Wuxiaworld > Goblin Plane > -2 Plane System

A multiverse has an infinite numbers of planes.

Planes can evolve if the creatures residing in it breakthrough its current Grade limit.

The Ranking for Planes are as follows:

1. Small Sized Planes.

Small Sized Planes contain Grade1 to Grade4 creatures.

They are incapable of Planar travel, have just been formed in the universe and are subject to attack of other planes due to various reasons, if found.

It's plane consciousness has not yet been formed, the plane's will acts for the benefit of the plane and it's creatures. Goblin Plane starts off as a Small Sized Plane.

2. Medium Sized Planes.

Medium Sized Planes contain atleast one Grade5 Creature.

They have begun Planar travel, and have started on their journey to subjugate other planes in order to evolve into a Large Sized Plane. Medium Sized Planes have a newborn's IQ level plane consciousness.

Orc Plane, Kobold Plane, Rodent Plane, and Beastmen Plane will be medium sized planes in the book you will come across.

3. Large Sized Planes.

Large Sized Planes contain atleast one Grade8 or above creature.

They have existed since ancient times and have mastered planar travel.

Any small or medium sized plane found by them will be easily conquered and subjugated and used as resources to help their plane evolve into a higher level existence.

Dragon Plane, Nature Plane, Undead Plane, and Magus Plane will be the few large sized planes that you will come across in my book.

Ranking System will follow Magus Planes ranking as reference to compare power levels,

as Humans of the Magus World are the strongest creatures of the Universe.