Gambit of the Living Weapon
Characters Ar
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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Characters Ar

Hey guys, author of the book here! (pretend I'm waving my hand)

This is something that I thought it would be fun to do, a list with the description of all the characters and what they look like.

Recently I've started playing around with Krita and ended up making a couple of shameless fanarts of my cast, thus I'll be posting them here as I keep drawing them.

Also, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! This is not an official chapter nor is it necessary for you to read it. None of the auxiliary chapters are part of the actual novel, so feel free to skip this if you don't care about characters visual representation! This is just me sharing my fanarts of my cast.

Evlin - she's a tomboyish girl with short black hair that's always a mess due to the girl being completely uninterested in taking care of her appearance. Her eyes are green with a slight tone of blue and she's always wearing her wooden armor that consists of gauntlets, greaves, and her crossbow.

In her golden form, she has a giant pair of wings, a tail, her hands, and feet are replaced with claws and her teeth with fangs, on top of that, she is completely covered in golden fur.

In her terminal form, her hair turns silver and her usual golden wings get even bigger, also she's completely covered in a fire that keeps changing color.

Marcus - he is a young lad with silver hair and blue eyes. The silver hair was chosen to reinforce the idea of his metal abilities. His clothing usually consists of blue shirts and black pants.

Daren - Daren is a humanoid creature full of muscles but also bearing the features of a black lion. His eyes are red to showcase the color of cursed energy. His weapon of choice when he fights with Marceus is a pair of metal claws.

In his silver form, he loses a bit of muscle and starts looking less monster-ish and more human.

In his human form, he just looks like a skinny guy with brown hair and a look of dread on his face due to having being exposed to his boss's sense of humor.

Ellie - she has black messy hair, just like her aunt, but hers is much longer as her mother refused to let her cut it. Her clothing is usually a combination of pieces to help her fight with more freedom. Her weapons consist of mostly the stuff she can produce with her mirror magic such as diamond fists or metal armor. Her eyes are blue and sometimes they have a strong glow anytime she uses her future sight ability.

Drya - this demon girl has a skin that's completely green and her clothing is nothing but a collection of leafs. Her hair is shaped in a dread-locked style and her lower half are a bunch of vines that make her look like she is half-octopus. Her weapons are her vines that act as whips and her leaf-sword.

I'll be adding more characters as I keep drawing them. If there is any character you want to see, let me know!

Mia - she is a girl around the age of twelve that has long black hair tied up in ponytails to showcase her juvenile personality. She has a corrupted blessing that got infected by the cursed energy in her body which made it take the shape of a mouth that devours energy.

In her myriad form, she looks like an older woman dressed in a red bridal dress with small details of red diamonds and vines in certain sections.

Lilith - She is a swords-woman with long black hair that has a blessing that allows her to stare into the future which makes her eyes glow with a golden color. She wears a suit of armor designed by Evlin which vaguely borrows ideas from her own wooden armor at the start but eventually ended up becoming its own thing.

Ria - She is a young lady with long dazzling hair and chocolate skin that has the job of being a quick getaway for her allies. She has an ability that allows her to open scars in the middle of the air that works as portals for any location she has visited before. However, she can only use this power three times a day since it takes a lot out of her. When she uses her powers, her hands glow with a golden energy.

East - She is an adult woman who with long blond hair that floats slightly above the ground in a beautiful white dress. Her expression is that of someone who's looking at others knowing she is above them.

Ashley - She is a young woman with red bob hair that acts as Evlin's sister as well as the main strategist of the team. Her clothing is designed to be practical in case she needs to move a lot in the battlefield. She has no particular weapon since she relies more on the information she gathers in the heat of the moment to support her team. 

Leona - she is a fire mage that acts as the leader of the followers of the new East goddess. The members of her group all wear a white robe with red details that symbolize fire. She has a pair of staffs that have the shape of a dragon head on its tip. She has blond hair, chocolate skin, and amber eyes. 

Gustav - he is a telepath with short blond hair and blue eyes. I wanted him to be the most good-looking character in the team, like he could be the main character of another story, to emphasize how impactful it is that he is often regarded as the weakest member of the team.

Auren - He is a bald young man with a strong physique that carries a bag with him wherever he goes with all kinds of items that could come in hand in the middle of the journey. His blessing allows him to create golden floating energy shields and barriers to protect his teammates.

Xadi - He's a mage that always has a book of spells in hand and his trusted staff in another. This is a result of him deciding to distance himself from people and choose to focus more on the path of a mage since he feels people are not that important to him anymore. After Evlin struck his eye with a stone bullet he started to use an eyepatch due to the bullet having transformation magic in it and blinding his eye forever.

After he encountered Ellie, she placed his spirit on a fur frog toy with a tophat and bowtie.

Marceus - the first main character of the novel, he is a man around the age of twenty who always wears metal armor over his blue clothes. Just like his son he has long hair tied up by a ponytail and blue eyes, although his hair is black. He doesn't fight by himself often, but when he does, he tends to use his own hand that can become a blade.


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