Gambit of the Living Weapon
89 Eyes filled with intent to kill
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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89 Eyes filled with intent to kill

Lilith was assuming her usual samurai stance and observing the two slayers in front of her.

The slayer with the wide claymore was resting his weapon on his shoulder and waiting for her to move before he could attack. His tool was powerful but it was too big and slow. If he tried to engage first Lilith would simply dodge him and find an opening to slash him.

Luckily he wasn't alone and had the aid of his bow and arrow user by his side. If she moved first his friend would simply shoot her. Even if she managed to parry the arrow that would give a chance for him to strike her with his claymore.

The battle would be decided by who would make the first mistake.

All three silver metal warriors were thinking the same thing and carefully watching each other's movements.

Silence was hovering the air until the bow slayer started to engage in a conversation.

"Hey... I remember you..."


"You are the girl that helped the crossbow mage to escape from our base!!"


"It's you, isn't it!!?? You are trying to hide under this red chicken disguise but that's the same sword and armor from before... Do you have any idea how much trouble you caused us??"


Lilith didn't say anything. She already had a lot in her mind to deal with. She couldn't be bothered with some random guy who was angry at her for trying to save her friend.

However, she realized she could use this chance to get the opening she needed so much.

"That's right, that was me... But you and your group were the ones who came after us first... Am I really in the wrong for fighting back after being attacked first?"

"You foolish brat... Don't you know that our mission is a noble one?? We were just trying to get the girl's help to clear this place from the demons!!"

"Indeed... And she said she didn't want to help you... And then you threatened to harm her sister... Does this sound like the actions of a noble warrior to you?"

"You insolent... What is the safety of one girl compared to the glory of becoming the heroes that saved an entire kingdom??"

"... Glory...?"


"I see... So you people really don't care about protecting the innocent at all... It's all about fame in the end..."


"I'm glad... I can now cut all of you without a single drop of regret!"

The man with the metal bow aimed an arrow towards Lilith's head.

"You're welcome to try... Chicken girl!"

The slayer with the claymore tried to calm down his partner, but it was already too late. The bow user launched an arrow towards Lilith who used this chance to vanish in thin air with her speed.

The two slayers became alert as to where she would attack first and began to scoop the area.

The claymore user aimed at the ground and realized that his friend was about to be slashed.

"Kairon!! Duck!!"

Kairon heard the warning from his friend and lowered his head to dodge a swing from Lilith's blade.

"Tch!! So close..."

Lilith used this chance to vanish again and tried to repeat the process. Kairon looked at the claymore warrior with eyes of confusion.

"Sebastian... How did you see that...?"

"Look at the ground!!"

Kairon followed his command and realized that while Lilith was indeed fast on her movements, anywhere she stepped in she was causing the snow in the area to leave a trail.

"Shes coming again!!"

Lilith tried to strike one more time but Sebastian managed to parry her attack by following the behavior of the snow.

Lilith was caught by surprise from her attack being blocked and gave Kairon the opening he needed. He released three arrows towards her while she was distracted dealing with Sebastian.

She managed to move out of the way and vanished in thin air once again, but since the two slayers could follow her thanks to the snow they didn't become worried.

"Kairon!! Aim at that location!"

"Got it!!"

Kairon saw the direction Lilith was moving towards and released three more arrows again. Lilith could see the metal objects flying towards her and halted her movement before it could get too dangerous. But the moment she did so, Sebastian leaped towards her and swung down his massive claymore.



Lilith observed the man with a huge weapon coming towards her, and realizing she would be able to dodge it in time, tried to parry his attack with her sword.


She managed to block the impact, but the claymore was so heavy that she was almost buried into the ground.

"Kairon!! Now!!"

While Lilith was busy trying to hold back Sebastian's claymore with her sword, Kairon used this chance to shoot her one more time.

If she tried to dodge it Sebastian would squash her. But if she did nothing, the arrows would end up piercing her. She needed to choose the less harmful option.

Without a moment to waste, she pushed Sebastian back with all her strength and moved her attention to slice the arrows in midair. But as she did so, she ended up giving her back to Sebastian, who used this chance to smash her with his claymore.


Lilith went flying from the impact and fell on the snow. Since she was now sharing the body of a monster harpy, the damage from silver weapons was much more harmful than before. She could feel her back burning with pain.

Taking the chance while the opponent was down, Kairon shoot more arrows towards Lilith. She saw the objects incoming and quickly moved to parry them again, but just like last time, Sebastian rushed towards her and swung down his weapon towards her.


She leaped out of the way but the impact from the claymore with the ground raised a pile of smoke that blinded her view. And before she could notice, five arrows were flying towards her coming out of the pile.

She managed to block three of them, but one pierced her leg and another her arm.


Lilith fell on the ground feeling the burning pain of the silver metal on her monster body. The slayers took this chance to mock her.

"What were you saying before? About how you would use us to vent some stress?"

Lilith was at a disadvantage. The snow was telegraphing all of her movements and the two slayers had just as much silver metal as her, if not more. They were perfectly able to match her power and speed.

On top of that, her harpy body was making her take way more damage than she normally would under normal circumstances.

If only she could use her future sight, she could deal with the two opponents easily, but because Marcus was in the area, his champion energy was creating a dead-zone for Lilith's ability and stopping her from being able to see anything.

She needed to move to another location, away from Marcus and his dead-zone so she could activate her power again.

The slayers approached her with their battle positions. Sebastian had his claymore ready to slice her while Kairon had his arrows aimed at her forehead.

"Time to die, red chicken..."

Lilith in a desperate move swung her sword towards the ground and created another pile of snow to block their vision.

She used this chance to run as fast as she could away from that area.

"She's escaping!! After her!!!"

Lilith kept dashing as fast as she could but the burning pain on her leg was making so that the mere act of running felt like diving into a pool of lava.

She tried to use her future sight with each step to see how far she needed to go to escape Marcus's dead-zone.

The slayers were rushing right behind her using their boosted speed from the silver metal and were a few steps away from catching up to her.

"This will teach you to not mess with us!!"

Kairon aimed at her with his bow while still chasing after her and released another barrage of arrows.

Lilith then turned around and saw the rain of metal coming towards her. Only this time, Kaiorn and Sebastian noticed something strange with her. Her eyes were glowing with a golden light.

"!!!" x 2

Lilith raised her sword, slashed one single arrow that was coming towards her, and then stood perfectly still while all the rest completely missed her.

"What the...??"

The bow slayer looked in confusion as the red harpy woman easily managed to survive his attack without even flinching.

Lilith assumed her samurai stance once again and glared at the two slayers with her golden eyes.

"You two just lost this fight..."


Sebastian rushed to slice her with his claymore while Kairon released another wave of arrows, but Lilith simply moved two steps out of the way and threw a bit of snow towards Sebastian's face.

Confused by losing his vision, the claymore warrior started to stumble on his movements and ended getting in front of Lilith and being used as a meat shield to block the arrows.


Lilith used this chance to slice off his hand that was holding the claymore making it impossible for him to fight.

"Aaaaarghhhh!!! My hand!!!!"

"This is for capturing Evlin!"

Lilith then grabbed Sebastian and threw him towards Kairon like a human missile. Kairon tried to move out of the way but when he did so, he found Lilith coming in his direction with her blade pointed at him.

She then stabbed his leg and arm in two fast moves the same way he had stabbed her.

"This is for threatening to hurt Ashley!"

The two slayers tried to charge against Lilith one more time. Sebastian picked up his claymore with his other hand and Kairon tried to shoot Lilith with his good arm.

Unfortunately for them, because of the damage they received from Lilith, their movements were much slower and easy to dodge than before.

The harpy lady dashed through the battlefield and slashed the two in a lightning-speed swing making them fall on the ground defeated.

"And this... Is because I'm in a bad mood..."

The slayers were still alive but Lilith slashed them so many times that it would be a miracle if they ever managed to walk or use their hands again.

Kairon glared at her with his face half-buried in the snow.

"You demon..."


"At least have the guts to finish us for good instead of leaving us half-dead..."

"... You think I'm a demon because I'm making you suffer...?"

"What else?? Only a demon would take joy in causing this much pain to their opponents!!"

"... I see..."

Lilith cleaned the blood off of her sword and placed it on her scabbard. She then started to move back towards the castle.

"Hey!!! Get back here!!! Finish us off properly!!!!"

"... No thanks..."


"I wanted to fight you two because I thought you would help me release my frustration... But you two are so pathetic that I completely lost all my motivation..."


"I had the slightest of hope that your group was some kind team of noble warriors trying to bring glory in the name of your god... But you are all just a bunch of babies pretending to be adults..."


"You are not worth it... I already have many deaths in my consciousness... I don't need two more... Especially not ones so embarrassing..."

"You little brat!!! Get back here and kill us!! Kill us!!"

"Take care..."

"I'll make you pay for this you hear me!!!??? I'll make you regret this!!!"

Lilith simply ignored the man yelling at her and returned to her previous location. She saw Daren, Drya, and the demon leader, who was clapping for some reason looking at her from the balcony.

"Not bad... Not bad at all!! Leaving them alive so you could enjoy their suffering even more! You will fit in perfectly among us demons!"

Receiving appraisal from the demon leader gave Lilith the desire to take a shower. The last thing she wanted was a demon, especially the top demon, to look at her as if they were compatible.

As usual, looking at the demon leader made Lilith want to draw her sword and cut his head off, but she knew he wasn't an opponent she could deal with so easily, thus, she changed the target of her glare towards the green girl by his side.

The demon slayers were not worthy of Lilith killing them, but Drya was a different case. She stared at the demon-plant and began to shake her blade with her hand while whispering to herself.

"Just you wait... I'm coming for you..."


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