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Anneliese City, the capital of the Goblin Union, was the largest trade and port city on the plane.

This city had the most advanced science institutes on the whole plane, earning the city the moniker: The City of Knowledge.

This was also the most populated city on the whole plane; it had a population which numbered almost forty million goblin residents.

Over here, businesses flourished and goblin business tycoons yearned to set up their company headquarters. The amount of money circulating in the daily economy of the city usually amounted to billions. Countless goblin businessmen, technicians, engineers, scientists, peddlers as well as the common goblin folks came to the capital, each with their own dreams and aspirations.

On the Gitranet, keyboard warriors often argued about how this city was the culmination of all goblin technology, a land rich with wealth and prosperity.

The largest waterway on the plane, the Ganga river, silently nourished the Bihar Plains and entered the seas from the south part of the city, giving rise to a bay rich with resources to mine and harvest!

The vast and rich Bihar Plains, thanks to the abundant sunlight and goblin fertilizers, produced bountiful harvests, becoming the Union's grain storing warehouse and allowing the city to grow bigger and bigger as the years passed by.

200 years ago, during the the Plane War, the goblins were the weakest race! They had no kingdom or empire to speak of.

The Dragonborn Empire, Orc Kingdom and Human Kingdom were in a three way war for the hegemony of the plane.

The three major races were each led by their race's strongest champions, all Grade 3 ancient monsters who had lived for at the least a couple hundred years!

190 years ago, the strongest champion of the goblin race and the only Grade 1 creature, Goblin Lord Maugus, suddenly announced a reform that led to the relinquishing of the hereditary tribal system of the goblins and the adoption of the union system. Tribal Jarl's power was abolished, the path of killing to evolve further into HobGoblin and Goblin Noble and so on was given up.

This decision greatly startled the other three races on the plane!

Greatly advocating knowledge and trading as a means to develop the nation, Goblin Lord Maugus rallied millions of goblins and hundreds of newly formed merchant guilds under one banner, forming the Goblin Union and began to trade with various other races.

Goblin Lord Maugus' policies revolved around a four-pillar formula: promoting universal education, goblin capital, building physical infrastructure and ensuring good governance. This helped to foster economic development, innovation and growth in the Goblin Union.

Soon, goblins developed fertilizers for their farmlands, better building materials like steel and cement for their cities and they also developed the most basic guns and cannons for battle. These metal tubes projected flames and shrapnel at their targets.

This was later recorded in history as the Maugus Union Effect.

The newly-founded Goblin Union embraced freedom and openness, causing hordes of gold loving greedy goblins to flock over as well as inciting jealousy from all the other races.

The Dragon Empire, the only great empire of the plane, declared war against Goblin Union and proceeded to invade the Bihar Plains, starting a war that lasted more than a hundred years and gradually involved all the other races of the plane.

The Goblin Union never yielded. Rallying millions of goblins and using their sly and cunning nature, they met the invasions of the other races with similar appalling force.

War was a process of learning from each other! Goblins displayed their innate skill for technology in the Plane War by reverse engineering and absorbing all of the technology from different races. Even using the other race's concepts in their new inventions, gradually developing better guns, bombs, steel gobcars, steel ships, airplanes and other warfare methods.

For more than a hundred years, blood stained across the whole plane.

Countless races were destroyed and annihilated while invading the Goblin Union. However, the bright green flag of the Goblin Union stood proud and tall.

Over the countless years of war, the goblin technology grew stronger and stronger. With millions of goblin soldiers equipped with guns and tanks, clever plots and weapons of mass destruction like gobculear bombs, the Goblin Union emerged on top of the Plane War!

They annihilated the Dragonborn, Orcs and Humans to become the rulers of the plane.

This was the story of the rise of the Goblin Union, the rulers of the Goblin Plane!