Gambit of the Living Weapon
222 Nightmare Queen Vs. Diamond Princess II
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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222 Nightmare Queen Vs. Diamond Princess II

While Leona continued to engage with the water hydra and Gustav kept using his blessing to free the possessed red mages with Marcus giving his aid in any way he could, two individuals were engaging in a separate battle and completely oblivious to the chaos nearby.

One was a young girl of the age of ten wearing silver armor on her legs and a pair of diamond gauntlets on her arms with long black hair and blue eyes.

Right now, she was desperately unleashing a barrage of blows in an attempt to take down her opponent.

"Come on, stick-niece!! Show me how much you've improved!!"

Her adversary was a woman who looked to be in her early twenties but was actually much older than that wearing a bridal red dress and easily dodging or blocking her attacks with little effort.

"Do not call me that!!" Ellie replied.

Her anger started to erupt the more she kept staring at Mia, which caused her to respond with a powerful punch to the ground that forced a storm of silver blades and diamond spears to emerge and try to stab her.

Mia just looked at that with a smirk and unleashed her own storm of diamonds and spikes using her dryad powers to intercept Ellie's move.

The collision caused a rain of blue and red diamonds to start falling from the sky but that did little to slow down their pacing.

Right now, Ellie was just using every chance she had to try and pounce on Mia, very similar to what happened during their first fight.

"You never learn, do you?" Mia commented while grabbing hold of Ellie's shirt during one of her leaps, proceeded to smack her against the ground.

"Gasshhh!!" Ellie cried.

"What was East doing while she prepared you for me? Where is the all-powerful warrior that will finally take me down??" Mia asked while pinning Ellie down with both hands on her shoulders.

Ellie just opened her mouth as wide as she could and used her beastly howl right on Mia's face.


"Ugh!!!" Mia grumbled as she received the full power of a griffin's ability at point-blank.

She released her hands to cover her ears, which gave Ellie the chance to cloak her entire body with metal, grab the woman's face, and headbutt her with all her strength.

"Ouch!!!" Mia cried while covering her forehead and walking backwards.

Ellie didn't stop. While Mia was distracted, the girl made a blade of silver metal with her arm and leaped to stab the woman in the stomach.

Mia saw that coming thought and used her own howl to stop her. Not just a howl, a magic howl which used raw green energy combined with the cry of a monster, an ability that Evlin invented that now belonged to Mia.

However, Ellie didn't panic. She simply raised her left hand and absorbed the power of the howl with her spell-breaker.

Mia gasped as Ellie kept approaching inside of the blast as if she was just sprinting until she got closer and stabbed the woman in the shoulder.

"Guaahhhh!!!" Mia yelled as she felt the blessed energy burning her new demon body.

The red bride glared at the girl and buried her hands in the ground to make a pair of giant diamond claws emerge and try to grab her.

Ellie used her future sight and looked for ways to avoid the attack. She assumed she would need to use her blessed metal to boost her speed and run away, but her vision showed something else.

She raised her palm and absorbed the magic energy from one of the red claws, and before she noticed, the diamond changed from red to blue and it was now under her command.

"Hey, Mia!! High-five!!" Ellie shouted as her diamond hand and Mia's red claw collided with each other.

Mia believed they would destroy each other but Ellie's hand was actually stronger and just demolished her claw with no struggle.

"What!!???" Mia screamed, shocked that she would lose in a battle of magic power.

Ellie's giant diamond hand kept moving and closed itself to form a fist that smacked Mia's body and sent her flying.

"Guaaaahhh!!!" the red lady cried as she kept rolling over the grass like a barrel of wine.

Ellie observed the situation and used this chance to catch her breath a little.

"I'm doing it..." she whispered, "I'm actually doing it!! I can do this... I can do this!!!"

She assumed that Mia would be extremely angry right now but to her surprise, the woman just started to release a disturbing sound of giggling.

" Hihi... Hihihi... Pffft... Hahahahhahahahaha!!!" Mia laughed while trying to hug her belly from how much her stomach was hurting.

Ellie just felt confused but still tried to keep her guard up.

"YES!!!" Mia continued with her hysteria, "YES! YES! YES!!!!!"

Ellie was starting to get nervous.

"I can feel pain!! It hurts!! It hurts so much!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can finally feel pain again!!!"

"Good for you..." Ellie commented while rushing towards her and forming a diamond fist to punch her.

Mia saw the girl coming and raised her middle and index finger which caused another diamond claw to appear from the ground and collide with Ellie. The girl reacted by using the hand as a stepping stone and jumped on it to create some distance between them.

"Down, girl!!" Mia ordered while standing up again, "let me enjoy my moment a little bit! I haven't felt pain in this body in ages!!"

Ellie glared at her, "this is NOT your body..."

"Oh... That's right..." Mia replied. She then used her power of re-creation to change her appearance to look just like Evlin.

"Ah!" Ellie gasped at the sight of her aunt.

"Come on, my sweetie!! Give aunt Evie a hug!!" Mia suggested while opening her arms and making several whips made of vines come out from her fingers.

The vines moved to try and grab Ellie but the girl quickly returned to her senses and slashed every single one of them after turning her left arm into a silver blade.

"Mocking me is one thing..." Ellie whispered, "but mocking my family, especially my aunt..."

"But sweetie!! Don't you know? I am your auntie!! We are now one and the same!" Mia commented.

The woman then used her re-creation again and covered her body with golden fur, created a pair of huge wings on her back, and replaced her hands and feet with claws.

"Now..." she continued while smiling widely and revealing all the fangs in her mouth, "who wants ice-cream??"

Mia started to fly towards Ellie in her hybrid human-griffin form with her claws ready to stab the girl.

Ellie widened her eyes after realizing how terrifying that image was and began to wonder how she woulder ever get that vision out of her head.

She then returned to focus on the battle and used her future sight once again to see her best option of dealing with the attack.

One of her visions actually showed her using this chance to stab Mia in her torso but just thinking about harming her aunt began to send shivers down her spine.

Mia used the girl's indecision to her advantage and successfully landed a hit on her arms by piercing them with her claws.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!" Ellie cried.

This time, Mia was the one who wouldn't stop attacking. She started to fly high towards the sky carrying the girl still stuck in her nails and started to descend while holding Ellie down to use a cushion.

"So what now, stick-niece!!?? How are you getting out of this one!!?? Come on!! Impress me!! Show me something cool!!" Mia yelled while smiling like a maniac with Evlin's face.

Ellie glared at her once again and shoved her palm on the woman's head, and using her spell-breaker, absorbed the re-creation magic, making Mia return to her regular form of a twelve-year-old.

"There!! Now that's a face I can hit!!" Ellie declared.

They were too far from the ground for Ellie to gather diamonds, so she covered her arm with metal instead and forced Mia to switch places with her.

Mia was about to be squashed by the impact but the girl used the power from the north god inside of her and created a portal underneath them and another one standing even further down below.

Once they passed it, the two changed from a falling position to flying sideways over the grass.

"What!!?" Ellie gasped.

Mia turned her arm into a blade made of leaf and stabbed the terrain to stop herself, leaving Ellie to continue moving alone by the momentum.

The mirror mage tried to copy her move and was about to stab the ground as well, but Mia was faster and grabbed Ellie after turning her arm into an enormous vine that latched onto her.

Mia just smiled, "this is going to hurt a lot!"

She then pulled her vines back at an incredible speed that just kept accelerating.

Ellie couldn't free herself since the strength of the vines was bigger than she expected and she couldn't use her metal blades properly due to her current position.

She did, however, came up with a new plan and started to whisper to herself, "I'm the weapon, I'm the weapon, I'm the weapon..."

She was about to come in contact with Mia who was just waiting for her with a diamond claw surrounded by green spikes, ready to empale the mage.

But once she arrived, Elli's body started to glow and turned itself into a metal sword.

Mia gasped at the sight of the blade being pulled by her own vine at such a high-speed aimed at her face and in a panic ended up releasing Ellie to move away from her trajectory.

After Ellie passed by Mia, she returned to her regular form, changed her left arm into a metal crossbow, and shot Mia with a blue diamond that contained a silver arrow inside of it.

Mia wasn't fast enough to move out of the way and got her leg pierced by Ellie's attack.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" she screamed in huge pain.

The girl stared at her bleeding leg and glared at Ellie.

The mirror mage was feeling really proud of herself while Mia just looked like she was trying hard to hold her anger.

She didn't expect Ellie to be able to fight back so well. This kid was proving to be a rather greater challange than she expected.

"Ugh!!! It really hurts... Ugh! It hurts way more than I expected..." she commented.

"It does, doesn't it?" Ellie replied while forming her fists of diamond again, "It's called being alive..."

Mia dropped her glare and began to laugh instead, "ah... So this is what being alive is like..."

Ellie noticed that something was happening and realized that a great amount of red energy was gathering around Mia's body.

"What's going on...?" she asked.

"This is what being alive is like... This is what being alive is like... This is what being alive is like..." Mia kept whispering while grinning.

Ellie began to give a few steps back.

"I see... I see, I see, I see... Doesn't matter if you can feel it or not... Being alive... It's nothing but SUFFERING!!!!" Mia shouted, making the red energy move in a wild pattern.

The two then looked at each other.

"Say... Kid..." Mia started, "did you know about this awesome thing that people do to increase the strength of their powers called chanting? I have one that I have been really wanting to try for a while now!!"

"Wha- What!??"

The red energy started to spiral around Mia and she began to release a couple of words while placing her palms on the grass and standing on all four like an animal.

"Where there is light...

The night shall fall..."


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