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1192, The Nandini Forest

A whole month has passed since Ragnar transmigrated to this newborn plane, which he decided to call as The Goblin Plane, for it still does not have any official name, maybe because the culture of the sapient races have not been developed to a sufficient level.

During this month, Ragnar learned to perfectly use his Goblin body. He also learned to speak the Goblin Language, and to travel in the Nandini Forest. Ragnar finally finished his transition from a Newborn Goblin to an Adult Goblin. All his attributes were now at the peak level for an Adult Goblin.

"Cortana, show me my status."

[*Beep* As you wish, displaying host's status.]

[Name: Ragnar

Race: Goblin(Adult)


Strength : 4

Agility : 8

Physique : 3

Soul : 4

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Goblin Warrior

HP: 30/30 Experience: 9/10

Status: Healthy

Skills: Common Language, Close Combat(low)

Personal Abilities: Stealth Stab ]

Stealth Stab was a backstabbing skill that all Goblins used while hunting. His Strength had increased by 1, due to his hunting activities with other goblins. His agility has increased by 2, Ragnar believes Goblins have racial advantages as Goblins in this attribute, as all Goblins are very agile and stealthy. His Physique and Soul both increased by 1. These were the average attributes for an adult Goblin.

If Ragnar did not evolve to a higher class of Goblins, his attributes will remain same. As the Goblin Civilization is not advanced enough to have cultivation manuals or helpful things of that sort. Otherwise, they would not have been one of the weakest races on this plane.

The easy path that Ragnar imagined of increasing his attributes through constant meditation, reading spell books and notebooks, and hearing of the experiences from other veteran Goblins was now beyond his reach. Because, in this gloomy and cruel Goblin Plane, strength was the only true way, and his only path to power was through primitive advancement i.e. Evolution.

Ragnar also had an idea on how to accomplish this so called 'evolution' of Goblins. In the various hunts, he took part in with Goblins, he killed many creatures, mostly rabbits as prey and every time he killed one, his 'Experience' attribute increased by 1. He was very sure that he would go through an evolution when he reaches 10/10 in this attribute.

But, he had been avoiding his evolution during the past month, as he found out that one of the reasons Goblins are this weak is that whenever a new HobGoblin appears in a tribe, the current and new HobGoblin have a fight to their deaths in order to decide the new leader of the tribe.

Ragnar believed that this practice killed many strong Goblin Warriors through internal fighting. He wanted to change this practice of inheritance of the position of Jarl Borg [means tribe leader in native goblin language] but as he was now, he was too weak to do it. Ragnar clenched his fists and decided to firmly keep moving forward on his path to indisputable power.

For that reason, he couldn't continue to avoid his evolution and becoming stronger. He believed that he had waited long enough. He was now a part of one of the Hunting Parties of the tribe, in their small tribe of 100 Goblins, there were about 70 Adult Goblins, and 30 female Goblins.

10 Goblins together formed one Hunting Party, there were 7 Hunting Parties of the tribe, one led by the Jarl Borg himself. Female Goblins took care of the village, and the Adult Goblins went out to hunt. Female Goblins breed every 3 months, and give the tribe about 30 Newborns, about 20 of which survive and make it to become an Adult Goblin. Due to the high death rate of the Hunting Parties, the numbers of the tribe always stay balanced.

Ragnar wanted to evolve in the next hunt, and subjugate his fellow Goblin tribesmen in his hunting party and then challenge the Jarl Borg. Ragnar found out during this long month, that there were numerous Goblin Tribes in The Nandini Forest.

But the five main ones to look out for were the Varangians, Geats, Gutes, Jutes, and Danes. Varangians were a horde of 100,000 Goblins lead by a Goblin Duke called Mogsha, while the rest of the four tribes of 10,000 goblins each were led by Goblin Nobels. The Goblin tribe leaders were called Jarl Borg and the only way to be the next Jarl Borg of a tribe was to kill the previous one.

Ragnar suddenly started to look forward to the next hunt.