Gambit of the Living Weapon
159 Can you feel it?
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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159 Can you feel it?

A group of people in the middle of a grassy field located in Wiltshire were taking pictures of a very famous rocky formation that looked like a group of giant dominos organized in a circle.

The local authorities had set up a perimeter to avoid anyone from coming too close which was making the tourists that had traveled very far to take a closer look at Stonehenge really irritated, but there was little that they could do.

Among these tourists, a small girl with chestnut skin wearing a red robe was slowly marching towards the formation while pushing away anyone that appeared in front of her.

The security was keeping a close watch on her wondering if she was lost and where her parents were.

Once she reached the limit of the perimeter, one of the guards stepped in front of her to stop her progress, which made the girl glare at him.

"Sorry, young miss... This is as far as you are allowed to go!" the man stated while making a 'halt' sign with his hand.

The child, that had a black long hair tied up in twin ponytails just remained silent and grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt. The man tried to resist but the girl was much stronger than she looked.

"He- Hey!! What are you doing??"

The girl then opened her mouth and released a shout right in front of the man's face, so powerful that made his ears begin to bleed. Her incredibly loud cry echoed over the entire area and even managed to make the stone formation shake with it.

The officer fell on the ground while twitching from the pain and the girl turned around to look at the rest of the people present who were now staring at her with complete confusion and looking like they were about to run away in panic.

The girl raised her hand and pointed at them, proceeded by releasing a small whisper.


And not even a second later after she said that, several spirits started to come out of the ground and enter the bodies of all the tourists and security present. Men, women, children, they all started to run away to get as far away as they could from the ghostly figures, but none of them were fast enough to succeed.

Before long, every person had been taken over and was now under the control of the girl's command.

She opened a portal in the middle of the air and ordered them all to enter it, where inside, even more figures that had their bodies possessed by a spirit were standing there, awaiting her command.

Once the last person entered the portal, the girl returned to her original goal, and continued to approach the series of rocks that were standing in a circle.

After she finally reached it, she tried to touch them one by one as if in an attempt to feel what their material was made of.

As she continued to do so for a couple of minutes she began to hear a female voice speaking to her inside her mind.

[Did you really need to hurt that guy like that?]

"... No... But I wanted to know if it would make me feel anything..." the girl replied.

[Well... Did it?]

"... No..."

[So you tried to hurt him to see if it would make you feel better... But when you did... It didn't make you feel any better... I'm starting to see a couple of flaws in your logic...] the voice mentioned.

"What do you want, Evlin? I'm not in the mood to chat..."

[Really? So this whole thing where you keep adding people to your personal Fanclub using your little spirit friends isn't to have them add you on social media so you could talk about your feelings and send hate mail to your enemies? Man, I'm really out of touch with today's generation.]

"... Why are you still here?? Your soul should have vanished by now!!" the girl said with a monotone voice.

[Beats me... Maybe you just love the sound of my lovely voice?]

"No... I think it's because I'm using your body... It must take a little longer to make you disappear while you still have some kind of physical attachment to this world..."

[Mmmm... Maybe... Or maybe... You just like the sound of my lovely voice!]

"..." the girl decided to ignore Evlin as she realized nothing of value was being discussed and decided to continue her examination. She kept trying to see if she sensed something inside of the rocks, maybe a small presence of beings that had been locked in there many centuries ago.

As she kept trying to concentrate she suddenly started to hear the voice again, only this time, the voice wasn't talking to her, it was singing.

[Aaaall byyy myyyy seeeeelf... Don't wanna be... Aaaall byyyy myyy seeeeeeelf...]

The sudden noise caused the girl to lose her attention and interrupt her focus.

"What are you doing??"

[I'm bored... I'm singing to pass the time...] Evlin replied, bluntly.

"If you don't wanna stay here, then just go ahead and vanish already!!"

[But then you will be alone... What if you start crying because you are... Aaaaall byyy yoooourseeeeeelf...]

The girl tried to cover her ears by instinct to make the voice stop singing but she then realized that the sound was coming from her own head and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Mia then thought again and realized that there was something she could do after all.

She then took a sit against one of the rocks and started to focus. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and before she noticed, she was inside a white space with nothing to see no matter which direction you looked at.

Nothing except for a young woman who was laying on the ground with her legs crossed and using her arms as a pillow and singing very loudly with an obviously done on purpose bad tone.

The ponytailed girl marched towards the woman and glared at her.

"Oh hey, Mia! How's the rock-hugging game going? You winning?" Evlin asked while smiling at her.

"... You're trying to annoy me... It's not going to work," Mia stated.

"Who? Me? I'm just practicing my singing! You know... Now that I have sooooo much free time on my hands and all... I'm just trying out all the things I always wanted to do but never could."

Mia just looked at her for a couple of seconds and restated her early comment.

"Whatever it is that you're trying to do... It's not going to work..."

"Right, right... I forgot... You can't get annoyed because you don't have emotions... I'm sure that vein bulging on your forehead is just a birthmark."

Mia placed her hand on her head to confirm if there was really something there, but then she noticed that Evlin was giving a smirk to her, showing that she was just kidding.

"I have emotions... I just don't have any of the useless ones..." Mia corrected her.

"There are no useless emotions Mia... Everything that makes us who we are is there because it is necessary to be there."

Mia just looked at Evlin again trying to understand what she was talking about. She expected Evlin to be drowning in despair or throwing thousands of hateful curses at Mia for all the horrible things she did, but instead, she looked like a teenager enjoying a sunbath at the beach.

"By the way..." Evlin continued, "where is North and the green girl? I wanted to throw a tea party with the whole gang, maybe do a little catching up for old time's sake..."

"They are with the rest of the souls I absorbed..." Mia explained, "they only show up when I need to use their power... And why are you acting so goofy?? Do you even realize the situation you are in right now??"

"Sure I do! I'm keeping you company so you won't be afraid of the boogeyman while I wait for my niece to show up and curb stomp you! Now come here, let me hold your hand so you don't get lost while we cross the street!"

Mia then finally understood what Evlin was trying to do. She was treating her like a baby.

"You're mocking me because I look like a kid... Seriously!!?? You're doing this now?? Do you even know how much I can torture your niece once our fight arrives?"

"You don't look like a kid Mia, you ARE a kid..." Evlin corrected.

"I'm over two-hundred years old... I'm old enough to be your great grandmother, if not more..."

"Physical age has nothing to do with mental age... I saw your memories. You might have lived for a long time but you were never properly raised... You never had someone that really took care of you and helped you grow into a real adult."

"And what...?? You wanna try and be that person? Wanna be my new mother or something?"

Evlin then placed her finger on her lips while pondering about that idea, "Mmmm... Sure, why not... I always wanted to have kids anyway, and considering how bad I am on the dating department, I guess I could try going for the adoption route..."

Mia facepalmed herself and glared at Evlin again. She then tried to focus on making Evlin vanish completely and get her to join the rest of the souls she had imprisoned, but for some reason, Evlin would not leave.

"But if I were to become your mother we would have to do something about your attitude, little miss. You will never make friends at school if you keep glaring at everyone like this."

"Why... Won't... You...Shut uuuuuup!!!!???" Mia started to feel like she was losing her mind with every word that Evlin would spout.

"You want me to stay quiet?" Evlin sarcastically gasped.

"Yes!! I want you to stay quiet!! I'm trying to focus on finding the demons that where imprisoned in this place and your annoying voice keeps distracting me!!!" Mia shouted.

"But... How is that possible...?"


"You can't think my voice is annoying... After all... You can't get annoyed...You can't feel negative emotions... Right?" Evlin asked while grinning at her.

Mia widened her eyes and started to process what Evlin had just said. She then started to look at her own hands and before she noticed, she jumped out of the white void and returned to the grassy field of Stonehenge.

She tried to sense if something had changed, but the minute she left Evlin's side, her body was once again completely devoid of any anger or irritation towards Evlin.

Mia was at a loss of why she was so frustrated with her one second, and then suddenly felt completely empty again.

"What was that...?"


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