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153 The Excitement of Yunwu Commandery Prince

Chapter 153: The Excitement of Yunwu Commandery Prince
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The atmosphere in the Flying Pavilion was tense as if the air had been frozen.

Zhang Ruochen stepped forward and said, "Commandery Prince, the reason I came here to Qianshui City is not only to ask for reinforcements, but also one more favor."

Qianshui Commandery Prince looked confused and asked, "What's the matter?"

"I hope you will allow me to marry Commandery Princess Yanchen." Zhang Ruochen's voice sounded steady as it passed into everyone's ears in the Pavilion.

Qianshui Commandery Prince was prepared to decapitate him if he refused to marry the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.

By disturbing the Sword Technique Conference and embarrassing the Royal Family, there was plenty of valid reason to have him killed.

However, Qianshui Commandery Prince never expected that Zhang Ruochen wanted to marry Commandery Princess Yanchen rather than the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.

Every single person in the Flying Pavilion was shocked including Ten Powerful Ministers who sat on the left and right, not to mention Qianshui Commandery Prince.

Qianshui Commandery Prince's sight shifted towards Huang Yanchen, indicating he was seeking her thoughts on the matter.

Huang Yanchen pursed her lips sightly and said, "Father, both Zhang Ruochen and I are external students of the School of the Martial Market. Our relationship has always been good. We always practice martial technique together and have spent a lot of time together, which has provided the foundations for our affections. We discussed the proposal before he came here. I hope you will approve our marriage, father."

When Huang Yanchen was speaking, she looked shy like a teenage girl.

That's right. She was shy.

Zhang Ruochen didn't believe that Huang Yanchen could be shy and yet, she persuaded Qianshui Commandery Prince and Ten Powerful Ministers to believe her.

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess who was kneeling on the ground was completely shocked. She stared unbelievably at Huang Yanchen standing to the side.

"How could my sister fall in love with him?"

Right Prime Minister stood up and smiled, "Your Majesty, what shall be done?"

What shall be done?

Commandery Prince also wanted to know.

Should he have Zhang Ruochen dragged out and beheaded?

Naturally, he could not do that.

Zhang Ruochen came first in the Sword Technique Conference by mistake. The one he truly loved was Commandery Princess Yanchen.

More importantly, the feeling was mutual between them.

Should he approve the marriage between Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen?

Naturally, he couldn't do that either.

Every one had acknowledged that Zhang Ruochen was the winner of the Sword Technique Conference, and so he should be the Prince Consort of the Thirteenth Commandery Princess. If the Commandery Prince approved Zhang Ruochen to be the Prince Consort of Commandery Princess Yanchen, he would embarrass the entire Royal Family as he would be violating the rules.

While Qianshui Commandery Prince was frustrated about the situation, Huang Yanchen expressed her thought to her father. She looked entreatingly at him and said, "My dear father, I know I've put you in a difficult situation. However, can you bear to watch both of your daughters lose their happiness?"

Qianshui Commandery Prince looked at Commandery Princess Yanchen, who was sad, as well as the Thirteenth Commandery Princess, who was kneeling down on the ground. He was unsure what to do.

At this moment, Minister Ning, who was sitting on the third row on the right, stood up. He laughed and said, "Your Majesty, the cultivation talent of Commandery Princess Yanchen ranks the first among all the princesses. She, at the same time, has deep feelings for Zhang Ruochen. If we approve the marriage, they will be the perfect match and will surely enter the legends."

"Once Your Majesty explains to your people the reason behind their marriage, I'm sure they would understand your decision. If Your Majesty agrees, I can handle this matter for you!"

"So it shall be! Let it not be said I am an unsympathetic prince." Qianshui Commandery Prince stared fiercely at Zhang Ruochen and said, "Zhang Ruochen, can you promise you will be faithful to Commandery Princess Yanchen if she marries you?"

Zhang Ruochen gazed at Huang Yanchen and responded modestly, "I promise I will never betray Yanchen."

"Very good! Remember what you've promised me. If you dare to betray my beloved daughter, I'll never forgive you. Well, in this case, let's have this settled. Minister Ning, please invite Yunwu Commandery Prince to the Pavilion. I need to discuss with him the marriage between Zhang Ruochen and Yanchen. We have to settle on a date and confirm the marriage."

"Yes, your Majesty." Minister Ning responded.

Then, Qianshui Commandery Prince waved his hand and said, "You are now dismissed."

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the Flying Pavilion and stood on the golden purple stairs. He let out a long breath as if he had just escaped from the gates of hell.

At the same time, he noticed that Xun Guihai was waiting outside the Flying Pavilion, wanting to meet Qianshui Commandery Prince.

Why did he want to meet Qianshui Commandery Prince?

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen remembered the conversation between Xun Guihai and Huang Yanchen one night in Western Campus. He fell into deep thought and finally figured out what Huang Yanchen's purpose was.

"Why are you standing here dreaming? You don't look happy to be marrying such a beautiful princess like me." Huang Yanchen chased after him and stood on his left. She looked coldly and chuckled, "Don't you forget that if I didn't help you, you would already be a dead man. How are you going to make it up to me?"

"Oh, really? Don't you think it's nice to help each other out?" Zhang Ruochen put up a smile on his face and glanced towards Xun Guihai who was standing far away.

When he finished speaking, he walked out of the Royal Palace quickly and returned to the manor.

Huang Yanchen stared at Zhang Ruochen's retreating figure and her royal blue eyes narrowed. She muttered to herself, "Perhaps he has already figured it out?"

In fact, there was another reason for Huang Yanchen to return to Qianshui City, which was to prevent Xun Guihai proposing a marriage to Qianshui Commandery Prince.

She didn't want to marry Xun Guihai.

Therefore, it was a two-bird-one-stone situation that by marrying Zhang Ruochen, she helped herself as well as Zhang Ruochen.

Once Qianshui Commandery Prince approved her marriage with Zhang Ruochen, Xun Guihai would have no chance to interfere.

As for Zhang Ruochen, neither he nor Huang Yanchen wanted to marry each other. What they had to do was to find an excuse to end the engagement in the future.

The only thing that bothered Huang Yanchen was how Zhang Ruochen figured out Xun Guihai was going to propose.

Since she couldn't figure out how he did it, she stopped thinking about it. Anyhow, Qianshui Commandery Prince had approved their marriage and thus Xun Guihai would have no chance.



Yunwu Commandery Prince was worried. He paced back and forth waiting at the manor.

The Sword Technique Conference had gathered all the top prodigies from different commanderies, where every single one of the participants was an outstanding warrior. Although Zhang Ruochen was highly talented, winning the Conference was a mission that was as hard as climbing up to the sky.

If he couldn't win the Sword Technique Conference, he couldn't marry the Thirteenth Commandery Princess which would result in Yunwu Commandery having no way to defend themselves from Square Commandery's attack.

Only one day had passed, yet a few white hairs had appeared at Yunwu Commandery Prince's temples.

Yunwu Commandery Prince stopped walking around suddenly. He let out a long sigh and looked determined. He exclaimed, "If Ruochen didn't win, I'll have to fight with Square Commandery with all my might even at the risk of having my commandery be annihilated."

At the same time, Xue Kai, the royal guard of Yunwu Commandery Prince, rushed from the outside and said, "Your Majesty, Minister Ning is here and wants to see you."

"What? Quickly invite Minister Ning to come in! Wait, no. I'll welcome Minister in person!"

Minister Ning was one of Ten Powerful Ministers in Qianshui Commandery as well as the leader of the Ning family. Why did he come to visit Yunwu Commandery Prince?

He grew ever more anxious and hurried to the front of his garden. He walked quickly towards the door and saw that Minister Ning's carriage had stopped outside the manor.

Minister Ning's carriage was luxurious. It was nine-meter tall and looked like a mini palace. The shafts and the wall of the carriage were embedded with Spiritual Crystals which formed strands of the white mist of Spiritual Qi.

The Lion-Kylin beast, a fourth-class savage beast pulled the carriage for Minister Ning. Its body looked very similar to that of a Kylin. The feathers on its body glittered like a jade flame. Its eyes were as large as basins and were inscribed with 18 lines of red inscriptions. It looked as if there were 18 strands of fire burning in its eyes.

"Greetings, Minister." Yunwu Commandery Prince walked underneath the Lion-Kylin beast and bowed towards Minister Ning.

Two beautiful maids opened the curtain and revealed Minister Ning who was sitting in the carriage.

Minister Ning smiled at Yunwu Commandery Prince and said, "Yunwu Commandery Prince, I have good news for you!"

"What kind of good news?" Yunwu Commandery Prince could have a vague idea... perhaps Zhang Ruochen had...

Thinking about the possibility, Yunwu Commandery Prince became slightly excited.

Minister Ning waved towards Yunwu Commandery Prince and said, "Come on, His Majesty is expecting you and has things to discuss with you now!"

Yunwu Commandery Prince was extremely surprised that he could finally meet Qianshui Commandery Prince.

He quickly got into the carriage and sat opposite Minister Ning. He asked again, "Minister, what is going on?"

Minister Ning revealed a joyful smile on his aged face and said, "You have an amazing son. Did you know Zhang Ruochen won first place in the Sword Technique Conference? He has impressed the prince, and the prince has approved to arrange a marriage for him."

Yunwu Commandery Prince was overwhelmed and asked, "Commandery Prince has agreed for my son to marry the Thirteenth Commandery Princess?"

Minister Ning shook his head and responded, "Not the Thirteenth Commandery Princess but Commandery Princess Yanchen. Not only is Commandery Princess Yanchen the favorite daughter of the Prince, but has also obtained the highest cultivation talent among the 37 princesses and has reached the Completion of the Black Realm. Most importantly, her biological mother is the Queen. You should have heard of the Queen's superior background before."

Of course, Yunwu Commandery Prince knew the privileged history of the Queen. He was thrilled but at the same time worried and said, "Commandery Princess Yanchen is such an outstanding figure, will she agree to marry my son?"

"Haha!" Minister Ning couldn't help but laugh out loud. He replied, "This marriage was proposed by Commandery Princess Yanchen herself. The Ninth Prince has already received approval from the Prince. Yunwu Commandery Prince, such a marriage is no doubt the best thing to happen so far for Yunwu Commandery. Maybe I will have to ask for your help in the future."

The Lion-Kylin beast pulled the carriage and rushed into the Palace.