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1192, The Nandini Forest

In a dark cave, deep in the forest, filled with a gloomy atmosphere.

A figure was sitting on her throne.

Her tanned body was covered with hair and a brown tail wriggled on her backside.

Long black hair falling onto her shoulders, she sported a great figure with large breasts, enough to ensnare Orcs, Goblins and Dragonborn alike.

She surprisingly looked just like Elves of Earth except for her sharp claws and eyes.

Her yellow eyes seemed to glow in the dark, staring at all her followers kneeling in front of her.

She was the Wolf Queen of The Nandini Forest, Megha. [meaning the star, in native wolfkin language.]

Someone patted her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

She looked at her partner in life. Like her, he was an alpha-mutant, Vatsal.

He was just as beautiful as she was, they were superior beings among Wolfkins.

He was a 2m tall bulky giant, with well defined muscles and sharper claws.

Alpha-mustants were born to rule those around them.

They developed intelligence at a young age, and they became more ambitious as they grew up.

As superior beings, they took over their surrounding tribes with their intelligence and strength.

The Nandini Forest was 8,000,000 sq km long.

Just like the Great Russian forest on Earth which was 45.40% of the country's land area.

Russia was not only the largest country on Earth, but also the country with the largest forest area.

Nandini Forest accounted for 30% of the whole of North Continent.

Wolves roamed in packs of hundreds and thousands in The Nandini Forest.

After Megha and Vatsal took over a dozen Wolf tribes, they were no longer satisfied with their race's situation in The Nandini Forest.

They were hunted by all creatures, Orcs, Trolls and even Goblins. They had no powerful creatures to speak of. So they as Alpha mutants made hundreds, and thousands of Beta mutants.

They sent them all to conquer atleast one pack, and managed to create a Wolfkin Kingdom in The Nandini Forest.

They themselves were as strong as a Goblin Duke, or an Orc Berserker, who are the leading figures of their respective races in The Nandini Forest.

That is how they easily managed to take control of the whole wolf race in the forest, and managed to rule the whole South of The Nandini Forest.

Through countless wars, they even succeeded in banishing the Trolls to the Northern parts.

However, not without a cost, her husband Vatsal was seriously injured and is still healing.

The Orcs in the Western and Eastern parts, and the Goblins in the center of the Nandini Forest, were all looking for a chance to deal with their race.

They were also currently in a war against both Goblins and Orcs, in order to continue ruling the South.

She gave a look of assurance to her partner, Vatsal.

She looked at the panic-stricken faces of all her beta-mutants.

She transferred her thoughts to one of the most competent beta-mutants.

'What has happened for all of you to gather and come to us?'

Betas didn't have the same high telepathic abilities as their Alphas, but they could still convey their intents to their alphas and fellow wolfkin through howls.

Her beta howled and conveyed his words.

"What!? An Orc Hunting Party disappeared near the outerlayers of the area under our rule?"

Megha was shocked by the Beta's message, though she did not give a damn about whether those Orcs lived or died.

Wolfkin were in a delicate situation right now. They just succeeded in banishing the Trolls to the North and the strongest wolf of their tribe, Vatsal was injured. That is why they lessened their advancement for conquest, so that they could lick their wounds and come back stronger than before.

Megha looked at her partner, and started talking.

"Vatsal, I am worried that those sly Goblins will try to form an alliance with that Western Orc Berserker leader, using this as an excuse and try to attack us while we are down!"

Vatsal's eyes got cold, and he said with his voice filled with anger.

"Megha. We are the Wolfkin. We rule the whole South of this Forest. I don't care about those puny Goblins, and arrogant Orcs. Let them come, get our beta's to be prepared for another war. If they dare come, I will kill them all!"

"If that is what you desire, my love."

The Wolf Queen hardened her resolve, and told their decision to all the beta's through telepathy, asking them all to be ready for another war. All the wolves howled in battle lust, and took off to prepare their packs. Almost a hundred thousand wolves would be ready for a war with those Orcs and Goblins.

Megha looked at Vatsal, who had closed his eyes and was meditating, then turned to look at the sky. Praying for this delicate balance between the Trolls, Orcs, Goblins and them to continue until either she or Vatsal evolve once more into the first Grade1 Creature of their race.