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1705 Yun Luofeng Came 3

Grandfather Jun snorted, and suddenly released a powerful aura.

Yun Xiao looked at Grandfather Jun, quickly withdrew his gaze and said nothing.

"Demi-god level?"

Qin Luo's face changed a little. There was a person of demi-god level on this continent?

Grandfather Jun said coldly, "A few years ago, I broke through to the demi-god level, but because of some restrictions, I didn't dare to expose my real strength. Since I'm in God Burial Mountain, I can show you my strength!"

There were levels higher than sage-lord level...

One was the demi-god level, at which the person was like only one step away from the heavens. As long as he reached the heavens, he would be a like a god. Even so, on this continent where cultivation resources were scarce, Qin Luo didn't expect that someone would break through to the demi-god level...

"Old man, demi-god level is not a big deal. If I hadn't been trapped here and had my actual strength restricted, I would have killed you in a second!" Qin Luo soon calmed down. She lifted her chin with pride and looked down at Grandfather Jun with disdain.

Grandfather Jun chuckled, "Yes, demi-god level is not a big deal, but it's enough for me to deal with you!"

Qin Luo's face suddenly darkened. She was able to hold on so long under Yun Xiao's attack because he hadn't recovered from his injury. However, the old man, disease-free and painless, was not so easy to deal with.

Would she have to use that way? Qin Luo bit her lip tightly and pondered.

At that moment, a strong pressing power struck at her, which made Qin Luo's face change again. She turned her head hurriedly only to see Yun Xiao's cold eyes.

Although the old man is of demi-god level, there is eighty percent chance for me to escape from his hands. However, the Ghost Emperor is here. If he tries to stop me, then I'll only have a forty percent chance.

More importantly, I can't just let Yun Xiao go!

Qin Luo rolled her eyes and finally made up her mind. Then she lifted her head, her beautiful face cold.

"Fortunately, when the Qin Family locked me up, they gave me the means to save my life, with which I can temporarily improve my strength..."

As she said this, a fierce gale sprang up around her and her long black hair was fluttering in the wind.

Little Bug rubbed his eyes and stared in astonishment at Qin Luo whose strength was suddenly greatly improved. His voice was filled with shock.

"Master, come on, run! This woman is from that place..."

Yun Xiao made no move.

Looking confused, Grandfather Jun was completely at a loss. "What's going on here? Why has her power suddenly improved so much?"

Indeed, Qin Luo's current aura was scary and frightening, even Grandfather Jun felt cold all over.

Even though Yun Xiao didn't make any move, a hint of caution appeared in his black eyes.

"Ghost Emperor, you are my man!" Qin Luo laughed grimly, "I wanted to make you fall in love with me. Then we'll have a better time in bed. But now, it seems that I have to get you by force, haha!"

As a woman, she said something so shameless, but she seemed to feel nothing wrong at all. But...

As she said this, a wicked laugh suddenly came from the sky, "When did my husband become your man?"

In the sky, there stood a white-clad woman who was gorgeous and attractive. With a wicked smile on her face, she slowly landed in front of Yun Xiao.