Gambit of the Living Weapon
154 Cursed life V
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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154 Cursed life V

Part 1

"What was that...?" Evlin asked as she fell on her knees trying to hold her own head.

For some reason, part of Mia's life just started to flash right before her eyes as if she was watching some kind of movie.

She tried to analyze her surroundings. The last thing she remembers was shooting Mia in the heart with a diamond bullet to stop the girl from killing her mother in the middle of an abandoned amusement park. But now she was finding herself in a completely different place surrounded by nothingness anywhere she looked.

"The white void...?? What am I doing in here???" she questioned trying to make sense of the situation.

"Yaaaayyy!!! New roommate!!!" a girl said after leaping on top of Evlin and hugging her neck.

"Ugh!! What the...??" Evlin turned around and spotted who it was, a young-looking girl covered in leaves, with dreadlocked hair made of vines and a skin completely drenched in green, "The dryad???"

"Excuse me!! I have a name, thank you very much!! It's Drya! Even you shouldn't forget about it so easily... Hmpf!" the dryad said as she crossed her arms and pouted.

"What is happening??" Evlin asked as she stared at the demon plant in confusion.

"The fight is over... Evlin, the human..." said a blond man appearing behind Evlin who had a wide smirk on his face.

"North?? Wait... What's going on??" Evlin questioned again, still feeling lost.

"The fight between you and my champion has come to an end... And now... The one true queen shall stand victorious... And just as I predicted, you lost... AND MY QUEEN WON!!"

"What? No!! I ended this!! I... I..." Evlin tried to spill the words that she didn't want to come out from her mouth, "I killed Mia..."

"Indeed!" North nodded in agreement.

"But wait... You just said..." Evlin questioned.

"Girl, try to think for a moment!" Drya said while pinching Evlin's cheek, "You just turned someone that rules over all the spirits into a spirit... Right after completely emptying all your magic power... What do you think is going to happen next?"

Evlin's eyes opened up more than ever before as she finally understood what situation she was in, "Oh, no..."

"Oh, yes!!" Drya said while hugging Evlin, "Welcome to the rest of your life!"

Evlin was about to punch the plant girl when she suddenly felt someone pulling her shirt from behind. She turned around and spotted a little girl that was about half her size with ponytails looking at her with blank eyes. She recognized the girl, she was someone who would usually hold a cheerful expression, but this time, her face had little to no emotion. Her eyes were half-open as if she was extremely bored.

"Mia...?" Evlin said.

"Guess you couldn't do it either huh?" the girl asked.

"Do it...?"

"Put an end to me... I searched for so long trying to find someone that could finally free me from this life... This never-ending prison..."

"What? What do you mean??"

"I really thought you would be able to do it... I thought if anyone could do it... It would be the girl from another world that did the impossible and managed to beat the demon leader with nothing but her crossbow... But in the end... You were just like the rest..."

Mia said as she stared at North and Drya.

"I asked them to try and end me as well... By I was the one who finished them up when all was said and done..."

Evlin just looked at Mia with disbelief, "You... You wanted to lose...? You wanted to die...?"

Mia kept her joyless expression while scratching her chin as she responded, "You need to be alive to die... I can barely consider myself alive right now... I don't feel anything... Ever!" Mia explained, "At first I just couldn't feel bad emotions... But eventually, I couldn't feel any emotion at all... And after that... I was just a moving body trying to operate based on memories..."


"I don't feel pain when I get stabbed... I don't feel hungry even if I don't eat... I don't feel tired even if I don't sleep... I might as well be a machine..."

Evlin looked at Mia for a moment, barely being able to recognize her with how different the girl in front of her right now was from the usual happy-go-lucky psycho that always treated everything as a game, and finally understood what she was trying to achieve.

Evlin could feel it after learning about Mia's past. The reason she was always so playful was because she was trying to not forget what it felt like to be happy, trying desperately to not forget how to feel.

"Why you didn't ask North to give your bad emotions back?"

"He can't... That was the deal we made... My end will only come should I fall in battle... A real battle, with no surrendering or anything... But do you know how hard it is to fall in battle when you have a body that feeds on human misery?? Every time I get punched, stabbed, shot, sliced... All it takes is a few seconds of being around any person on the face of the planet to just make any injury go away..."

"But why were you antagonizing me so much if you wanted me to win??"

"That wasn't me... That was them..." she said while pointing at North and Drya.

"What??" Evlin gasped as she turned towards them.

"North wouldn't let me face you if I wasn't going at it with all I had... And Drya kept talking about how the best way to do that was with tormenting your family..."

Evlin glared at the two. She wanted to grab her gauntlets and strangle them for all the anguish they caused, but right now, she was merely a projection of how she saw herself.

"But now it's over... In the end... Even you couldn't do it... Now there is nobody left in here to put an end to it..." Mia whispered.

Evlin returned her attention to her.

"Mia... What's going to happen now??"


Part 2

"Aunt Evie...?" Ellie asked as she looked at her aunt standing still in front of Mia's body.

Evlin's figure was looking somewhat cold and intimidating while holding the pose of someone about to shot a person with a crossbow for some reason, not helped by being engulfed from the shadows of the buildings around the park blocking the sun, making it look like Evlin was holding a gun.

"She... She did it!!! She stopped Mia!!!" Detra yelled as she hugged Lance with an immense sense of relief and on the verge of tears knowing that she didn't need to worry about the demons waking up anymore.

Evlin's mother was unconscious on the ground and Ellie's parents as well, almost as if they were robots that had been turned off out of nowhere.

Detra helped Ellie stand up and they approached Evlin. Xadi was jumping with joy on the side as he finally managed to get his revenge on Mia while dancing on her head, "Hahahahaha! Serves you right!!"

Ellie then noticed her aunt starting to talk all of sudden. She was speaking with a low voice so the girl decided to come closer to make it out what she was saying.

"It's over..." Evlin whispered with a cold voice as she lowered her crossbow, "In the end... Even you couldn't do it... Now there is nobody left to put an end to it..."

Evlin then dropped her crossbow on the ground and stepped on it, smashing the object into a million pieces. Ellie looked at her face and noticed that she was crying with a pair of empty eyes.

"Aunt Evie...?" Ellie asked in confusion at watching that scene.

Evlin approached Mia's body and grabbed Xadi who was still jumping on top of her to throw him in a garbage can, "Heeeey???"

Evlin paid him no mind and raised Mia from the ground while answering Ellie's question, "Sorry kid... There is no 'Evie' anymore..."

Ellie felt like her heart was about to stop. These were the same words she heard once before. Words from her dream, or rather, her nightmare. Right before she encountered...

"Right now... I'm a whole new being..." Evlin said as she removed a white crystal from Mia's pocket to replenish her energy.

She then healed the girl's wound with magic and using her power of recreation, fused herself with Mia's body.

A giant pillar of light appeared where they were standing as their bodies began to merge with one another. Evlin's magic energy started to combine with Mia's cursed energy and blessed energy.

As athe three forces tried to fight to take over Evlin's body, the woman simply used her ability to fuse the three powers into one single force, giving birth to terminal energy once again.

A huge explosion of light spread itself throughout the area. Three colors of light engulfing the entire park in the tones of red, green, and white, as if someone was throwing a Christmas party.

The ground began to shake, several red diamonds started to appear between the fissures on the terrain, and Detra, Xadi, and Ellie simply stood there observing a new being that was formed out of the outburst of energy as the specks of dust started to clear out.

Mia's body was gone. All that stood was a woman with Evlin's face but much longer hair wearing a red robe with eyes that were constantly shifting colors from red, to green, to white, a set of four wings behind her back, presumably Sphinx's wings, but with feathers made of fire that changed its color alongside her eyes, and around her, numerous pillars of diamonds drenched in a dark red tone. She was emitting so much power that it felt like someone could burn itself just by getting closer to her.

"No..." Ellie whispered as she contemplated the sight of her worst nightmare becoming a reality after trying so hard to stop it, "This can't be true!! Please tell me it isn't true!!!"

Evlin gazed at her own hands for a brief moment, opening and closing them over and over as if she was trying to grasp what they felt like.

"All that preparation for nothing..." the woman commented, "No demon could stop me, no champion could stop me, even North himself wasn't able to end me... And now the only person that had any chance to finally putting an end to my misery is gone as well..."

Detra gazed at Evlin and finally understanding why Ellie was so distressed.

"Guess I'm cursed to never be free from this prison after all... Oh, well..." Evlin said as she walked towards the knocked out mages in red robes and ordered them to stand up, "We are done here... Let's go..."

Every time she took a step, a small red diamond would show up on the ground as if it was trying to follow her. The three mages were finally up again and followed Evlin as she walked towards Detra.

The former goddess of the east was completely frozen and at a loss of what to do.

"Crossbow girl...?" she asked.

Evlin shook her head left and right in denial.

Detra closed her eyes and prayed that what she was about to ask wasn't true, "Mia...?"

Mia nodded in agreement.

"Oh no... No, no, no..." Detra said in repeat while covering her mouth.

"Unless you have anything else to say, I guess we are done here..." Mia said.

"BRING MY AUNT BACK!!!" Ellie screamed as she grabbed her mirror shield and rushed at Mia like a wild animal.

She aimed at the ground and used her magic to make several pillars of blue diamonds emerge to try and stab her, but Mia simply created her own diamonds that were colored in red and about three times the size of Ellie's diamonds, proceeded by making them clash against Ellie's attack.

Ellie tried to punch the woman with her mirror but Mia simply shielded herself with one of her gigantic fire wings and blocked her fist.

"Nothing could stop me before... Do you think anything can stop me now??" Mia mentioned.

She then raised her hand towards Ellie and released a massive blast of terminal energy.

The blast was so fast that Ellie barely had any time to react. She wasn't going to be fast enough to absorb it so she just tried to block it with her shield. The blast collided with her buckler and pushed her back like a missile.

The child went flying until it crashed against a broken pole and fell on the ground unconscious. Her shield was completely split into two halves and fell by her side.

Mia just looked at the hand that blasted Ellie.

"So much power... It's almost ridiculous..."

She tried to see if she was enjoying that new sensation of strength, but for some reason, she could no longer laugh. Mia tried to desperately raise the corners of her mouth to see if she could make a forced grin, but it was hopeless. With Evlin gone, Mia had almost nothing to look forward to.

The reason she could laugh, joke, smile, and just overall try to simulate the sensation of being happy, was because she always assumed that Evlin would be the one to finally free her. But now she was proven wrong, and needed to start all over again, try to look for someone else that could end her.

But she had become so powerful by this point, that she was starting to believe that such a being did not actually exist, and began to finally lose all hope.

Mia was now completely unable to smile.

Detra gave a few steps back. They had reached the worst possible scenario. Mia managed to take control over Evlin's body and obtained the strongest form of power in the world, a power that should only be granted to humanity once it reached the peak of its evolution. The power of terminal energy.

She was right now wthe most powerful mage on the planet.

Mia snapped her fingers and several spirits appeared from the ground surrounding her. The woman in red gazed upon them and sighted before giving her final command.

"It's time..."


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