Gambit of the Living Weapon
102 Thank you for everything II
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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102 Thank you for everything II

Part 1

"M- Mother?? What are you doing here!!??"

Marcus was in a trance. The one person on the planet that scared him more than anyone, the woman who would always electrocute the kid whenever he dared to say "no" to her, one of the first faces he saw when he came to this world and that told him his role in life was to be a tool for her, his mother, was right in front of him and Evlin's group.

"Is this how you greet me after not seeing each other for so long?"

The goddess of the east was observing her champion with cold eyes. She seemed displeased with him, which only worked to increase the boy's uneasiness.


"You know the rules right Marcus? When a champion shows signs of trying to disobey his god, the god has permission to come to him and re-educate him!"

She approached the boy until her face was at the same height as him.

"And I believed you just said you were planning to abandon me?"

"I- I- I-"

"My child... Why do you keep disappointing me so much? Maybe I should reset you again? Perhaps I am fated to spend eternity making sure you behave properly?"

"Reset...? Mother... I..."

"He doesn't belong to you!"

"!!!??" x 2

East and Marcus turned around to see someone glaring at the blond woman and standing in front of the boy so she couldn't touch him. It was Daren.

"He said he wanted to be free from you! Respect his wish!!"

"You... The old partner of Marceus... Even after all this time, you keep getting in my way?"

"This time and every time! You didn't scare me two centuries ago and you don't scare me now!! I'll face you over and over again until you learn your lesson and stop playing with people's lives as if they were your personal toys!!"


East looked at Daren for a second and realized something was different about him.

"You're joking... Right?? You could barely touch me the last time we met and you were even using Marceus at full power. Right now you don't even have your silly curse anymore. All you have is a frail weak normal human body... What could you possibly do to stand against me with arms of the size of a stick?"

"I don't need power to stand against you!"


East raised her hand and started to charge a blast of blessed energy.

"But you need power to survive standing against me!"

East released her blessed energy at Daren in an attempt to repeat the same act from two-hundred years ago and turn him into a metal statue. But this time, the blast was repelled by a shield made of diamonds that sprung from the ground surrounded by three types of energy.


East turned her eyes and saw that Evlin had fused with Marcus, Sphinx, and her crossbow once again while Daren distracted her. She looked at Daren and noticed that he was smiling.

"Made you look!"


East tried to flee but Evlin used her superior speed to grab her and slammed her body against the ground.


"Now where did you think you were going...?"

"Aaaaaghhh!! You insolent human!!! Release me this instant!!!"

"I can't believe you were dumb enough to come here right after I obtained the power to pummel you into the ground... Let me guess... You assumed that after my fight with Chuck I would be so drained and tired that you could easily take me down with one hand behind your back?"

"Ugh!!! You little..."

"Well, big shock... I knew you would try that... That's why I pretended to not have any more power and undid my fusion. All so you could come to us right when Marcus announced that he was just as sick of you as we were. You're not just boring... You're also predictable..."


East tried to fight back but Evlin with her angel form was so strong that she could hold East against the ground with the slightest of efforts.

"Just give up... I might be tired, but I still have enough power to easily beat you."

"What are you going to do to me?? You going to kill me?? Huh!!?? Going to prove that you're just as bad as any other mindless demon now that you're part one?"


Evlin while still holding the woman, raised East from the ground and gave her answer.

"Hey East..."


"How about we make a deal?"

"... A deal...?"

"Yeap! Marcus told me you guys have this thing called "divine contracts" where you have to swear on your name, why not make one with me?"

Ashley approached her sister with worry in her eyes. She knew how bad Evlin was in doing business with people.

"Evie... What are you planning??"

Evlin looked at Gustav and using his telepathy, she shared what she was thinking with the rest of the group and they all stood in silence after listening to what she had to say.

"...!!" x 6

East looked at the girl that was holding her arms.

"What kind of deal...?"

"I let you live... And you open a portal to my world!"

"... ... ... What...?"

Part 2

Evlin was back at her regular form and saying goodbye to her friends.

She had made a deal with East under the rules that she would not harm or approach any member of her group, try to order Marcus, or interfere with the humans of this world ever again. If she obeyed these requirements and opened a portal to Evlin's homeworld, the girl would allow her to go and not use her triple power to end her life.

While East used her power to create Evlin's portal the girl was taking her time saying some final words to her new family.

"Auren... Ria... I guess I won't be able to come to your wedding..."

"Sniff... Sniff... You promised to show me your new powers... You're such a liar!!!"

"Sorry, Ria... Maybe next time..."

"I'm going to miss you Evlin!! No one understands my love for destroying things like you do!!"

"I don't have a love for- ... I mean... I'll miss you too Ria!"

The two hugged and Evlin turned towards Auren.

"Take care of this one Auren! Make sure to not let her out of your sight!"

"I will... And you take care of yourself little mage."

"You guys don't wanna come with me? You could escape from West's deal and live with me."

"Thanks, but there are still many demons running around the world... Our power could save many lives."

"I see... Take care you two!"

She gave her farewells to Auren and moved towards Daren and Lilith.

"Hey... When did that happen?"

"That...?" x 2

Daren and Lilith looked down as Evlin pointed at the fact that the two were holding hands.

"Oh!!" x 2

"Heh... Monster boy and knight girl... You guys ever come to my world we should watch the "Beuty and the beast" movie together..."

"Huh..." x 2

She hugged the two at the same time and moved towards Gustav while the couple continued to be confused as to what to say.

"Hey Gus... Still trying to find out if you have a place in this group?"

"Not anymore... Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me... Thanks for punching me into the lake!"

"Anytime!! What are your plans for the future?"

"Same as Ria and Auren... I'll use this purification power to release demons around the world from the power of curses... Maybe there is some poor human soul out there just waiting for me to rescue."

"Always trying to be the hero... Never change Gus!"

"Same to you, crossbow mage!"

Just like before, Evlin shared a hug with him and proceeded to talk to her sister.



"You coming?"



Ashley was looking at the ground while rubbing her arm before finally looking at Evlin.

"Evie... I..."


"I decided to stay here..."

"... You sure...?"


"Is it because I snore at night?"


Ashley pinched Evlin's nose with her fingers as if trying to say "read the mood moron!" and took a deep breath before continuing.

"I wanted to go with you because I felt there was no place for me in here anymore... But you who came from another world just created your own place in here... I wanna be just like you... I want to try to create my own life here from scratch... I won't try to run away anymore!"

"... ... ... So... It's not because I snore at night?"

Ashley gave a light push on her sister's shoulder and the two began to laugh like middle-schoolers.

"I love you Ash! You were the best sister a girl trapped in a magic world could possibly ask for!"

"Same! You were the best little sister that someone traveling into a kingdom of demons could have!! I'll never forget you!!"

The two started to hug and suddenly began to cry as they finally realized that this wasn't just a goodbye, it was the goodbye. Evlin separated from her and looked at the family that she had created.

The monster kid, the silver maiden, the girl with no power, the man with a strong heart, and the two lovers whose union marked the start of a new dawn. She also saw Marcus, the child left behind that finally had managed to catch up, and Sphinx, her pet with golden hair. A great family that she, the lost girl on a new world, was lucky enough to find and be part of.

She then realized that she was never going to see these people again, and for a moment she almost wondered if she really wanted to go.



"I just... Need a minute..."

She started to feel like she was saying goodbye to Dalla again. These people who took care of her all this time were about to no longer be part of her life. It was a necessary step to move forward, but it still was a painful step.

But Evlin was not the same girl as before. She wasn't going to simply run away crying trying to escape from her pain.

She tried to muster the strength to show the biggest smile she could and looked at all of her friends while giving a cheesy thumbs up.


"!!" x 6

"Thank you for everything!!"

She could see Ria, Auren, and Ashley starting to cry, Gustav smiling with pride, and Daren holding Lilith by his side while both tried to hold back their tears.

She finally moved towards East who was waiting by the side of the portal to her own world.

"Are you done?"

"All good scared-cat goddess!"

"Then let's get this over with... I never want to see your face again..."

"Feeling is mutual... That said..."

Evlin then extended her hand and closed her eyes while smiling at East.

"Well played!"


East followed her example and shooked her hand as a sign of good sportsmanship.

"Sure... Just get lost already..."

"Ha! Been there, done that. Oh, almost forgot... East can I bring something with me?"

"Something...? What do you want? Your dumb griffin? Your crossbow?"

Suddenly, Marcus and Sphinx started to approach Evlin's side.

"No silly..."

Evlin then re-fused to return to her angel form, tightened the grip on her hand, and locked East's arm so she couldn't run away.


She then opened her multi-colored eyes and released a devilish smile.

"I want you!!"

"What are you...??"

She grabbed East with all her power and launched her into the portal to her old world like a sack of potatoes.


She released her fusion after finally running out of power and gave one last goodbye to two special boys.

"I told you I would keep her away from you!"

Marcus was smiling and crying at the same time and gave a big hug to Evlin.

"Thanks, Evlin!! You're my hero!!!"

"Awww, stop, you're making me blush!"

She grabbed Marcus's hand and placed it on top of Sphinx's head.

"Take good care of him, ok?"

"I promise!!"

She gave one final look at her family and waved her arms.

"Bye everyone!! Take care!!"

And before they could even answer, she jumped into the portal and traveled to her own world.

She landed on the same street she was before when she last set foot on this place and saw East knocked out on the ground.

The goddess opened her eyes and saw the girl with messy black hair grinning at her with both hands on her hips and staring down from above.

"What... What the... What did you do???"

"I just brought you to a world without magic, blessings, or curses!"

"Wha... What...?"

East adjusted her eyes and realized that she was on the ground. She actually was on the ground. But how? She hadn't touched the ground in ages. She always floated above the terrain with her divine power. But something was not right.

"My power!! I have no power!!! What did you do???"

Evlin bent her knees so her head would be at the same height as East's who was still holding a fearful look on her face. The girl then moved her hand to poke the goddess's forehead while using her other hand to rest her chin.

"I just easily beat you!"


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