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-1 Ranking System

The Universe is divided into a 9 Grade Power System.

The Goblin Plane in the start has Orcs as its mightiest predators.

Kobolds, Ratmen, Beastmen, Trolls, and Dragonborns are also the denizens of the Goblin Plane.

The strongest Goblin in this plane is a 2nd Grade Creature.

Goblins in the start of the novel will be terribly weak, only 5% of the Goblin race will have the potential to advance to a Grade1 creature.

Goblins undergo special rankups before becoming a Grade 1 Creature:

Goblin (Starting state of all Goblins)

HobGoblin(RankUp, Comparable to a low level Magic Acolyte.)

HobGoblin is qualified to lead a tribe of about 100 goblins.

Goblin Noble (RankUp, Comparable to a mid level Magic Acolyte.)

Goblin Noble is qualified to lead a tribe of about 10,000 goblins.

Goblin Duke(RankUp, Comparable to a high level Magic Acolyte.)

Goblin Duke is qualified to lead a tribe of 100,000 goblins.

Lord-class Goblin(Rankup, Comparable to an official Grade1 Magus.)

Lord Goblins evolve from a Goblin Duke. They are terrifying Grade1 Creatures, who can lead a whole Goblin Horde. They are qualified to start their own Goblin Kingdom.