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1192, Nameless Goblin Tribe Village

Ragnar with his nine Goblin Knights reached his Tribe village as fast as he could. The moment he saw the crude village entrance of his small Goblin tribe's village. He shouted at the top of his voice.


The whole tribe heard his voice. All of them remembered that a couple weeks ago, one of their hunting parties did not come back. But, none of them thought much about it, as due to the high death rate in The Nandini Forest, it was common for their Hunting Parties to be annihilated.

As Jarl Borg came out leading 60 Goblin Adults of his tribe.

He was shocked to find a blue skinned giant Goblin Nobel with the height of about 2.4m with 9 HobGoblins behind him, challenging him to a fight.

Just the bloodthirsty aura emitted by the Goblin Nobel infront of his eyes, forced him to kneel.

The giant Goblin Nobel's tempered muscles and physique made him seem like he was born for conquest!

Jarl Borg flinched. He gathered his courage and shouted at the Adult Goblins behind him.

"Can you believe a hunting party lost a few weeks ago, has now comeback with a Goblin Nobel leading nine HobGoblins? I refuse his challenge, he is definitely an impostor. Let us battle, and later the Goblin Alliance of the big tribes will definitely help us out!"

Lagertha behind Ragnar chuckled loudly.

"Now our former Jarl doesn't even recognize us."

Even Rollo couldn't help laughing out aloud despite his serious personality, with the rest of the Goblin Knights following him, jeering at their former Jarl Borg.

Ragnar looked at his opponent incredulously.

"You want to do battle?"

Jarl Borg had made his choice, he has been in power for a long time and had a decisive personality.

His eyes were blazing with determination, though they were not backed up by his small Goblin army.

"Why not?"

Richard looked behind him once more, and said.

"And with that number of Goblin Adults and just one HobGoblin yourself?"

"How many should I have?"

Ragnar was surprised at his former Jarl's choice and sighed.

"With that quality, you wouldn't be able to beat us, even with ten times the number.

You'll just get crushed."

"So what?"

Jarl Borg suddenly laughed, his voice warping into an angry growl.

Richard looked closely at his former Jarl before nodding in approval, waving for his knights to fan out. It was evident that he didn't plan to use any tactics for this fight; once Jarl Borg made a move, his Goblin Knights would just crush his Goblin army head-on.

The huge volume of HobGoblins gathered could suffocate a normal Adult Goblin to death, but Jarl Borg just turned back to his tribe Goblins and cried out.


The war cry was met with few responses. Many of the Goblins instead started quivering with fear, knowing that they were being asked to march to their deaths.

They knew they wouldn't be able to win even if they gave up their lives; even the bravest of warriors would hesitate in such a situation.

Their opponent had 9 HobGoblins, and even a fabled Goblin Nobel, not even an intermediate Goblin tribe would have this many strong Goblin warriors.

This was a suicide mission that few were willing to take on.

Jarl Borg was surprised by his tribe's cowardice, but he immediately roared again and pointed his crude dagger at the sky before bellowing for them to charge.

He rushed out at the very front, not caring about how many followed behind.

Only a small portion of the loyal Goblins who had been following him for a long time, followed their Jarl in his charge, but half of them grew too intimidated to move by the Goblin Nobel's aura before they even made it halfway. In the end, less than eight Goblins were charging at the Goblin Knights.

This pathetic number was even fewer than the number of Goblin Kinghts with Ragnar!

There was only one end to this fight, but Jarl Borg and his warriors still madly rushed forward with flames in their eyes.

Ragnar was taken aback for a moment, moved by the courage of these Goblins.

Despite his distaste for the Jarl Borg, he could see that this HobGoblin was a warrior through and through.

He raised his hand high in the air, causing all his Goblin Knights to grip their daggers tightly.

Once Ragnar's hand came down, they would charge forward and dismember the opposing force of their former Goblin tribe without the slightest hesitation to prove their loyalty to this amazing Goblin Nobel.

However, the hand never came down. Ragnar instead withdrew it, shouting out a command.

"Catch them alive."

Although they were all shocked by the order. Especially, Rollo and Lagertha, they as Ragnar's most loyal Goblin Knights followed through.

Capturing someone alive was much more difficult than killing them, but with the stark disparity in their levels, it wouldn't be too hard for these newly evolved HobGoblins.

Jarl Borg was an exception with his veteran HobGoblin prowess, but the Goblin Knights didn't have to take care of him.

The former Jarl's red-hot eyes were fixated on Ragnar.

From the moment he had even shouted to his Goblins to do battle, he had been prepared to die in battle. It was only when he was ten meters away from Ragnar that he heard the Goblin knights crash into his Goblins.

As he continued his charge, however, he suddenly felt like the sky went dark for a moment.

An enormous shadow had enveloped his body.

He barely managed to turn in time to see a huge body falling towards him.

It felt like a mountain was crashing down, giving him only a moment to stab with his dagger before it crushed him with terrifying force.

His dagger only made a small insignificant cut on the Goblin Nobel.

When Ragnar stood up cursing about he still couldn't control his body after his evolution.

Jarl's entire body had been pushed into the ground.

If not for Ragnar controlling his power, he would have been crushed to death.

Ragnar had behaved nowhere close to a warrior in this fight, relying purely on the mass of his newly evolved Goblin Nobel's giant body to leave Jarl Borg on the brink of death.

There was no technique here, no finesse, but it was effective.

It took Jarl Borg a lot of effort to stand up, vision slowly returning, but there was a constant ringing in his ears. It took him great effort to realize that it was Ragnar in front of him.

The world seemed to be spinning constantly, his muscles so weak that it felt like he had just been dipped in boiling oil.

However, he still managed to force himself forward.

Looking at Ragnar's calm and collected gaze.

Jarl felt disappointment rising in his heart, for the first time in his life.

He felt his entire body go limp and closed his eyes.

"Do it, Nobel. Kill me quickly."