Wuxiaworld > Goblin Plane > 2 Awakening

In a dark, oppressive cave filled with a thick, wet fog.

With a gloomy atmosphere, so much so that it would make anyone walking through this area feel a constant chill on their skin.


Ragnar's brows knitted into a tight frown. He couldn't control himself and clenched his fists. He wanted to scream out in anger, because of his severe headache. After a long time, he finally managed to suppress the urge.

This world was no longer the Earth that he was familiar with, and the body he was now inhabiting was not his original body either. He tried to move his body, but he couldn't.

But then he heard… something. Some kind of noise from somewhere nearby.


That noise gradually drew nearer until it stopped before him. Then he felt something hit him. Something soft and tender with a disgusting smell… Meat. It was meat!

Delirious from the hunger, Ragnar did not notice that he stood up. Greedily, he put the meat into his mouth and sunk his teeth into it.


'Hahahaha! It's delicious!'

He didn't know what kind of meat this was, but it was delicious! More than anything he had ever tasted!


He laughed and before he knew it, he had eaten it all. But, he was not satisfied. There was a craving within him, unsatisfied, which grew fiercer within as he lusted for more.

Then all of a sudden, something grabbed at him. It took him from the back of his neck, and lifted him up. As he looked up, he was shocked and found out that it was some creature's giant hand holding him up. Not long after, he felt the wind caress him, and light filled his sight like fire, scorching his eyes in its brightness. He had to close his eyes, it was simply too bright.

'If I let them get used to it first, I should be able to open them though.'

When he finally opened his eyes, what greeted him was a great, thick forest, followed by the realization that his field of vision was shaking. As he wondered who it was that was treating him so roughly, he turned his head. But what he saw, shook him to the core. What had been dangling him around like a club was something that he could not have thought to be anything but a joke.

A creature with a wide, green frame.

A hideous visage, dangerous eyes.

This wasn't human. Words instantly came to his mind.


As Ragnar was thinking that to himself, that goblin turned and looked at him with a face that could only be described as repugnant.

'I'm going to die.'

The goblin spoke.

"Food. Catch. No good, then die."

After the goblin told him that, it turned its back on him and walked away.

Ragnar looked up the night sky, and it was as if lightning had struck him.

Up in the sky was the bright full moon. Yet it hung there brighter and bigger than he last remembered, and with another one just like it beside.

He had read about this a lot – in light novels. He had transmigrated into another world, as a goblin at that, it was like a start to a great light novel.

In those sort of stories, people were transported from their world to another world, where they were granted special powers. Those people became heroes and they subjugated the demon king. Yes, those cliche stories. But, Ragnar had always been an ambitious scientist and what he felt right now was happiness, intense happiness. He was born for this, he wanted to conquer this world and leave his mark on it.

'Will I get superpowers as well?"

Ragnar started having stupid thoughts after ambitious ones, however, in the next moment, a familiar beeping sound suddenly resounded in his brain.

[*Beep* Biological energy has reached the required amount. AI Chip, serial number RN9215434 has started its initiation.]

Ragnar let out a cry of surprise.

'Yes, AI CHIP!'

After the chip finished adjusting to its new state, a graceful yet emotionless female voice of his AI Cortana resounded in Ragnar's brain.

[*Beep* Host detected, establishing database. Please wait!]

Eh? It could still identify his new body? That was unexpected.