Quality, the influence on her is not big if she won't break through the Ultimate Realm of the Heaven Realm.

"Reaching the Ultimate Realm can only bring about the Chord of the Gods.

"However, the former Thousand-bone Empress did not need to attract the Chord of the Gods. Instead, she can kill gods."

At the mention of Thousand-bone Empress, Blackie let out a surprised gasp. Blackie's round eyes were sparkling, filled with admiration for her. It appeared to be remembering its experience.

The former Thousand-bone Empress was rumored as being miraculous. However, since it's been a long time, Zhang Ruochen did not feel anything.

He took out the damaged Holy Soft Leather Armor and gave it to Blackie. "Would you be able to repair it with your strength? Please give it to Han Xue after repairing."

Zhang Ruochen owned the Shooting Star Invisible Cloak and the Dragon Pearl, so he did not need the Holy Soft Leather Armor at all.

Although she was young, Han Xue's cultivation was amazing. Once she broke through to the First Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm, she must go outside to gain experience. She could not stay in the Scroll World forever.

When she went outside to gain experience, she would be protected by the Holy Soft Leather Armor.

A master must think of his disciples. Otherwise, he is unfit for his title.

And besides, Han Xue was his only disciple.

Blackie was very nice to Han Xue. Seeing Zhang Ruochen take out the damaged Holy Soft Leather Armor, he immediately take it away and said with a smile. "Rest assured. It's a piece of cake for me to repair it."

After finishing this, Zhang Ruochen began to practice "Change of 36 Forms".

This martial technique was part of the "Four Nine Mysteries". It was mysterious. If one practiced to the Perfection of Martial Arts, he could change into flowers, plants, birds, and animals.

He even could change into a Divine Dragon overturning rivers and seas, a roc flying straight to the Ninth Heaven, or a Phoenix burning the world...

Of course, if one tried to practice "Change of 36 Forms" to the Perfection of Martial Arts, he had to practice "Four Nine Mysteries".

36 Forms did not mean that one could only change 36 times. Actually, it meant that one could change into 36 things between heaven and earth.

For example, the first change of 36 Forms was "human".

As long as one successfully practiced the first change, a monk could change into any person at will.

The second change of 36 Forms was "beasts".

The third change of 36 Forms was "birds".

The fourth change of 36 Forms was "fish".


Zhang Ruochen only wanted to be able to change into another person, so he did not need to spend too much time researching. He could enjoy the benefit all his life as long as he learned the first change.

Having spent half a month, he had learned 30% of the first change and he was able to do some simple changes. For example, his fingers could extend, his legs could lengthen, and his bones could become thicker.


He controlled the Genuine Qi inside to go through Yinjiao Holy Meridian. When the Genuine Qi turned into Holy Qi, he could perform "Change of 36 Forms".

Meanwhile, he concentrated on remembering Lin Yue's appearance, figure, temperament, and voice.

Lin Yue's height and figure weren't very different to Zhang Ruochen's, so it was not difficult for him to do the change.


His bones were shaking as he started the change. His muscles, skins, hair, and eyebrows were also changing rapidly.

After a long while, Zhang Ruochen turned into another person. He looked the same as Lin Yue only with handsome features, straight figure, black hair, and hands that were more beautiful than a woman's.

Undoubtedly, Lin Yue was flawless. He was a fascinatingly handsome man.

Even if Zhang Ruochen stood before Lin Yue's junior fellow apprentices and junior sister apprentices, they would not be able to tell the difference.

Zhang Ruochen was not satisfied because the appearance he changed into was able to cheat the common disciples of the Yin and Yang Sect but was unable to cheat the Half-Saints.

In short, he could only change his appearance but not his aura. Even his temperament was different from Lin Yue's.

It was easy to see through the false appearance.

He continued to practice. While trying to change, he tried to make up for his weaknesses.

After another half a month, he finally practiced it to the Realm of Small Success.


Through half a month's practice, he had been skilled in using this first change. By simply shouting "Change", he would immediately transform into Lin Yue.

His eyes became very frivolous.

Even his temperament was extremely arrogant.

He looked like a proud child, at the same time he was both fastidious and romantic.

He came to a lake with hands behind his back and looked at himself in the water. He could not help but laugh, "According to my use of the Change of 36 Forms, even the Saints are unable to tell the difference."

Of course, his Change of 36 Forms was still at a superficial level.

However, there was a flaw, namely, cultivation.

Everything had changed but his cultivation.

If he wanted to reach the Completion of Heaven Realm, he had to practice the first change into the Realm of Success.

He did not realize it within three or five months. It would take several years or even longer.

Once he succeeded, the transformation would be flawless.

However, it was impossible for him to wait so long. He didn't want to spend many years changing into another person.

Although "cultivation" was a flaw, it was not big one.

Firstly, only the Half-Saints were able to see through his cultivation.

Secondly, even if the Half-Saints knew that he reached the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, he would be able to come up with an excuse.

After all, it was not strange to have some adventures in such a big world.

To test if his change was successful, he went to find Greedy Rabbit and the monster ape.

Both of them did not recognize him. They even thought that he was an intruder and almost launched attacks against him.

Only Blackie saw through his true identity. It was a Vessel Spirit of the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and knew all changes in the Scroll World. It was not strange for it to recognize Zhang Ruochen.

"Amazing! Zhang Ruochen, I did not expect you to have this skill. With this, you are able to cheat the Saints," Blackie said with admiration.

Zhang Ruochen said, "This is a martial technique, which requires Holy Qi to maintain. However, the Holy Qi inside is very thin. With my current cultivation, it can only maintain the change for one day. After more than a day, I will return to my original form."

Blackie said, "Let's go to the Yin and Yang Sect to investigate the altar. Once we enter the gate, we can live in seclusion. As long as we minimize contact with others, we would not be exposed to the public."

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "I ought to go now."

Walking out of the Scroll World, he displayed bodily movement and hurried to the Yin and Yang Sect.

The mountain gate of the Yin and Yang Sect was located at the western part of God Falling Ridge, which was far away from the Cyan Cloud County in Eastern Evil Land. He hurried at full speed for three days and traveled for tens of thousands of miles before he arrived at the territory under the jurisdiction of the Yin and Yang Sect.

He walked among high mountains and lofty hills and went through a gallery road. Then, he saw a broad area, which seemed to be a hewn mountain. It formed an open platform.

Shentai City was built on the platform with caesious walls, soaring towers, and a flight of 3,000 steps. Although it was a small city, it had a history of tens of thousands of years. Most of the Saints of the past dynasties from the Yin and Yang Sect have left their tracks in the city.

It had been the outdoor area of the Yin and Yang Sect. Shentai City was actually a border trade zone.

A lot of outdoor disciples came to Shentai City every day to trade Pills, spiritual grass, Genuine Martial Arms, and so on.

There were a lot of indoor disciples. Their identities were unusual and their trade goods were rare, which was why most of them gathered in the center of the city to have special trading places.

Zhang Ruochen transformed into Lin Yue, paid a Spiritual Crystal and entered the city gate.

Not long after, he saw a group of people in the city who were very familiar to him. They were the disciples of the Yin and Yang Sect who were with Lin Yue outside the Cyan Cloud County that day.

The chief wore a cyan robe. He looked very old and was in the Fifth Change of the Fish-dragon Realm.

Zhang Ruochen remembered that Lin Yue should call him Junior Uncle Master.

Besides, there were more than ten young men and women were behind the cyan-robed old Taoist and all of them were indoor disciples of the Yin and Yang Sect.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen fast walked several steps and caught up with them. He gave a happy smile and said, "Junior Uncle Master, junior sister apprentices, wait for me. I finally caught up to you."