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Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love


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Meng Zichen lived with his grandfather from an early age. They ran a coffin shop. On that day, a wrinkled old lady came to their house in strange clothes and said some strange things. She also wanted to propose a marriage for him. Grandpa was in a bad mood when he found out. Then something strange happened that he had never seen before.
《Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love》 Volume 1
1 Eccentric Old Woman
2 Sleeps in The Coffin
3 Paper Man Helped Me Escape The Disaster
4 Dead?
5 The Woman in White
6 Deal
7 Ghost in the Mirror
8 The Strange Book
9 Do Odds And Ends
10 There Is Something Wrong With This Place
11 Don't Bleed Yourself
12 What did you say to him?
13 It Is a Miracle that You Survived.
14 I Ate I
15 Bald Old Dog
16 Half Kilo of Blood A Month
17 Cousin?
18 Are You Interested in Visiting the Backyard?
19 Come On, Give Me Some of Your Blood
20 What Did I Do?
21 Help
22 A Woman of High Position
23 Under The Eave
24 Dead Body
25 See Black Spikes Again
26 The Fallen Angel Bar
27 Drinking and Making Friends
28 Attacks
29 What's in the Body
30 Will I Be a Demon?
31 Leaving Today?
32 Meng's Villa
33 What Causes?
34 Father
35 Do you want to die here?
36 Do You Believe in Me?
37 Meng's Ancestral Temple
38 Home Lord
39 Blood Awakening
40 Bone Burial
41 Seven-color Stone Table
42 Anomalies
43 Third Ancestor
44 Give me some of your blood
45 Nine-Life Genie
46 You're Really Special.
47 Wanted Men
48 For My Mother
49 You've Crossed the Line
50 See Little Girl in Red Again
51 Call me Little Aun
52 News of Mother
53 Ghost Deed
54 What is this?
55 Going to the Demon Land
56 Identity of the three-legged bird
57 First Meeting of the Demon Clan
58 Attack!
59 Little Baby
60 Give me the Sain
61 What Findings?
62 They are not malicious
63 Compromised
64 Strong debu
65 Anyone Crossed the Line, Die!
66 Give me a reason not to kill you
67 The ace in the hole
68 Know who I am?
69 Old friend, don’t let me down.
70 Time to Go
71 Transfer to Leave
72 The key to the treasure
73 The Endless Ice Shee
74 Crisis on the Ice Shee
75 The strange power of the treasure entrance
76 Outbreak
77 Eight doors
78 Get into the door of death
79 Stunning Treasure
80 Blood Blue Feather
81 Nine Drawings
82 Gu Changsheng
83 Surrender
84 What is the situation?
85 Leave
86 Ambush
87 Kill him
88 Your blood is really problematic
89 Wandering souls
90 The Underworld officer
91 Went to the underworld
92 Frisk
93 Can hurt, can't die
94 Several slaps
95 My Butler
96 Guardian