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Ragnar felt that the evolution had made him even more hideous, but he did not care. Humanity had shed many things through the course of evolution. But those things that humanity lost, his newly evolved body possessed. His body was now considerably more formidable than that of humans, and even some deadly monsters of the Nandini Forest.

Eyes that could clearly see in the dark, nails that could tear apart all of his enemies, and fangs strong enough to crunch even the skulls of his enemies with. Furthermore, there is no longer anything to fear when it comes to unclean water. His evolved body's resistance was exceptional, unclean water won't even graze it. As a scientist, he would no longer fear of dying from unknown diseases or infections.

If Ragnar so desired, he could live the rest of his days peacefully after killing the current Jarl Borg of the tribe, and leading this small tribe of Goblins. He wouldn't even have the slightest bit of trouble. But, Ragnar couldn't be satisfied with it. After getting a taste of evolution, flames of ambition were flickering in his soul. He wanted to evolve once again, he wanted to expand this tribe, and conquer The Nandini Forest.

Ragnar looked at his Hunting Party, he observed all the nine Goblins kneeling with fear. Just fear was not enough. He wanted full control over his small tribe of Goblins, empower them, and make them the core of his strength as he expanded in The Nandini Forest in the future.

Precisely because of his ambitions, just fear was not enough. If they followed him just because of fear, they could sway to the cause of stronger Goblins in the future. What Ragnar wanted was absolute loyalty from these nine Goblins!

Though, Goblins were evil, sly and terrible by nature. To their own tribesman and kin, they were loyal to a fault. As they were not humans, who were full of evil schemes, machinations and greed, which could never be satisfied, he was more confident in brain washing them, and in getting their absolute loyalty.

'Cortana, did you record my evolution in your database? Can you analyse it, and tell me if I can help other Goblins evolve?'

[*Beep* Yes, host. The whole process of your evolution has been recorded in the database, and has been analysed by me. Your process of evolution was far easier and more stronger because you have an AI Chip that has merged with your soul and it helps you fully utilize your current capabilities and absorb all biological energy with no waste. This feature has been enhanced even more since you transmigrated to this plane. Other Goblins do not evolve this easily, it is only because of the features of the AI Chip of not wasting biological energy from the creatures you have killed, and perfectly absorbing it and enhancing your soul; that you have undergone such an easy but strong evolution.]

'Woah, such a cheat. Can you help me evolve other Goblins as well?'

[No, the features of AI Chip can only be used by the host. But, I can analyse other Goblins, and present their attributes, and number of kills needed to evolve in the form of Experience. This plane's consciousness seems to support the absorption of other creature's biological energy to help the process of evolution, it is one of the absolute laws of this plane.]

'Splendid! The plane, itself, seems to be helping me!'

After conversing with Cortana in his mind, Ragnar once again looked at all the Goblins, who were still kneeling on the ground with fear.

"Brothers, stand up. There is no need to kneel."

All Goblins looked up while kneeling, and gave him weird looks. But they were still too afraid to stand up, and did not dare to move even a bit. Ragnar looked at the Goblin who was the first to kneel, and someone whom he had hunted with since the start, and helped him stand up.

"You. What is your name?"

Ragnar looked at this Goblin in the eyes, and asked. While the Goblin Rollo somehow managed to stutter a response.

"Gigi-- R-Rollo."

"I see. Rollo, I command you to help all the others stand up."

Rollo immediately ran to the other Goblins, and helped them stand up as he was commanded. All of the Goblins, uncertainly stood up and stared at him, having no clue of what he wanted.

Ragnar took a deep breath, looked all of them in their eyes and said.

"You saw me evolve with your own two eyes. Do you guys desire to evolve as well?"

All nine Goblins looked at each other with confused looks, and Rollo answered for all of them in a soft voice.


Ragnar grinned, and released his newfound aura with a bloodthirsty look. He shouted in fanaticism.

"I want brave, courageous goblin warriors! Great Goblin Warriors who can fight for me even in the face of death with a fearless bloodthirsty smile. Can you guys do it? Shout yes as if your lives depend on the loudness of your voice, if you can!"

All nine goblins were fired up, and with Rollo being the loudest, they shouted at the top of their voice.


Ragnar smiled, looked back in the direction of their Goblin Village and said.

"Very well. I shall give you brothers from the same village, my kin who I was born with, a chance!"

"A chance to be brothers-in-arm with The Great Goblin Warrior Ragnar. Let's move deeper into the forest. We shall hunt all creatures in this goddamned forest, and evolve."

"May the plane show mercy on our enemies, because we sure as hell won't. The day we come back, is the day we kill the current Jarl Borg and make the tribe ours!"


As the 10 Goblins sprinted deeper into the South of Nandini Forest, only the sound of their mad laugh was left behind.