Gambit of the Living Weapon
210 Beggining of chaos
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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210 Beggining of chaos

Part 1

Mia continued to observe as a golden circular energy portal continued to open up in the middle of the air and extending itself towards the ground.

"Looks like the party is coming to you red hood... I'm going to take my sit, have fun!" Knucker commented as he removed himself from the battlefield and vanished before Mia even noticed.

The woman in red just kept watching as the image of the army of warriors reunited to take her down continued to reveal themselves through the portal. She could spot a group slightly larger than a hundred people, maybe even two-hundred.

Mages, warriors, knights, mercenaries, followers of the east, Mia was honestly impressed with what Detra managed to assemble just for her sake, but she wasn't worried. Even if it were a hundred against one, or even a thousand, Mia was a one-woman army. Her numbers could be as large as any opposing force she faced, if not more.

"Don't disappoint me now, East..." she whispered.

The portal finally finished opening up, and standing in front of the army was a small girl around the age of ten or eleven. Mia assumed it would be Evlin's niece leading the attack, but the girl was had chestnut skin, much like Mia herself, curly hair, wore a long white robe and was wielding half of the shield that Mia broke during her first fight with Ellie a week ago.

Mia just raised an eyebrow and continued to smile while the girl moved forward. She was trembling like a cellphone on vibration mode as she kept gazing at Mia's own special army. Both of their eyes met and the girl took a long deep breath before finally start talking from all the other side of the open field.

"Excuse me!!" the girl shouted while waving her hand, "I'm looking for Mia!! Are you Mia?"

The nightmare queen just released a small laugh and engaged in their little game, "Yes, that's me!" she said while grinning and making a 'V' sign with her hand.

"Cool!! I'm gonna blow you up now, ok?"

"...Wait, what?"

And as soon as she said that, the girl raised her arm that was carrying half of the mirror shield and began to gather a large amount of fire magic at a surprising speed and released it all over Mia. Once the magic reached her, it took the shape of an explosive spell and created a huge mushroom cloud as it ignited itself right on top of her.

Part 2

Ellie was observing all the way from the back of her army as Claire just released a massive explosion on the other side of the portal created by West right on top of Mia mere seconds after the fight even started.

The sound of the impact was so strong that she could see small decorations that were hanging on the temple beginning to shake from the air pressure.

Ellie just stared at Leona and Ashley with her mouth wide open looking like she had seen Santa Claus for the first time, "What the hell was that!!?? What did you guys do to Claire???"

Leona and Ashley just laughed with tired eyes as if they were almost as shocked as her.

"Let's just say... She gave her own unique spin on the art of fire magic..." Leona explained.

"Yeah... Her affinity was the best choice to make the initial move on this war..." Ashley added.

"Her affinity...?" Ellie repeated, "what exactly is her affinity?"

"Power..." Ashley bluntly put, "Claire has an easier time learning and mastering spells based around the idea of gathering energy and releasing it in large chunks... She's basically what you would call an explosion mage..."

"Whoa... I need to remember that in case I ever make her mad again..." Ellie whispered.

Lilith, who was still holding Ellie's hand, started to become curious, "Hey, what's going on? what happened?"

"Claire literally just dropped a bomb on Mia..." Ellie explained.

"Is she dead??" Lilith wondered.

All the ladies began to stare at the same time while the pile of smoke started to vanish and revealed a pair of giant hands made of red diamonds covering Mia and her army. The red woman was safe and sound and didn't have a single scratch on her.

"Negative..." Ashley replied, "She barely even moved..."

"Well... what now...? Should I go after her?" Ellie wondered.

"Don't even think about it!" Detra shouted as she joined the conversation, "you are not going after Mia until we give you the signal... Until then, stay put like a good girl and wait your turn!"

"What!!?? Why?? Am I not fighting too??"

"You are... But not yet..." Ashley commented, "We learned from what happened to you during your battle in the garden that just because you can refill your energy, doesn't mean your body won't get tired... Our goal right now is to force Mia to use as much of her power as possible... We need to weaken her enough to make your fight as easy as we can..."

"Wait... So this whole army..." Ellie gasped.

"They are here for you Ellie... Everyone gathered here... Their job is to help you in your fight... and your job is to not make their efforts go in vain!"

Ellie began to feel the pressure. She now had even more reason not to lose. She couldn't disappoint the efforts of everyone gathered here.

Claire raised her shield again and started to gather magic energy again to release another explosion, but it seemed like Mia didn't want to wait a second time and ordered a few of her monsters to charge after the girl.

"Aahh... Ahh... Guys!!?? A little help??" Claire cried as she noticed the creatures that looked like wolves of the size of a car coming to bite her neck off. She wanted to run but she couldn't stop her explosive spells once they started or it would ignite itself on top of her.

She closed her eyes once the hounds leaped with their jaws wide open but after a couple of seconds passed and nothing happened she decided to open then again.

In front of her were the two beasts chopped in half laying on the ground while a young man with silver hair tied up by a ponytail stood with his right arm raised while taking the shape of a blade.

Marcus had saved her so fast that his army could barely believe what they just saw.

The lad pointed his blade at Mia who just kept grinning while whistling at his victory over the two monsters.

"Looks like you still got it, darling..."

Marcus just glared at her and raised his arm to the sky. He then took a deep breath and began to shout with the full force of his lungs, "CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!"

"WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!" his men yelled as well as they entered the portal and started to move towards the other side in the middle of Avebury village.

They finally saw the full extent of Mia's army, as well as the entirety of her diamond construction. Around her red throne, there were the six demon stones on top of red towers surrounding the woman.

Each tower had one of her beasts standing on top, armed with a giant ballista made of diamonds. The bottom was surrounded by a wall with small holes where possessed mages could hide while shooting their spells. And standing strong right in the front, a massive humanoid demon with three arms on each side wearing diamond armor and weapons, his face hidden behind a red helmet which only revealed his lower jaw that would not stop drooling while he continued to yell "Human food!!!"

Marcus saw the monster and began to shout again, "Claire!! Forget about Mia!! Focus on the big guy!!"

"Understood!!" the girl replied. She finally finished casting her spell and unleashed her full power on the six-arms creature.

The demon gazed at the sky as he spotted the fire magic forming itself on top of him followed by taking the full blast head-on and being sent flying all the way across the field until he landed behind Mia's throne.

"Nice!!" Marcus yelled.

Claire was feeling rather proud of herself for taking down something bigger than her house, but not too long after that, the demon's hand appeared from behind Mia and palmed the ground to support itself as the beast started to rise once again.

They all looked as the colossal creature continued to cast a shadow over Mia as he towered her while the girl just observed the shock on everyone's faces.

"I think you made him mad..." she whispered.

"WRUUUUAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!" the demon screamed as he started to run over the field and knocking everything in its path and coming after Claire.

"Aaaahhh!!!" the girl yelled as she closed her eyes in fear but Marcus jumped forth and parried the demon with both his arms turned into silver blades.

"I'll handle him!!! Earth mages, protect Claire!!" Marcus ordered as he continued to keep the large man focused on him.

The rest of the army continued to move and started to fight the other demons and monsters nearby.

With the corner of his eye, Marcus saw Leona leading the fire mages on one side and the member of Ashley's guild charging after Mia on another.

"Claire!! Start another explosion!! Hurry!!!!" he told her.

Claire finally came back to her senses and stopped trembling as she noticed the earth mages were casting a defensive wall around her to keep the beasts away.

"Ah- Ah- Understood!!" she finally replied.

Marcus began to focus all his attention on the large demon as it seemed he would be much harder to take down than he expected.

"Human food!!!!" the giant cried.

"I am not food!!!" Marcus answered, "I am the living weapon!!! The world's ultimate sword!"

He saw the demon bringing down one of his arms on top of him armed with a huge diamond hammer and used his superior speed to dodge his attack, run over his arm, and slash a piece of his shoulder.

"Guaaaahhhh!!!" the demon screamed as he felt the pain of the blessed metal burning him.

Marcus landed on the ground and glared at him, "you better not forget that!!"

Amidst all the fighting, Knucker was just walking in the middle of the sky while circling the battle and taking pictures here and there.

He started to smile just like Mia and began to whisper to himself, "this will be good!"


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