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Recently, Ragnar had spent all his time thinking about how to teach his one thousand Goblin soldiers about the meaning of teamwork and tactics in war.

He wanted to lead his thousand big horde of Goblins to hunt in forest, and evolve them all into HobGoblins. For this purpose, they must learn to cooperate with each other and safeguard each other's lives in The Nandini Forest.

Ragnar already had some basic idea on how to achieve his goal of teaching Goblins the meaning of teamwork and tactics.

He looked at the sky above and muttered to himself with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"I have bid these past five years in silence just because of the interference of the large clans(Varangians, Geats, Gutes, Jutes and Danes; for all the readers who need a recap), but it has helped me understand all the nearby small Goblin tribes better, with my army of 1000 HobGoblins, I will conquer them with lightening speed and assimilate them in our Lodbrok Clan. Then, it will be my time to meet these local Goblin Hegemons! -Gigigigi"


1197, Lodbrok Village's Barracks

Ragnar looked down at the thousand Adult Goblins gathered in-front of himself, looking at him with gazes full of idolization and thought to himself.

'It doesn't matter whether it's hunting or fighting. When it comes to teaching, the best way it to take a step yourself.'

He spoke loudly so all the Goblin Knights and Goblins in the Barracks could hear him.

"Today, I want to introduce a game to all of you. A game that is like a glorious hunt, those who win in it, are the true Goblin warriors."

Ragnar took out a ball!

Right, Ragnar wasted a lot of time and effort on this ball.

He described his request to Aslaug, who got the Goblin ladies in the village who knew embroidery, to sew wolf skin into a ball shape, this job wasn't difficult.

The Goblin ladies completed this task very quickly with high quality.

As for the stuffing for this ball. In this world, since there was no rubber, Ragnar could not make a real inflatable ball. So, he could only find some some sort of soft materials to fill it up.

The best choice would be something hairy, for example, from a fighter rabbit's tail!

During the production of the ball, the ladies thought that Ragnar had gone crazy, making something this useless. But he didn't care.

This might be a chance for Ragnar to finally breakthrough with his problem of cooperation in his Goblin army.

"I call this game; Gobol. A game for only us, nimble and fast Goblins!"

"There will be ten members on each side and one of them is the safekeeper. Only the safekeeper can use hands, whilst the other team members can not use any part of the hands to touch the ball. Otherwise, it is a foul! The aim of this game is to kick the ball into the goal of the opposite side using teamwork! Also, you have to stop the opposite side from kicking the ball into your goal, those who can play this game well and win are the true Goblin Warriors."

Ragnar explained the basic rules of football roughly. Since the rules were not complicated, the Goblin soldiers could easily understand.

They had a shine in their eyes because they finally got the chance to show their skills in front of their Jarl Borg, whom they idolized.

They were using their legs to kick the ball!

On the training field, two trees were used as the goal on both sides.

Ragnar also got involved in the game. He picked Aslaug, Rollo, Lagertha, Justin along with several other Goblin soldiers to form a team. Meanwhile, the other knights and soldiers formed another team with Bjorn as the captain and the game began.

In the beginning, there were a lot of funny things that happened. The Goblins hadn't played football before, so they always violated the rules.

Some Goblins even broke the ball because they wanted to pass the ball further.

Luckily, Ragnar had predicted that would happen and he had brought some Goblin ladies that knew sewing, and they sewed the ball immediately.

There was Rollo rushing forward, and when the opponent Bjorn tried to stop him, they naturally did something that violated the rules, and Ragnar had broadened his horizon!

Usually, one player led the ball and ran for half of the field, the opponent blocked him and then proceeded to kick him. But these two, they instead kicked the each other instead of kicking the ball!

Then the two Goblin Knights gave up the ball and started fighting!

Not to mention, that they were good at fighting, with excellent physical fitness.

Hence, Ragnar beat both of them up and he became the judge of the game then.

After giving out a ton of red cards, they finally had a qualified match.

Ragnar also showed them how to lead and kick the ball to them, and tried a random passing.

Finally, the Goblin soldiers knew the basic football or Gobol rules after that afternoon.

Even the rules of "offside", "foul inside the penalty area", "direct free kick" and "indirect free kick", they understood well.

In the evening, a smart, nimble and sly Goblin even learned diving in the penalty area!
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Although this guy was performing very poorly, he got great respect from Ragnar along with a Penalty. It was because in his previous life, his favorite football star was Ronaldo, who was the King of Diving.

This Penalty also won the "black whistle" from the Goblin audience.

After the afternoon, all the Goblin soldiers in the barrack loved this glorious game!

As one of the Top Sports of the World in Ragnar's previous life, it deserved the love!

The sky was almost dark, but the Goblins didn't want to leave the field.

The winning team was cheering like they had won a war, and the losing team were disappointed and asked for another match tomorrow.

Looking at the Goblins cooperating with each other, Ragnar was very satisfied with the result!