Gambit of the Living Weapon
227 The Villain
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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227 The Villain

Part 1

When one loves another being more than it loves itself, one creates a god. It creates someone who is decided that deserves to be loved more than oneself, respected more than oneself, and showered with positive emotions.

When one hates another being more than it hates itself, one creates a demon. It creates someone who it feels deserves to be despised and mistreated and bathed with negative emotions.

When one loves another just as much as one loves himself, one creates a human. It doesn't place the person above itself, or below itself. It just treats that person the same way it would like to be treated.

These are the fundamentals that give origin to the three different beings that rule the world of the three types of energy.

Those who are extremely loved become gods, those who are extremely hated become demons, and those who stand in the middle, are just humans.

Many strive to become gods, and many fear becoming demons.

Many spend every day wishing that they will wake up one day and find out that the entire world loves them and wish for their success.

Many also fear to wake up one day and discover that the entire world has turned against them, and hopes for them to vanish from existence.

Very few actually accept the simple fate of simply being humans. Just accepting the fact that they can be loved, but not by everyone, as well that some will eventually come to hate them, and that nothing can be done about it.

One should always try to strive for change. Evolution is a natural part of life. But one should not just take that as a reason to simply try to reject who one is.

Being born who you are is not a crime.

One should try to change into becoming what it feels right for its path, not because it looks like the chosen path is always the best one.

A poor person might try to fight to become rich, but being rich is not always what's best for everyone. But if riches are what naturally awaits for you in your path, there is no evil in accepting it.

Among the many ones, there was one that simply never accepted what her fate was.

A small girl that tried to walk many paths, and never felt any of them was right for her.

She tried to walk the path of a daughter, except she hated her parents. She tried to be a sister, but her sister ended up leaving her. She tried to be a servant, but ended up overtaking her master instead.

Many other paths appeared. Warrior, hero, tool, weapon, murderer, survivor, fighter, but none fulfilled her with what she wanted.

She also tried to be a victim, but she was too hated for anyone to feel sorry for her, so instead, she just accepted her fate as a villain and embraced it with open arms.

Eventually, someone appeared in her path to offer a second chance, but this girl still acted like she already knew what was best for her, and rejected that help.

She wanted to be loved, and ended up being hated, she wanted to feel happy, and ended up feeling empty, she wanted to be human, and ended up anything but.

In the end, one wanted to obtain everything, and was left with nothing.

Part 2

"Sup..." Evlin waved her hand while staring at Mia waking up.

"Wha- What...? What happened...??" the ponytailed girl asked while standing up.

"Show's over Mia... Time to go home..." Evlin replied.

The girl looked around and realized that Evlin was back at her regular age of twenty-three. She also glanced around and realized that all of the spirits from the white void had left.

"Where... Where is everyone??" Mia questioned.

"I told you, everyone went home... there is only us left..."

"What!!? They are all gone?? North? Drya?? All were released??"

"Sure were..."

"I... I don't get it!! How!!??"

"What can I say? My niece is awesome!" Evlin boasted.

Mia just dropped on the white ground in complete disbelief.

"It's... It's over...?"

"It's over. You lost. All your souls, all your powers, they are all gone now..." Evlin explained.

"It's over... It's finally, finally over!!!" Mia laughed while rolling on the ground.

"You seem to be taking it pretty well..." Evlin noticed.

"Ha! Hahahahaha!! This is what I wanted all along!! Now I can finally be with you and we can start a new story from scratch where I-"

"I'm not taking you with me, Mia..." Evlin interrupted.

The girl just stared at her in disbelief, "Wha- what...?"

"I'm not taking you with me..." Evlin repeated.

"But... But... But... Knucker told me..."

"I'm not Knucker... And whoever he is, he doesn't get to decide how things end..."

"But... But... You told me you would stay by my side!!" Mia commented with a trembling voice.

"Yes... I did..." Evlin replied before glaring at her, "and then you tried to lock me in the dark void and abandoned me there..."

"But... But... I thought you didn't abandon people that needed help!!"


"This... This isn't fair!! You gave a second chance to everyone!! Marcus! East! Leona! Even freaking Xadi!!! They all tried to kill you and now they all are on your side!! I want to be on your side too!! Why am I the only one who has to stay!!??"

Evlin just sighted, "Marcus had to fight against everything he believes... East was forced to live in my world without any of her god powers... Leona had to protect my school from an attack that YOU started... and Xadi is a goddamn stuffed frog..."

Mia just stared at her.

"They all are on my side now... But they all had to pay a price... They all had to prove themselves... They all changed who they were after reaching their lowest points..."

Mia started to cry.

"What exactly did you pay, Mia?"

"I- I- I-"

"People died... People died in a war that you started... My friend lost her sight, my NIECE lost her hand, my family was abducted... what did YOU lose Mia?"

"It's... It's not my fault!! My emotions were locked!!"

"And when you got them back, you just made things even worse..."

"It was North and Drya!! They convinced me!! They planted ideas in my head!!"

"And when I tried to give you my ideas, you just ignored me..."

"I tried to save you!! I returned into the black void to get you back and faced them!!"

"After Knucker told you to..." Evlin commented while keeping her glare, "you believed some weird guy that you never met before more than me after I offered to help you, despite everything you did..."

"But- But- He- He-"

"He offered you a future where you got your happy ending..." Evlin stated, "He offered you the easy way out... Where you didn't have to work for your own happiness... Where it was just handed over to you in a silver platter..."

"Evlin!! Please!!! I don't want to lose you too!!" Mia begged while lowering her head.

"These are not the words you say, Mia..."

"Wha- What?"

"You don't make your crimes about you... The crimes are never about the criminal... they are about the victims..."


"And ever since I met you... I never heard you say the words 'I'm sorry' come from your mouth..."


"You know why? Because in the end... You don't regret what you did... You regret that you have to pay for what you did... So if nothing bad ever happened to you, you would never have cared..."


"You never tried to change... You never tried to be better... You just became used to your own bubble and rejected the idea of ever leaving it and trying to actually grow... to actually evolve..."

"... Evlin... Please..."

"I meant what I said... You're not an adult... You're just a child... A child that never grew up, because she never felt the need to grow up... You are a coward Mia..."

The girl just kept sobbing all over the white floor.

"I'm sorry... But you don't deserve my compassion... It's not my duty to take care of someone who doesn't even try..."

Mia raised her head and looked at Evlin with an expression of absolute defeat.

"What's going to happen to me...??"

Evlin pondered about how to reply and released a small sigh.

"Do you know how god powers work?"


"God powers... East, North, South, West... They all have amazing powers that can pretty much bend reality... But they only work when others deposit their faith in them..."

Mia didn't understand what Evlin was saying.

"It seems my niece managed to mirror a god power herself... But, obviously, no one in their right mind would ever pray for a freaking nine-year-old, so her ability was pretty much non-existent..."

Mia started to process what she was hearing.

"Until now... That is..." Evlin finished.

"Until now...?" Mia repeated.

"Thanks to the war that you started, a lot of people started to see Ellie as a hero, and began to place their faith in her..." Evlin explained while raising her arm, "so I'm not going to take you with me... I'm taking her..."

"Her...?" Mia asked. She then turned her head around and realized that another person was starting to show up right next to them.

It was a girl with twin-ponytails, black hair, and wearing a purple shirt that covered her chocolate skin.

"What... What's going on...??" Mia asked.

"You're being reset, Mia..." Evlin explained.


Evlin saw the agony in her eyes and just shook her head in disappointment.

"Ellie managed to mirror Detra's ability to reset people... The same ability that turned Marceus into Marcus... And she used it on you... The one who was in charge of my body, walking around with it like a hijacked car..."

"No... No, no, no!!"

"You are finally getting your end, Mia... I hope you're happy..."

"No! No! No!!! This isn't what I wanted!! This isn't what I wanted!!" Mia cried while clinging onto Evlin's shirt.

"Sorry, Mia... It's too late for that..."

Evlin's body then began to vanish as well just like the rest of the released souls. Before leaving, she gave one last look at Mia, the first child that she failed to save.


Evlin's words echoed in the air as Mia was left alone with her replacement.

The two Mias were then left alone in the white void. One about to disapear, and one about to come into the world.

Mia wiped her tears, glared at the next her, and walked towards the girl while her body continued to slowly erase itself.

"Hey... You..."

"Ah!! Wha- What...?" the girl responded while shaking. It looked like she was afraid of Mia.

The more she stared at her, the more Mia was reminded of her locked emotions when they were imprisoned in the dark void.

Mia didn't know what else to do or how to react, so she just opened her arms and locked the girl in a strong hug while continuing to sob all over her.

The girl was just confused as to what was going on, to who Mia was, or to who the woman she was talking to was supposed to be, but everything stopped when Mia started to talk again.

"Please... promise me one thing..." Mia whispered while her body continued to vanish, "please don't become me..."

The girl that was known as Mia then ceased to exist, and soon after, a new child was brought into the world.


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