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342 Eight Trigrams Sealing-Cloud Disk

Chapter 342: Eight Trigrams Sealing-Cloud Disk
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In the dreamland, Red Wish Emissary's skin was a translucent and delicate snow-white. Her pink underwear slipped from her body, revealing her naked and curvaceous body.

Despite her angelic figure and devilishly beautiful face, she was incredibly ruthless. She condensed the genuine Qi on her fingertips into blades, sharpening her fingers into sword edge. In a flash, she struck Zhang Ruochen.

She took the initiative to attack him just to buy him time to steady his Heart State, so he wouldn't die in Di Yi's hands.

Even so, she struck with all her strength to kill him.

If he couldn't even defeat her, then he was no match for Di Yi.

If that was the case, there was no need for him to live.

His live depended on his power.


Zhang Ruochen neither deflected nor dodged her attack. He plunged his combat sword at the temptress before her, breaking the dreamland.

The dreamland shattered.

It was only at this moment that he saw that his opponent's weapon wasn't her finger, but rather a steel-cast Three-section Sword engraved with red blood dragon patterns.

The sword was cut into three meter-long sections, making the sword three meters in length. It could be used as a sword or a whip.

The sword had more changes than ordinary swords and its technique was even more mysterious. But few could wield it skillfully.

Red Wish Emissary had achieved the Peak Realm of Following the Heart in her sword technique.

It was the same for her whip technique.

The Three-section Sword enhanced her power greatly.

"Blue Genuine Qi."

Zhang Ruochen thrust his palms forward, emitting a mass of blue light that condensed into a Light Shield of Genuine Qi in front of him.

His opponent's sword broke down into three sections the minute it touched his shield. It created a long crimson whip that formed an arc to stab him in the back.

He didn't panic. With his hand formed into a handprint, he instantly slammed into his opponent's chest.

Seeing the approaching Zhang Ruochen, Red Wish Emissary felt an overwhelming power surging up toward her. It was enough to blow her red yarn backward.

"What a speed."

She knew her speed was inferior, so she didn't try to dodge him. She took out her Eight-diagram Compass instead.

The disk spun in black and white as she infused her genuine Qi into it. A giant light seal of Eight Trigrams soon appeared, with two Yin-Yang fish spinning rapidly in the center.


Zhang Ruochen's handprint landed on the center of the Eight Trigrams, the power immediately sent it rippling. A powerful force radiated out.

Waves surged wildly out of the water.

His power sent Red Wish Emissary, who was standing on the tip of a wave, flying backward.

Zhang Ruochen's strength had become so fearsome after entering the Heaven Realm. If not for her disk, she would have been heavily injured earlier. She looked at the young man before her in shock and began to form a new impression of him.

Her disk was a tenth level Genuine Martial Arms, capable of warding off attacks from a warrior in the Completion of Heaven Realm with its great power. Yet it nearly buckled under Zhang Ruochen's attack.

Being one of the Seven Kills Emissaries of the Black Market Excellence Hall, Red Wish Emissary owned many powerful war weapons, any of which could be a country-defending weapon.

Even her sword was a ninth level Genuine Martial Arms.

"Since when has Zhang Ruochen become so powerful? To think he can even keep up with Red Wish Emissary!"

"Red Wish Emissary is a God's favored daughter. Though she's not a Saintly Being, she's not much weaker by much."

"Two years ago, while still in the Earth Realm, she climbed to the second rank on the Earth Board in the Eastern Region. When she fought the top warrior, Bu Qianfan, she only lost after 100 strikes. Before Di Yi showed up, she was the only one in her realm capable of exchanging 100 blows with Bu Qianfan."

"Though she failed to win Bu Qianfan, she managed to reach the Heaven Realm earlier than him. It could be considered as her victory."

"How incredible that Zhang Ruochen could contend with her! I really didn't think such a talent would emerge from the Omen Ridge."


In the distance, warriors from all forces of the Omen Ridge were surprised.

Among them were those who had heard about Red Wish Emissary. When they brought it up, everyone was shocked.

Though the rankings on the Earth Board would change every two to three years, but anyone who could enter the top 100 could be considered incredible.

Not to mention that Red Wish Emissary had been in the top three.

Even Lei Jing, Zhang Ruochen's Master, was shocked. He knew his disciple was strong but never thought he would be strong enough to rival Red Wish Emissary.

"This little guy is really strong! We can probably call him the top warrior among the young generation in the Eastern Region!" Lei Jing felt gratified as Zhang Ruochen was his disciple.

The more outstanding his disciple was, the happier he was.

Considering his aptitude, Zhang Ruochen might really be able to help him fulfill his wish.

"It's only been a month since I last met you and you're already this strong. Back then, I should've spared no cost and killed you." Red Wish Emissary looked up at him through her eyelashes. She looked like an innocent and harmless woman, yet her words were cold and murderous.

She struck once again, as quickly as wind and thunder. She charged at Zhang Ruochen with her sword technique, where 36 sword shadows burst out to attack him simultaneously.

"Sword technique of Illusion."

It was yet another sword technique in the Superior class of Spiritual Stage. It was the creation of a Half-Saint. Not only was it powerful, it was also imbued with sorcery.

Her sword Qi would have stabbed warriors with lower Spiritual Power before they had the time to react.

She was in the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm, but it had been a long time since she entered the realm. She had cultivated 98 drops of Vital Essence. With two more, she would be able to break into the Mid Stage.

Zhang Ruochen had just stepped into the Heaven Realm with only 12 drops of Vital Essence condensed.

His Genuine Qi was far thinner than Red Wish Emissary's.

It was a continuous process of accumulation for one to advance from the Initial Stage to the Advanced Stage. There wouldn't be any bottlenecks. One could succeed as long as one cultivate enough Genuine Qi.

100 drops of Vital Essence in the Qi sea would mean one had successfully advanced into the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

10,000 drops would represent the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

Though it seemed simple, it was an extremely slow process to form drops of Vital Essence. Even if Zhang Ruochen ran his 36 Meridians simultaneously to take in Genuine Qi from the air outside and supplemented himself with pills, it would still take him a great deal of time before he could break into the Mid Stage.

Of course, with the Dragon Pearl in his body, his Divine Dragon Strength could quicken his pace without those pills and treasures.

One's physical quality and bones would be settled after entering the Heaven Realm.

The first sign was an increase in speed.

The speed of a warrior increased madly while in the Yellow Realm, Black Realm, and Earth Realm. Nearly every realm breakthrough would greatly increase one's speed.

But it wouldn't happen after entering the Heaven Realm.

Even a warrior had broken through a realm, his speed would only increase a little.

Thus, a warrior in the Heaven Realm who couldn't defeat his opponent would be granted a good chance of escaping due to his speed.

Meanwhile, the pace of practice would be slower as the warrior stepped into the Heaven Realm. A genius warrior also needed to spend a lot of time on practicing their Martial Soul. It was already very good if he could break through a realm within two years.

Red Wish Emissary's cultivation progress in Martial Arts slowed because she wanted to practice her Martial Soul in the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. Otherwise, with her aptitude and resources, she could have made the breakthrough to the Mid Stage even earlier.

"Shadow Meridian Ripple."

Standing on the water, Zhang Ruochen looked up and pointed at the heart of Red Wish Emissary's sword technique.

In a flash, a cold light beam flew out of his fingertip and formed an energy ripple that extended all around.

A circular ripple appeared on the water, with him in the center.


The sword in Red Wish Emissary's hand was nearly knocked out and sent flying. She felt a stabbing pain on her arm.

Streams of blood appeared on her perfectly white arm. Her sleeves, cut by the sword Qi into pieces of red cloth, floated on the water.

"You should also try one of my attacks."

His Blue Genuine Qi gushed out again. He raised both arms and the black water under his feet transformed into a 66-meter water wall.

It was an impressive scene, like a mountain emerging from the ground. Water flowed down from the wall as if it was a roaring waterfall.

"Ten Thousand Swords Unsheathing."

Zhang Ruochen utilized the power of Heart of the Sword and, in a flash, thousands of water swords rushed out of the water wall.

The water swords froze and condensed into ice swords.

Ten of thousands of ice swords, as if a rain of swords, flew toward Red Wish Emissary.

With Red Wish Emissary's realm of the sword, she could also turn water into swords. However, she wasn't capable of producing so many ice swords.

She was far less powerful than Zhang Ruochen in the realm of the sword technique.

In addition, his Heart of the Sword was also imbued with Blue Genuine Qi.

Red Wish Emissary retreated back rapidly and held the Eight Trigrams Sealing-cloud Disk. An evil red fog gushed from behind her, forming a cloud of red fire.

The skills that she practiced were also formidable. When she entered the Heaven Realm, she also cultivated a special Genuine Qi— Icy Genuine Qi was also practiced.


Thousands of raindrop-like ice swords constantly hit the disk, forcing Red Wish Emissary to retreat.

Ultimately, the disk couldn't undertake the power of so many ice swords. Its light gradually faded and some ice swords pierced the light screen, aiming at Red Wish Emissary.