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After a long wait of a whole week, the AI Chip finally completed its first self-test. During this week, Ragnar finally came to terms with his transmigration. He accepted his reality as a small, weak newborn goblin. He did a lot while waiting for the initiation of his AI Chip. He took part in hunts with his fellow tribe Goblins, and learnt from Goblin Elders about the basics of common Goblin language.

From The Wise One, the oldest goblin of his small tribe of 100 goblins, he found out that he was located in Nandini Forest. This world or "plane" as the Goblins call it, only had one super-continent, something like Pangaea during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras of the Earth. Its total area was about 600,000,000 sq km, just about 1/6th times bigger than the supercontinent Pangaea and Nandini Forest was located somewhere around the outerlayers of Northern Hemisphere.

The Wise One told him that all of this common knowledge, was gathered by our sly Goblin Ancestors, as we goblins breed fast and have the biggest population in this world. Goblin breeding period is of 3months, and we mature from a newborn to an adult in a month. Hence, Goblins are everywhere in this world, but they are still the weakest race.

Hunted day after day, trampled, and crushed, Goblins live with no other choice than to die fighting against terrible odds. Just because the strongest Goblin on this plane has only been a Grade 2 creature.

Goblins have the following ranks according to the The Wise One, Goblin < HobGoblin < Goblin Nobel < Goblin Duke, and even a Goblin Duke is not comparable to a Grade1 creature. After Goblin Duke, there are Lord-class Goblins, they form the Goblin ruling structure and lead various Goblin Kingdoms in this plane. There is only one Grade2 Goblin, and The Wise One does not know much about him as he lives in the center of the supercontinent, but all Goblins worship him.

In this world of survival of the fittest, might is right. Goblins, as one of the weakest race, worship power, and wait for an apex Grade 4 existence to emerge from its population to rule this plane.

There are other races in this world; Orcs, Dragonborn, Rodents, Beastmen, Kobolds and Trolls.

Orcs have a 3rd Grade creature Orc King leading them, and they are one of the strongest races in this plane. As their men, women and newborn are all good powerful warriors. They are a warrior race, and one of the deadliest predators in this world.

Dragonborn are mighty, and have a 4th Grade Crimson Dragonborn at their helm. Their population is the smallest, but they are the most powerful race, as even a newborn Dragonborn starts off as a Grade1 creature. The only thing limiting them from being the Overlords of this plane is their population.

Beastmen and Trolls have a Grade3 creature as well.

Rodents and Kobolds are just like Goblins with their strongest creatures being Grade2.

Dragonborn rule the South, Orc rule the West and Trolls and Beastmen fight for the East.

The Center and Northern hemisphere of the continent are in constant war.

Surprisingly, there are no humans on this plane, or atleast the Goblins of the outerlayers of the Northern Hemisphere have not come across them. The Nandini Forest is situated in the outerlayers of the North, this Forest contains of a few Orc Tribes, Trolls and Goblins.

Ragnar looks up at the sky, and thinks about his current situation.

"Cortana, status."

[*Beep* As you wish, displaying host's status.]

Soon, all of Ragnar's basic attributes were projected into his mind.

[Name: Ragnar

Race: Goblin(Newborn)


Strength : 3

Agility : 6

Physique : 2

Soul : 3

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Goblin Warrior(Newborn)

HP: 20/20 Experience: 2/10

Status: Healthy

Skills: Common Language

Personal Abilities: -- ]

In this world, every creature possessed some basic body attributes at birth. After years of research and classification, which had been done by generations upon generations of old Goblins of the various tribes, they had finally categorized these into four different attributes: Strength, Physique, Agility, and Soul. As one could guess, all creatures were differentiated based on these four basic attributes.

Strength was primarily used to quantify a creature's musculature and body strength. This attribute was very important for close combat focused Orcs, Dragonborn and Beastmen. The strength attribute would affect one's base damage when using close combat weapons, and it also affected one's melee accuracy.

For an ordinary creature of this newborn plane, having 1-2 Strength was quite normal. An adult with more than 3 strength would be considered to be quite strong.

Agility was used to quantify body synchronization, flexibility, reflexes, and balance. It was extremely vital for those warrior creatures who possessed small frames in comparison to Orcs, Dragonborn and Trolls. That meant Goblins, Kobolds, Rodents were more agility focused creatures.

Physique represented a person's health and endurance. Any increase in physique would improve a person's Fortitude and Concentration. Therefore, it is very important for all creatures in this newborn plane. Fortitude, also known as the ability to resist poison or disease. Concentration. This is a very important skill for spellcasters like Goblin/Orc/Dragonborn shamans.

Trolls had the best physique in this plane, even their newborns started off with a 5 in this attribute. The minimum physique for any creature is 1. If a Goblin's physique dropped below 1, they would die.

Soul determined a creatures's learning and inferring ability. This attribute was especially important for Shamans because it decided the number of spells a Shaman could cast. It also made it easier for them to cast spells, as well as increased the power of their spells.

Most animals/monsters had a Soul of 1 or 2, while creatures similar to goblins would have at least a 3. If an ordinary goblin wanted to become an shaman they would need to have a Spirit of 10, at minimum to be qualified as even a low grade shaman, with power comparable to a Magic Acolyte.

After analyzing the effects of these attributes to Goblins, Ragnar decided the most important attribute for himself currently was Strength. As a part of the weak Goblin race, he wanted to first dominate the Nandini Forest by his strength.