Genius System
16 The next day
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Genius System
Author :Power
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16 The next day

'As I awaken the next day, I have realized that I have been acting nonsensically with my action. as if a have no real goal other then looking for the next day. maybe I should go out to reflect. I remember that there was a hill with a nice view that I found when I first arrived at this school.'

'After walking for a while it was just about to be 0600, as I look at the sun rising it feels as if the whole world stopped and it is in peace.'

???- "mesmerizing isn't it'

Hypnos-"indeed it is, your that old man that I met on my first day here arent you. your name was Odin correct?"

Odin-"yes it is, and hasn't anyone taught you manners you brat"

Hypnos-" anyways, so why are you here?"

Odin-"for someone with the Genius system you sure are not that bright"

Hypnos-"How.... how do you know that I have it"

Odin-"Hahaha, don't worry I'm not going to take it from you. It was a gift from the Creator, you probably came with theories on who I am and you are right I am Odin from the stories of your old world. I am a son of the creator and don't worry I stopped time briefly in this realm so we could have a little chat since it seems like you need it.

Hypnos-"hahaha, so it is the god of wisdom, poetry, death, divination, and magic. The conqueror of the nine realms known as the Allfather or the wanderer who was known in my old world for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, to even sacrifice one of his eyes and hang from Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights to gain knowledge of other worlds and be able to understand the runes. why would the great you want to talk to me for?

Odin-"Ha you just reminded me of my days of youth, the reason I wanted to talk to you is because that you reminded me of one of my sons, his name was Loki. He too felt like he like wasn't like everyone else and had greater aspirations but was lost in the way of life. even a prat like you are right now"

Hypnos- "hey I never said I felt like that and--"

Odin-"do you think you need to, have you already forgot what I am the God of and I'm not like the puny gods of this realm. I am the son of the Creator and have lived a long life, I have seen the creation and destruction of multiple realms and I may only have conquered nine realms but I only stopped once I realized the worthlessness of conquering all that junk, let me stop my old man ranting. But truly child you have grown stronger in your own standards. However, you have grown too fast and not have acquired the abilities or knowledge necessary worthy of your status. So under the permission of the Creator for your own good, you have 1 year to prepare yourself and send your goodbyes to the people of this realm before you are sent to prove yourself before you are sent to another realm to prove yourself of the genius system."

Hypnos-"thank you for granting me a year, do you mind if I enjoy this view for a couple more minutes"

Odin-" no problem just say continue and time will resume as normal, goodbye until one year.

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