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136 Negotiations with the worst negotiator

Part 1

The former goddess of the east was roaming the hallways of the hotel looking for Evlin and her friends.

"Hello...? Anyone there...?" She said while gently knocking at the door of the rooms they were supposed to be settled in.

She peeked inside each of them but found no signs of Evlin, Ellie, Lilith, Daren, or Marcus.

"Crossbow girl...? Lion boy...? Uuh... Dang it, what were the names of the rest of them...?"

She was taking a shower just a while ago and heard some kind of commotion outside. She got curious about what it could have been but at the same time, not curious enough to investigate.

Once she was done, everyone had completely disappeared, leaving her alone in the hotel.

"Did they went without me...? Guess I must really be hated..." she said, imagining that it wouldn't be that strange if she had been abandoned like this. She knew how much Daren and Lilith, as well as her former champion, Marcus, all disliked her.

She kept looking for a bit more, wondering if they had left some sort of note, but ended up founding nothing.

"I see... So be it then..." East said after finally giving up on finding them. She assumed that they probably just felt it would be better to go after Mia and the demons by themselves and leave her behind. After all, what could she possibly help with on this mission?

East had no power in this world. Even if she had access to blessed energy, nobody was praying for her so there was little she could do.

She returned to the room she and Evlin were sharing and decided to just wait while continuing to play with Ellie's phone while carrying a mug of coffee.

She always had a hard time interacting with technology, but after realizing the threat the return of the demons opposed, she decided to reorganize her priorities and give it a try. She felt she was getting good at it.

She started to wonder about how much work Evlin had ahead of her. Mia, the demons, her captured family, the danger of the people of this world getting access to magic, spirits showing up and attacking her... But then she thought to herself that Evlin was probably used to this kind of thing by this point.

"I'm sure they will be fine..." she said while pressing a red icon with a white triangle in the middle for this really interesting app that allowed you to watch videos of random things called tube-something.

She saw the image of a cartoon man with sunglasses in a suit in the middle of a room surrounded by horses and got curious about it, "What does this say...? Gnam... Style...?"

Part 2

Evlin, Ellie, and Lance were on the rooftop of a building looking very confused right now.

Behind them was a box of glass with metallic edges that had the ghost of a deceased mage inside of it. In front of them, there was a group of people wearing robes with red drawings that resembled lines of fire holding staffs made of wood staring directly at Evlin.

They were all waiting for her response to the sudden offer that their leader, Leona, had made.

"Uuh... Come again...?" Evlin said while rubbing her forehead.

Leona came closer and repeated her request, "I said that we are the followers of the new Goddess of the East! And she has requested for you to be her champion!"

"Uuh..." Evlin joined her hands right in front of her mouth while taking a deep breath as if trying to think of the best way to approach this.

"I'm... Kinda in the middle of something right now... Can this wait?" She asked.

"Please miss Evlin, the glory of being able to fight for the great deity of the east is an honor that many struggle to reach but few manage to acquire! And she has personally requested for you to fight for her!" Leona said with sparkles on her eyes.

"I see..."

Evlin didn't know who the heck this new east goddess was, but it seems like Leona was a big fan of hers.

Any other time, Evlin would probably try to start a proper conversation with these people and try to reach some kind of agreement while listening to what they had to say. But then she started to think about how her family was still being held hostage by Mia and decided that she simply didn't have time for this right now.

She decided to ignore these people and returned her attention to Xadi and his glass box.

"So, anyway... Where was I?" she said, completely disregarding Leona's request and looking at the imprisoned mage ghost. She began to carry his box one more time and started to shake it again, "WHERE IS MIA!!!!???"

"Ouch!! Stop! Stop!!" Xadi said while feeling the blessed box burning him every time it touched his figure.

"Uuh... Aunt Evie... What about them...?" Ellie said while gazing at the East followers who were starting to look rather angry with Evlin's rudeness.

"Just ignore them, Ellie... If you don't give them any attention they will go away eventually..." Evlin said, acting like the followers were some kind of internet trolls.

"Miss Evlin... I'm serious!" said Leona, "We have a duty with our goddess and we need you to-"

"NO!!!" Evlin said while dropping Xadi on the floor "I am NOT doing this right now!! I have my own problems to deal with!! I am not letting some god nonsense become another stupidity that I need to solve!"

Leona gazed at Evlin's face and noticed the blood going up to her head and making her face turn red.

"But... Miss Evlin! Our mission-" Leona tried to convince her.

"SHUT UP!!!" Evlin screamed. She accidentally released a bit of earth magic and made the whole building shake a little.

Leona shivered while the rest of the followers raised their staffs by reflex as if they were afraid Evlin would attack them.

"I said... That I am not doing this right now..." Evlin continued as she turned at Leona and glared at her.

"Aunt Evie...?" Ellie started to get worried.

"Shh!!" Xadi said to her while placing his transparent finger on his mouth "Don't interrupt, this will be good."

"I can deal with some pipsqueak with ponytails threatening me and my family..." Evlin started, "I can deal with random monsters dropping from the sky and trying to attack me... I can deal with magic suddenly starting to appear in my world out of nowhere... I can deal with a bunch of stupid demons that were locked by a stupid seal in here as a result of some stupid war between a stupid fire girl and her stupid friend with her stupid anger issues..."

"Uuh..." Leona was feeling a little lost.

"I can deal with this kind of nonsense... Because for one reason or another... It ended up becoming MY problem... It became MY nonsense..." Evlin said while pointing her two thumbs at herself.

She then pointed her index fingers at Leona and her group while making circular motions with her hands.

"THIS... Whatever it is... IT'S! NOT! MY! PROBLEM!!" Evlin continued, "So grab your friends, pack your stuff, and tell this new East goddess and any other moronic god that is considering the idea of bothering me when all I want is to mind my own business to just piss off!!"

Leona and the followers had their mouths wide open with Evlin's declaration. Ellie was just staring at her aunt and trying to think if she ever saw her this infuriated before. Xadi meanwhile looked like he was having the time of his life enjoying Evlin lose her cool.

"Listen, miss Evlin..." Leona said while trying to keep a calm tone despite feeling she was running out of options, "We have our orders to bring you with us by any means necessary! If you don't cooperate, we will have no choice but to use brute force!"

Evlin looked at Leona. She felt like her temper was a glass of water that had been slowly filling itself up more and more with each passing day, and that the appearance of these people in white robes was the last drop needed to make her go over the limit.

"Is that a threat...?" Evlin began to release healing magic to increase her physical strength while raising her wings. She also started to release earth magic again making the rooftop shake one more time. "Are you trying to get on my bad side right when I'm already having one of the worst weeks of my life...? Right after I manage to get access to all my magic power again?? Right when I'm just dying to get an excuse to punch someone's face to unleash all my anger???"

"Aunt Evie...?" Ellie started to take a few steps back as if her aunt was a bomb that was about to explode.

"We are aware that you are a powerful warrior, but even you can't defeat the order of the fire mages by yourself." Leona declared.

She then raised her staff and began to charge it with magic, followed by giving it the shape of fire.

The fire magic suddenly began to move away from the staff and started to surround her body like a cloak. The other mages followed her example and did the same. They were all surrounded by fire energy covering their bodies and emanating heat all over the roof.

"This is a fire spell that increases our physical strength and speed, as well as allowing us to melt anything we touch!" Leona said, "This is one of the strongest forms of fire magic passed down to our generation, taught directly under the guidance of our master-"

"Wait!!" Evlin shouted while raising her hand and interrupting Leona's speech.

"W- What...?" Leona said.

"Do you hear that?" Evlin whispered while placing her hand behind her ear.

"Hear what...?"

"It's the sound of me... Giving a damn..."

"..." Leona was confused and simply answered her, "I... Don't hear anything..."

Evlin then changed her gauntlets into her wooden crossbow and immediately shot all the white robe mages from the roof with a massive discharge of raw magic.

"Exactly..." she said.

The mages all tried to recompose themselves while being blasted away and managed to land on top of several buildings that were close by.

One of them landed close to Leona and asked what should be their next move.

"Miss Leona, how do we proceed?"

"Looks like she doesn't want to cooperate..." Leona glared at Evlin and made her resolve, "But we have a mission to finish... We are not leaving without her!" She turned around and looked at her teammates, "All our forces!! Attack the crossbow mage and take her down!!"