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Although the Goblins did not have cultivation manuals, the one thing they helped Ragnar the most with was information about the plane. The race of these sly creatures were the ones that had explored this plane the most, and passed all the information they collected generation by generation in an oral manner. He inputted all the information he got from The Wise One of his tribe during the last month in his AI Chip. Which helped the AI Chip analyse this plane, and this modern era technology finally started showing its worth.

His AI Chip could now atleast use its data storage and analysis features. He was now even able to detect attribute data about all creatures he inputted information about in the AI Chip. His AI Chip also made a new standard of measurement of power and force of the creatures of this plane in what she referred to as 'points'.

"Cortana, what power can an average Adult Goblin exert?"

[*Beep* Host, an average Adult Goblin can make attacks of about 10 points. The AI Chip theorizes that a peak Grade1 creature can exert a power and force of about 100 points. The AI Chip requires more data to analyse power levels of Grade2 and above creatures.]

It was almost mid-day and about time for the Hunt. He sprinted out of the village to gather with his fellow tribesmen and members of his hunting party.

Infront of the entrance of the Goblin Village, there were about 30 Goblins, with Jarl Borg leading his party as well. The normal adult Goblins were all about 1.65m tall, with green skin, and wide frames. Their faces were hideous, and their eyes had a sinister and sly glint. While the Jarl Borg was 1.8m tall wide framed Red Goblin, with a small horn growing on his forehead. That red, bulky monster was so horrifying, that with it's gaze alone, it could make all goblin tribesmen brace for death.

While standing, Ragnar whispered.

"Cortana, show me the detected data for Jarl Borg."

[*Beep* As you wish, host.]

In the next second, a report about the Jarl Borg of his Goblin tribe, done by the AI Chip, was projected into his mind.

[ Target: Jarl Borg

Race: HobGoblin

Attributes: Strength: 5 | Agility: 10 | Physique: 5 | Soul: 5 |

Alignment: Evil ]


The three hunting parties sprinted stealthily in three different directions. Ragnar's party went South of the Goblin Village, while Jarl Borg's party went North of it. The south side of the Goblin Village had less high leveled monsters, and were just about right to train their new Goblin Adult party.

As their party was moving stealthily, their party came across a group of fighter rabbits in their way.

Ragnar was able to scout with his AI Chip Cortana's ability ahead of the rest of his party. He had a good command over his party due to his successful leadership in their hunts in the past month.

All Goblins were newborns until a while ago and as he was the most intelligent and sly of their bunch, hence they obeyed his commands without a word. So, he instantly commanded.

"Attack. Daggers."

The whole group of Goblins immediately leaped out and started throwing their daggers.

The instant a moving shadow entered Ragnar's field of vision, he sprinted for it. He leaped with great strength, and drove the fighter rabbit into a corner.


Then, without the slightest semblance of hesitation, he strangled it to death.

[*Beep* Host's Biological Energy has reached the requirements for an evolution. Does the host want to go through with it? Yes/No, host please answer fast! Otherwise, the AI Chip will not be able to stop the gene evolution.]

"Yes, but analyse this process and record it into your database."

[As you wish.]

As soon as the Cortana said that with her calm, graceful but emotionless voice. Ragnar's evolution started, his muscles started distorting.


Ragnar could hear his own bloodthirsty shout as all his bones were starting to slam and crash against each other. He started growing taller, more bulkier. His skin color changed to red, and he started growing a small horn on his forehead while all his Goblin tribesman watched, paralyzed in shock.

One of the Goblins, Rollo, who respected Ragnar the most and was absolutely awed by his evolution. Immediately knelt and shouted.


Rest of the 8 Goblins knelt down right after him and shouted as well.

Ragnar finished his evolution and slowly opened his eyes, which brought forth the same pressure as their current Jarl Borg. The pressure of a higher rank of the same species. The feeling of submission to the higher ranked Goblin, and all the 9 Goblins flinched afraid and knelt even more.

Ragnar enjoyed the feeling of control he had over his weak Goblin Tribesmen, and understood why he used to instinctively feel afraid in the presence of the Jarl Borg before, when he was a normal Adult Goblin. It was a Goblin trait, weak obeying the strong, higher evolved Goblin.

"Cortana, status."

[*Beep* As you wish.]

Soon, all of Ragnar's enhanced basic attributes after the evolution were projected into his mind.

[Name: Ragnar

Race: HobGoblin


Strength : 6 |

Agility : 10 |

Physique : 6 |

Soul : 6 |

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Great Goblin Warrior

HP: 60/60 Experience: 0/100

Status: Healthy

Skills: Common Language, Close Combat(low)

Personal Abilities: Stealth Stab, Fire Strike]

Ragnar showed a wide bloodthirsty grin, and shouted a war-cry with all his might!