Gambit of the Living Weapon
175 Turning you back on mother nature
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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175 Turning you back on mother nature

Lilith was using her future sight as she never used before.

The second she initiated her attack on Mia, the brat just rushed to her fallen teammate's side and stole his weapon. The girl was now coming at her with one sword in each hand and launching a barrage of attacks the likes of which Lilith never saw in her life.

The woman had never seen Mia in action before, but she had heard tales from how she tended to fight from her friends, Ria and Auren, who experienced facing off with Mia in the demon kingdom.

From what she heard, Mia was quite the relentless fighter, always striking as if there was no tomorrow with heavy attacks as if she was trying to kill everything in her path in one shot.

Luckily, thanks to Lilith's agility and ability to see the future, she was doing a good job of evading the ponytailed girl's slashes. But even with her power, all she could see were merely milliseconds of a time window to react to Mia's attacks.

The child moved so fast that if Lilith kept looking too much into the future, by the time she got back to the fight her head would have been sliced off already.

Her behavior right now could be resumed into looking at the future, dodge, looking at the future, dodge. She was finding no room to fight back.

"Dang it... This is harder than I imagined..." Lilith admitted while wiping a drop of sweat. She expected Mia to be fast, but this was not a level of speed she was used to dealing with.

Mia leaped to slice her in half but the woman managed to block the swords with her own blade, however, Mia's impact was stronger than she expected and Lilith ended up being pushed back.


At this moment, while she using all her power to parry Mia's attack, her back began to hurt once again. All the damage she accumulated in the last couple of days was coming back from her putting so much pressure on it.

Lilith tried to put more strength in her sword and managed to push Mia away. She was about to go for her pocket and grab a healing crystal to make the pain go away, but her future sight alerted her that this would be a bad idea.

She quickly moved out of the way the moment Mia tried to throw her own sword at Lilith in an attempt to stab her heart while she was distracted. If it wasn't for her future sight, Lilith would be dead right now.

"Tch! Everything you do just annoys the hell out of me..."

Mia stared blankly at Lilith, and much to her shock, the memory of Mia suddenly started to talk as well.

"I could say the same about you..."

Lilith became pale. She didn't expect the memory to start talking, but what was even stranger was that its voice wasn't of Mia, it was some kind of female voice that Lilith never heard before.

"You- You can talk???"

"You all keep coming here... One after another... Again and again... Why can't you all just leave me be...?"

Lilith didn't know what to say, "We all...? Wha- What are you talking about...?"

Mia's expression finally changed into that of a glare, "I'm talking about you people that keep invading me in order to get my core!"

Lilith widened her eyes, "Invading you...? ... ... The... The forest?? You're the forest???"

Mia raised her blade and rushed to try and slash Lilith again. The woman barely reacted in time but managed to block the girl's attack.

"You people keep trying to invade me... Trying to steal my core... I'm sick and tired of you interrupting my peace!!" Mia continued.

Little did Lilith know that right at this moment, the memory of Evlin, the memory of the wind mage, and the memory of Mia, all were speaking at the same time, making Ellie and Marcus just as shocked as she was.

The forest continued to use her memory warrior to vent her frustration on her invaders.

"Why?? Why must your kind continue to disturb me to no end?? How many must I slay before you decide to leave me alone??"

Mia's memory started her assault again forcing Lilith to desperately try to fend the barrage of attacks while still trying to make sense of the situation.

"Wa- Wait!! This is a misunderstanding!! We are not here to get your core!!"

"Lies!! I heard your leader speaking!! Your group wants to reach my inner circles and gain the power of my centerpiece in order to become stronger!!"

Mia increased the power of her swings and a massive blast of wind was released as she waved her blade, momentarily blinding Lilith and giving the girl a chance to slash her arm.


The woman managed to avoid losing her entire limb thanks to her skills, but she still wasn't able to completely avoid the damage.

"Our leader...?" Lilith asked while holding her arm.

"The one know as Detra!"

Lilith frowned at the mention of Detra being her leader. The idea angered her so much that she for a second considered letting the forest kill the former goddess.

"You got it wrong!! We just want to use the ring of time to improve our skills in order to face a great evil that approaches!"

"Do not try to fool me!! My soil can read your mind!! The woman!! She plans to steal my core in order to make the diamond girl more powerful!!"

Lilith froze for a moment once she heard that, "Wh- What?? What did you just say??"

"I said that your leader plans to use the girl's ability to absorb energy to swallow my core... She is going to kill me!!"

"East...? East was planning to do this all along??" Lilith mumbled. She now wanted to let the forest kill Detra even more.

"And before she gets to destroy me..." Mia's memory explained while assuming a battle stance, "I'm going to destroy ALL OF YOU!!!"

She then dashed at full speed at Lilith looking like a bullet. Lilith knew she would be in trouble if she took that attack at full force, and since one of her arms was no longer working, she realized she needed to escape.

Using her sight to predict the most favorable outcome, Lilith leaped out of the attack's trajectory and escaped her death. She then rushed to the second sword that Mia threw in an attempt to stab her, and using it to increase her speed, began to run as fast as she could to get away from the forest's wrath.

"You think you can escape me!!?? I am everywhere!! No place is safe from me!!" the forest declared.

The figure of Mia's memory began to dissolve, making her sword drop on the ground, and before Lilith could react, the girl reappeared once again right in front of her, followed by smacking the woman with an uppercut to the chin.

Both of her swords were dropped from the impact, and Mia leaped to grab the blades in midair. Lilith was now dropping from the sky while Mia gazed at her getting ready to strike the woman down in one swing.

But the second their eyes met, Lilith released a wide grin that confused the memory warrior.

"Made you look..." Lilith whispered.

Mia then turned around as she began to hear a sound coming from behind her and before she noticed, a pair of sneakers suddenly revealed themselves and stepped on Mia's face making the girl fall to the ground.

"Sorry!! Coming through!!" yelled a young female voice.

Lilith watched while landing on the ground as Ellie appeared out of nowhere from inside the woods and used Mia as a stepping stone to get away from her aunt's attack. Mia tried to get up but she was suddenly caught up in the middle of a blast from the crossbow mage herself.

"Hey, Lilith! How is your fight going?" Ellie asked as she stopped running for a second and watched Mia being blown away by the memory of Evlin.

"Much better now, thanks to you!" Lilith replied.

Everything went just as Lilith predicted. She knew her power wasn't enough to defeat the fake Mia, so using her ability of future sight, she managed to lure her opponent into a place where she would get caught in a crossfire from Ellie's battle.

The memory of Evlin noticed the mistake she made and began to help the memory of Mia to stand up. The two then turned their attention towards Ellie and Lilith, but while they were distracted, the two ladies used this chance to successfully escape.

"You can't run from me..." Mia whispered.

Evlin and Mia began to dissolve themselves and the forest started to search for her prey inside her area. Her consciousness was flying all around through the ground, the trees, the roots, looking everywhere for the two runaways.

While Ellie and Lilith kept running after reuniting with Detra, the forest started to recreate her warriors by making them appear from the ground after finally finding them. The group noticed the figures taking form and decided to stop running for a moment.

"Young miss!! Now!!!" Detra yelled.

Ellie spotted the figures slowly emerging their heads from below and using her power, she covered the entire ground with blue diamonds, completely imprisoning the memory warriors beneath it.

The entire area was covered with a floor made of azure shiny rocks. The three women observed the two memories trying to hit the diamonds with brute force in an attempt to escape but with no success.

"Did we do it...?" Ellie asked while gasping for air.

"I'm not sure..." Lilith replied, also having a hard time breathing.

Detra observed a little longer and spotted Mia raising her arms and revealing a pair of mouths on her palms.

"She's going to use spell breaker to break free!! We need to go now!!" Detra shouted.

Ellie and Lilith nodded in agreement and the three started to run away once again. Lilith then took this chance to approach Detra and whispered into her ear.

"You and I are going to have a serious talk later!"

"..." Detra did not say anything and just kept moving her legs.

As the three ladies kept gaining distance, the memories of Evlin and Mia continued to glare at their shrinking backs while still being stuck behind the diamonds.

"None of you will leave this place alive... Mark my words... " the two muttered in unison.


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