Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2761 Open rivalry 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2761 Open rivalry 3

Was this the new City Lord of Sea Spirit City?

Everyone had the same question in their minds.

With everyone's attention on Jun Wu Xie, she walked to the main seat. Whether it was intentional or unintentionally, the banquet seat arrangement was very ingenious. The main seat was surrounded by all the other seats, but it was placed in a more prominent position.

Suddenly, there was a flurry of congratulations from the guests.

Nangong Yan was observing Jun Wu Xie closely. That was the young man who created a chaotic war in the 72 cities. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe that the person who destroyed their Five City Coalition would be this young.

While Nangong Yan was sizing up Jun Wu Xie, Bai Zhu was also closely observing Jun Wu Xie under his own discretion. It just so happened that his gaze collided with Jun Wu Xie's, hence he immediately smiled and raised his wine cup politely.

However, at this time, Jun Wu Xie's gaze passed him and fleeted over the other City Lords.

That was the first time Bai Zhu had been ignored and he was surprised.

Sea Spirit City Lord was indeed interesting.

After Jun Wu Xie sat down, she kept quiet. She looked around at the City Lords expressions before she looked back down. She didn't have the intention to raise her glass or drink together, and didn't even wish to say anything. At this moment, the whole banquet was in silence.

Everyone was feeling intense and nervous. Although some of them had never participated in the previous Banquet of Heroes, they knew that Jun Wu Xie was the host. No matter what, they had to remain polite till the banquet started.

But …

They had been waiting for a long time. Jun Wu Xie's silence made them feel uneasy. They couldn't help but wonder if the new City Lord who had brought chaos to the 72 cities was prepared to do something shocking.

At this moment, they had thought too much. Jun Wu Xie had never hosted a Banquet of Heroes before... Jun Wu Yao despised all these people around her, while Qiao Chu and the others were used to being wild. Nobody had advised her on the duties of being the host and since this was a farce, all that she needed to do was to be a spectator and nothing else.

But her silence made everyone uneasy.

Especially the guilty Nangong Yan who had been staring at Jun Wu Xie's every move. After seeing Jun Wu Xie had no intention to speak that rendered the whole banquet in an awkward silence, he could only think how cold Jun Wu Xie's gaze towards him was.

Could it be …

Was Jun Wu Xie trying to scare him with her silence?

Obviously, Nangong Yan was not the only one who had this thought. The City Lords of Heaven Fiend City and Hidden Demon City were guessing the same. They looked at Nangong Yan involuntarily, hinting that he needed to resolve the misunderstanding between them and Jun Wu Xie..

Nangong Yan narrowed his eyes and took a couple of breaths to show his grievance that he had to please a young lad. If Bai Zhu had not been glaring over fiercely, he would not be so embarrassed. 

Suddenly, Nangong Yan stood up from his seat, holding a cup of wine in his hand, and stiffened as an ugly smile emerged on his tensed face.

"I heard that the City Lord of Sea Spirit City is young and promising. Now that I have seen it for myself today, its good reputation is well deserved. The Banquet of Heroes has not been held for a long time. Today, we have the grace of it being hosted by our young hero, Lord Yan!"

After hearing what Nangong Yan had said, Jun Wu Xie slowly raised her head. Her cold gaze was focused on Nangong Yan, unable to discern any emotions emanated.
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