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Garden of Love


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This story is about eight person who fall in love with a different event, different story behind their past and a very heart warming way of love they showing. There is only a bit of mature content. No NTR. Just a lovely story.

Alan/Andy -

He lost his memory due to his mission. Not knowing his identity, he decide to stay at the ‘Sun House’ with six other people ( A team of phys...
《Garden of Love》 Volume 1
1 The Beginning.
2 Returning 'Home'
3 Who Am I?
4 I Found You On The Sea
5 Heroes Type.
6 Smell Like Hospital.
7 Are You A Chef?
8 Treatment Bill.
9 Green & Blue Eyes
10 New Bro.
11 She Cry Again?
12 Her Trauma.
13 Aslan New Butler.
14 Following Her.
15 Use My Car.
16 Am I a Musician?
17 What Relationship?
18 Magic Hand.
19 7 Months Off.
20 Bad At Flirting.
21 Why Do I Feel I Know You?
22 Dr. Aslyn
23 Samuel Smith
24 Make Her Fall For You
25 Hazel..I Love You
26 Aslan, The King Of Narnia
27 Can I Be Your Real Son?
28 You Like Her?
29 Papa Sleep With Mommy!
30 Calm That Baby
31 I Need Someone By My Side
32 I’ll Save It For Later,
33 I’m Serious, Hazel.
34 If I Can Kiss You, I Would Kiss You Right Now.
35 We’re Going With The Private Je
36 Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?
37 I Am Not Like Someone In The Past.
38 I Like That Man Already.
39 How Is My Flirting Skill?
40 I Will Give You My Blessing
41 Surprised.
42 It's Taste Sweet.”
43 Too Perfect For My Daughter
44 Touch Her One More Time, I'll Kill You
45 Cooking
46 You Aim Too High Mr. Alan
47 The End Of Her Love Story
48 Dear Chase,
49 You’re The ‘Violet’??
50 I Assume You Take My Challenge Then, Miss Violet?
51 First Thing That Every Engineer Will Do
52 Those Roses.
53 Morning Effec
54 I Had No Chance At All
55 Andy?
56 Garden Of Love.
57 Is That Cat Is Yours?
58 Lee Pharma’s Presiden
59 Is He Perhaps Has Someone He Love?
60 I Meant It In Every Way
61 How Thick She Put Her Wall Around Her Heart?
62 He's My Special Someone.
63 His Ex-Girlfriend?
64 Kissing Scene.
65 Your Promise
66 I Don’t Love You
67 I’ll Handle It.
68 88 Bar.
69 I Volunteer.
70 You Were Meant For Me
71 Did You See Alan?
72 Mesmerizing Morning View.
73 Marry Me!
74 To Love And Cherish Until Death Do You Part?
75 Honeymoon Gateway.
76 I'm Yours.
77 We Can Have Sex If You Wan
78 He’s Been Charmed Again!
79 Silly Girl.
80 I’m Traveler.
81 I Choose You.
82 I Need Time To Be Alone
83 Let's Go Home
84 I Really Need To Train!
85 If You Dare Enough.
86 Stiff Like A Wood
87 Vincen
88 I’m Not A Forgiving Person
89 Did You Just Blow Up The House?
90 You Mess With The Wrong Family.
91 One of the Lu's
92 Stop Misleading Me!
93 Your Girlfriend Called
94 Please..Help Him
95 She's Part Of Our Big Family
96 It's Best If We Don't Know
97 Why Don’t You Open Your Heart To Me?
98 Times Do change People
99 Tough Luck, Bro.