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The Orcs looked just like the meaning of their name; ugly, malevolent and warlike.

Each Orc boasted a height of more than 2.25m, with dark lime yellow skin color. They were hulking mini giants with ferocious appearance and well defined bulky muscles which made them seem like they were born to fight.

The group of Orcs wielded boorish clubs while running towards the small band of Goblins with complete confidence.

Their eyes exuded great confidence, as they knew that they were the predators while the goblins were their prey.

The Orc hunting group was definitely not wrong. As confidence breeds personality and that is what allowed their whole tribe to dominate The Nandini Forest with their savage and brutal ways. But, Ragnar and his small band of Goblins were not to be underestimated.

'Cortana, analyse these Orcs and show me their status, as fast as you can.'

[*Beep* As you wish, host.]

In the very next second, a report about the Orcs was projected into his mind.

[ Target: Nameless Orc Hunting Group

Race: Orc

Average Status-

Attributes: Strength: 8 | Agility: 3 | Physique: 7 | Soul: 3 |

Alignment: Dark Evil ]

'Goddamnit, these monsters. How OP are they!?'

Ragnar quickly put more power to his Fire Strike, while shouting.

"Rollo, take the command! Attack an Orc with a group of atleast 3 Goblins each."

As Ragnar was running steadfast towards the group of Orcs with clubs. He took a deep breath and prepared to withstand the Orc leader's first strike.


The Orc leader roared and swung his club at Ragnar.


Ragnar's shoulder got dislocated.

The Orc's raw strength was greater than what he had imagined even though it was just a difference of 2 points in the Strength attribute.

If it became a battle of strength, there was no way for him to win.


Ragnar used Fire Strike at the center of the Orc leader's chest with great agility.


Ragnar used Stealth Stab and stabbed at the Orc leader's heart.

He seized his victory wholly through his agility and exquisite skills.

The Goblin Party behind him was awestruck, and their morale was raised to an all time high.

Looking at the back of Ragnar with worshipping gazes, they shouted their warcries with great bloodthirst and immediately started attacking other Orcs.

Nevertheless, after kicking the Orc leader's corpse away, Ragnar immediately moved to the next Orc.

His next opponent was another bulky Orc, who tried to smash Ragnar's head with his club.

But, with the help of his AI Chip, Ragnar was able to predict the Orc's moves.

The battle was once again concluded in an instant, and the Victor was obviously Ragnar.

However, he groaned after killing the second Orc, he was hit by the Orc's club and his leg was wounded.

He definitely could have evaded it, but he was not used to fighting with the help of his AI chip.

It was completely his fault.

It was as if it was predetermined.

For every Orc he killed, Ragnar was inflicted with a wound. But, Ragnar did not stop.

As a result, his actions became rougher the more wounds he had received.

Like the uncontrollable Norse warriors, he went berserk.

In the end, only one last Orc Warrior was left standing.

'I am going to die.'

Ragnar did not have the strength to continue fighting. He was only still standing with the help of his willpower alone.

'Huff! Huff!'

He panted heavily as he looked into the eyes of the last remaining Warrior Orc with a bloodthirsty and cruel smile.

The Orc Warrior also gave a cruel smile, after the sacrifice of so many of his brethren, he would finally be able to kill this monstrous HobGoblin and be hailed as an Orc Warrior of his tribe.

He raised his club and prepared to end Ragnar's life.

But, Ragnar was not alone. At that moment, a rain of daggers flew towards the last Orc.

The small band of Goblins had teamed up with each other, and had managed to kill three Orcs.

They immediately came to Ragnar's aid, worked together agilely and killed the last Orc Warrior.


Ragnar roared with all his strength, as he finally quenched his thirst for blood!

[*Beep* Host's Biological Energy has reached the requirements for another evolution. Does the host want to go through with it? Yes/No, host please answer fast! Otherwise, the AI Chip will not be able to stop the 2nd gene evolution.]

'Yes, let it hit me, Cortana. Don't forget to analyse and store the process in the database!'

[As you wish.]

As soon as Cortana said that in her usual emotionless but pleasant, graceful voice.

Ragnar felt his whole body shattering. His evolution once again started.


He stealthily looked around to find all of his Goblin party shouting with pain and going through evolution as well.

His body started to grow bigger and bigger without showing any signs of stopping until it reached a height of about 2.4m, his skin color changed to royal blue, his small horn grew longer and sharper.

His muscles started distorting and became more well defined.

When all the Goblin's of Ragnar's small force finally finished evolving. They opened their eyes to look at the transformation of their leader into an even more stronger and ferocious creature than an Orc.

Ragnar was a blue skinned giant Goblin with the height of about 2.4m, the bloodthirsty aura emitted from him forced even these newly evolved HobGoblins to brace for death. His tempered muscles and physique made Ragnar seem like he was born for conquest!

All the newly evolved HobGoblins once again knelt down to swear fealty towards their brave and strong leader, whose back they believed they could even follow to their death.

When Ragnar finished his evolution, and slowly opened his eyes. He looked at nine newly evolved HobGoblins kneeling before him with worship evident in their eyes. Ragnar smiled with satisfaction for the first time since he was transmigrated to this plane.

'Cortana, analyse the nine of them, and show me their status.'

[Your wish is my command, host.]

Ragnar was immediately projected with the information about all nine of them, in the next second.

Rollo evolved into a type of HobGoblin which Cortana called Blaze Goblin.

Blaze Goblin were said to have a foul temper according to the records from The Wise One. They were a variant evolution path for the Goblins. When Blaze Goblins got angry, their strength and agility was boosted by 50% for 10minutes. Rollo evolved into a dark red 1.8m tall HobGoblin with a wide frame and a small horn on his head.

Of the other 8 Goblins, 3 evolved into Long Armed Goblins, their agility like other HobGoblins were 10, while their only advantage being their longer arms.

3 Goblins had a normal primitive evolution like the current Jarl Borg of the tribe, they were similar to Ragnar, more strength focused, just that their evolution was not as perfect.

Surprisingly, two of the HobGoblins were female, which Ragnar did not realize while they were still normal Goblins. But after going through their evolution, they were a bit shorter at 1.70m, slightly reddish orange skin color, with a small horn, long hair and large breasts.

He looked at all of them once again and said.

"Raise your heads, my warriors."

All the Goblins obeyed, and looked at Ragnar.

"Do you wish to swear fealty to me?"

All newly evolved HobGoblins replied with one voice.


Ragnar smiled.

"Today, we massacred a whole Orc Hunting Group, something rarely accomplished by our fellow Goblin brethren."

"We Goblins are trampled and crushed, day after day with no choice as we are weak.

I wish to change our situation."

"Today, with you as my witness, I swear upon this plane and will stay true to this oath! I will lead my Goblin tribe from the front as vanguard in all wars and killings. I will make sure that we Goblins will conquer and rule this plane. I shall take Lodbrok as my last name and and swear to conquer every obstacle in our way till my last breath."

"If you, as my knights swear to take an oath upon this plane that you will be faithful to my cause and follow me bravely and unflinchingly even in the face of death, then I accept you as my followers and welcome you into The Lodbrok Clan."

All the HobGoblins felt a fire alight within them, they wanted to conquer everything with this Goblin, or die trying beside him. They loudly swore their oaths upon the plane.

"We, as Lodbrok Knights, swear to take an oath upon this plane that we will be faithful to Ragnar Lodbrok's cause and follow him bravely and unflinchingly even in the face of death! We will enforce this oath to the end of our lives."

Ragnar smiled, and said.

"Very well, I accept you as my Knights!"

"Rollo, as you already have a name. I shall bestow you the family name Blaze. Rollo Blaze, any Goblin who evolves into a Blaze Goblin will be put under your charge and family."

Rollo was delighted, and said.

"As you wish, Jarl Borg."

Ragnar looked at three HobGoblins and said.

"You three, I feel your evolution process is similar to mine. Do you have names?"

The three HobGoblins who went through the normal, primitive evolution said together.

"Gigi- no, Jarl Borg."

"Is that so. Then I shall name you, Dustin[meaning Fighter.] Donovan[meaning Dark Warrior.] and Cadman[meaning Warrior.] I shall also bestow you the family name, Ironside. Dustin, Donovan and Cadman Ironside, all Goblins who undergo normal evolutions in our tribe shall be under your family."

Ragnar looked at the three long armed Goblins and said.

"Do you three have names?"

The tallest of the three stuttered to say.

"Gi-n-no Jarl Borg."

Of the two female HobGoblins, the shorter one who had a pair of very lively eyes also chirped in the conversation happily.

"Jarl Ragnar, we do not have names as well."

Ragnar smiled at her and the others.

"Very well. For you three Long Armed HobGoblins, I name you Cadmar[meaning Brave Warrior.] Kelly[meaning Warrior.] and Barin[meaning Fighter.]. I also bestow you the family name Longarm, and all the future longarmed HobGoblins in our tribe will be under your family."

"Yes, Jarl Borg."

Ragnar looked at the two girls.

"As for you two, I shall name the lively one Lagertha and the quiet one Aslaug. All the females in our tribe will be under you two."

"Yes, Jarl Borg."

"All three families(Blaze, Ironside and Longarm) will be under Lodbrok, and form a clan. This will be the core of our Goblin Tribe in the future."

Ragnar looked in the direction of their tribe and said longingly.

"Let us return, it is time to conquer our tribe!"