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2246 Battle to the End 13

Luo Qingcheng took a deep breath and dispelled the fear in her heart.

However, Jun Wu Yao did not give her any chance and had already rushed up to her!

Luo Qingcheng was shocked. The speed of Jun Wu Yao was incredibly fast, moreover, this was after his strength had been sealed! It was no wonder that even her Master was so courteous with him!

After exchanging blows for short while, Luo Qingcheng actually felt strained. Her right hand had been injured by Jun Wu Xie, the wound was obviously not heavy but she did not know why she could not even muster a bit of strength in it. Dealing with Jun Wu Yao with just one hand was simply a nightmare!

The shock in Luo Qingcheng's heart was getting more and more intense, all she needed to do was to distance herself from Jun Wu Yao and avoid getting hurt by him. But she was already panting from such a simple feat.

This was Ye Jue, the person that was feared by everyone in the Upper Realm, he was so powerful but he would never belong to her!

"Ye Jue, you can't escape today. Did you really think that I would come forward to catch you so in such a naïve manner?" Suddenly, her lips hooked up into an insidious smile as she reached for a pouch beneath her waist pocket. The spirit energy in her hand soared and the pouch started to burn. The moment that pouch was burned, a copper ball appeared on her palm.

When Jun Wu Yao saw that copper ball in her hand, his expression immediately sank.

"Ha ha ha, Ye Jue, so what if you are so strong? Don't forget that you have a life and death worm in you! As long as it is not removed, you would never be my opponent". A glint of viciousness flashed by her eyes as she continuously imbued spirit energy into that copper ball. From within the copper ball, a humming sound was heard and it was at that same time that Jun Wu Yao's face suddenly turned pale.

Life and death worm.

The most famous venomous parasitic worm in the Upper Realm. Whoever had been dealt with this malicious method by having this parasitic worm in the bodies would have their strength greatly reduced and would be suppressed and controlled by this for a lifetime. This copper ball was the key to trigger this life and death worm!

Cold sweat started to drip down from the forehead of Jun Wu Yao and his movements stopped for a moment.

At this moment, it had dawned upon Jun Wu Xie - how did such a powerful man fall into the hands of the Upper Realm. Although she did not know what this life and death worm was, but seeing the change in Jun Wu Yao had made it very clear that that thing was extremely harmful to Jun Wu Yao.

After hearing the words of Luo Qingcheng from a distance, Ren Huang was so shocked that all his hair stood on ends. Luo Qingcheng's Master was the only person who could create such a hideous and monstrous thing. Creating it was extremely difficult and nefarious; it needed the fresh blood of countless people to create one. Those inflicted with the life and death worm had their strength greatly suppressed and their own consciousness eroded by the blood lust of the worm's insidious nature and would soon lose control of their own minds and have an uncontrollable thirst for blood.

Ren Huang could not believe that the Upper Realm had even resorted to use the life and death worm on Jun Wu Yao!

This was the perfect explanation for the drastic loss in Jun Wu Yao's strength!

Ren Huang had witnessed with his own eyes on how those who had the life and death worm in their bodies no longer had the semblance of a person. They could no longer be called human beings, they were like puppets and could not maintain the consciousness of a person. Under this malicious curse, their lives had been reduced to an existence that was neither like a person nor a ghost.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Ren Huang could not believe that Jun Wu Yao actually had a life and death worm in him. How much perseverance did he have to maintain his own consciousness? Not a single hint of madness could be seen!

That kind of suffering and torment was not what an ordinary person could endure. A torture that existed in the body all the time and could destroy the will power of anyone!