Gambit of the Living Weapon
86 Enemies everywhere
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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86 Enemies everywhere

The waves of demons wouldn't stop coming.

Creatures of all different sizes continued to rush towards Mia and her group of demons slayers, all trying to desperately bite their heads off with their huge monstrous mouths.

Some of them looked like animals of different types mixed together, a goat with the head of cat and bat wings on its back, an elephant with six legs and a huge horn on its forehead, a gigantic eagle with a pair of arms that seemed like it belonged to an ape, and many more.

Others looked like regular animals but mixed with elements of nature. Monkeys engulfed in flames, sharks swimming in mid-air while surrounded by small tornados, and owls covered in electricity.

Aside from the large number of beasts mixed together and animals covered in forces of nature, there were also a few humanoid figures.

One looked like a man with four arms with two massive horns on its head, reptile skin, and a tail, another looked like a human with giant bat wings on her back and praying-mantis claws where her arms should be, and even a small child girl who looked like a mermaid with a lower- half that belonged to a fish instead of legs crawling through the ground with six spider legs on her back.

Marcus stared at the scenery and simply sighed in his mind. He was used to facing large hordes of demons but even he never saw one so big before, and yet, they still looked just like every other horde he faced before. Just a bunch of abominations that should not exist walking around trying to kill him.

[Like always... Demons are so boring...]

"Cheer up darling! Maybe we will find some interesting ones here and there."

[Makes no difference for me... Let's just find the girl... At least she might offer a different challenge...]

"My, my, darling... If all you want is a girl to keep you entertained, I don't mind taking on you any day!"

[... Riiiight... Let's... Let's keep going...]


Mia continued her onslaught on the horde with her silver katanas. She simply started to sprint towards the bizarre collection of beasts and wherever she passed through her blades would surround her and slash anything close to her.

Demons and monsters started to fall left and right around Mia leaving a pile of bodies behind her.

She took a small break to check on her allies and confirm how they were doing in case they might need some assistance. That's the excuse she would give but honestly, she just wanted the chance to steal someone's prey. Mia was a rather competitive girl.

The rest of the demon slayers, while not nearly as impressive as Mia combat-wise, still were managing to hold their own against the opponents with ease. This might be due to Mia continuing to take all the more dangerous-looking enemies to herself thought.

Among the slayers, Clayton, who was using a silver spear could be seen impaling three demons at once without blinking and just pushing them against other demons as if he was a bullet.

Orion, Clayton's second in command, was also doing pretty well with his pair of silver gauntlets and just punching all the beasts that came close to him.

Sebastian, a claymore user, was simply swinging his weapon and covering a large area of attack, killing piles of monsters in one move.

Trion, a warrior that liked to fight using a pair of knives, was dashing through the horde like a shadow and covering all the opponents with wounds at an amazing speed before they could even realize what was happening.

Kairon, someone who preferred to fight from a distance, was relying on shooting the demons with a bow made of silver metal and using silver arrows. At first, he wasn't sure he had a good choice of weapon, but Mia explained that his arrows were connected to the bow by a thin thread os silver energy. Once he had run out of arrows, the bow would automatically bring them all back to him.

Finally, there was Urion, a staff user. Urion was also a fan of keeping his distance from the enemies but unlike Karion, he liked to make sure his enemies were actually defeated, so he chose a weapon that could keep him safely away from danger, but not too far that he wouldn't be able to confirm if it was actually dead.

The slayers were all pretty skilled in combat as they were, but thanks to Marcus and his silver armor that he created to enhance their power and speed, they were not the equivalent of a small army against this massive horde.

Each slayer was wearing a black trenchcoat, but underneath it, they were also carrying said armor to make their attacks even deadlier.

"Looks like they will be ok..."

[My armor should give them enough power to take on any demon... How's Xadi doing?]

Mia gazed upon the sky and noticed Xadi still flying around looking for the church of the south god since that was the most probable location as to where Evlin and her team would be.

"Hey!! Eyepatch!! Hows the progress??"

Xadi heard Mia calling for him and after waiting for her to slay another demon, decided to return to the ground by her side once he made sure the area was safe to land.

"I think I found something not too far from her. I can guide us towards it."

"Good boy! Now lead the way!"


Xadi really disliked being treated by a pet by Mia. He had spent many months as a frog thanks to Evlin's recreation spell and was forced to pretend to be Orion's pet so he could get close to the wooden gauntlet they had stolen from her.

But now, he was back to being a human, back to having power as a mage, he even had two powerful gauntlets that made him even stronger than he has ever been, and yet, he still had to act like a servant for this little brat.

He really hated working for Mia, but he managed to stand it since she was clearly in the winning team and his best chance to get revenge on Evlin. So he simply bit his lips and endured the humiliation.

"As you wish... My lady..."

He returned to the sky using his wind magic and once his team was finished clearing a path from the demon horde, he started to fly towards the church he spotted.

Mia observed his movement and shouted to the slayers to follow him.

"Everyone!! Eyes on Xadi!! He will lead us to our big prize!!"

The group started to follow the flying mage and began to follow a route he was leading.

"This way!! It's right over- Arghh!!!"

But all of sudden, they noticed Xadi being pounced by three shadows that came out of nowhere.

Xadi landed on the roof of a house like a meteor after being smacked by some kind of golden claw. He stood up to see what had happened and was face to face with his attackers.

"What the...??"

A young boy covered in golden hair with two giant wings and a tail on his back, a green lady with reptile skin and sharp claws on her hands, and a white centaur with two wings on his back. They were all standing in front of him glaring with bloodlust in his direction.

"... Wait a minute..."

Xadi seemed particularly interested in the golden boy. He looked exactly like Evlin whenever she would perform her fusion with Sphinx, her pet griffin.

"You... I know you...


Xadi was talking like he was familiar with the golden boy, but the kid himself acted like he had no idea what he was talking about."

"You are the little girl, aren't you?? Trying to disguise as a monster to fool me?"


The boy still had no idea what the mage was saying, but that didn't matter right now. He had a mission to fulfill from his master and he intended to finish it.

"Are you the magician known as Xadi?"

"You bet I am!! Don't try to fool me!! I know you're Evlin in disguise!!"

The golden boy widened his eyes as if reacting to Xadi's words.

"... Evlin...?"


This time, Xadi was the one who was confused. The boy looked like he really didn't know what he was talking about. Could it be that this wasn't Evlin after all?

"Ah, who cares... I'll just blast you anyway..."

After deciding to simply give up on finding out wheater this was Evlin or not, Xadi began to charge his gauntlet with electricity and launched it towards the winged boy. But the moment he did so, the dragon-lady jumped in front of him and absorbed his attack.


Mia, who was watching the confrontation from a distance was surprised as well after seeing Xadi's spell being eaten so easily.

"Darling... What was that...?"

[That girl is an earth dragon that evolved into a demon... Earth dragons are immune to electric attacks.]

"So she's a bad match for Xadi... Should we help him?"

[Yes... He's annoying but we still need him to find the girl.]

"As you wish..."

Mia prepared to jump on top of the roof using her enhanced strength to save Xadi, but the moment she did so, she was stopped by some kind of golden barrier.

"Ouch!!! My face!! What the hell was that!!???"

She bounced from the barrier and landed on the snow while holding her face which was now hurting from the impact.

She stood up and took a closer look at the barrier.

"What in the world...? Where did this came from??"

[... Mia!!]


[This is blessed energy!!]


[There is a champion nearby!!]

"A champion?? Here?? Now??"

[Yes!! Be careful!! Even my blades cant cut through this so easily! my mother told me once that blessed energy doesn't work against blessed energy.]

"... You can't be serious!!"

Mia immediately raised her katanas and tried to slash the golden barrier that was keeping her away from Xadi. She swung her blades with all her strength and a huge impact was released after the blessed sword collided with the blessed barrier.

"... Oh, wow... You were serious..."

[I'm always serious...]



"Darling... You know what this means??"


"I finally found a worthy opponent!!!!"


"Don't you get it?? I was getting so tired of just cutting demons all the time like they were made of paper!! But now we found something that even you can't cut!! We finally have a challenge!!"

[No, wait, Mia... We have a mission!!]

"Screw the mission!! I found someone worth killing!!!"

[Wait, wait, wait!!]

Mia looked at Xadi and raised her voice.



Xadi, who was still trying to deal with the demons coming near him, suddenly heard Mia calling his name again and turned around to find out what she wanted.



"... ... ... WHAT!!!???"


"Wait!!! Get back here!!! I need help!!!"

Xadi tried to reach for Mia to aid him against the three demons but she simply started to run trying to find the source of the golden energy.

He then looked at the three beasts again who were still glaring at him with killing intent.

"Ugh... That's why I hate kids..."

He gave up on waiting for Mia and decided to simply charge against his opponents by himself. He began to surround himself with electricity and wind and prepared for his fight.

"You wanted to fight me?? Well, here I am!! Come and get me brat!!"

The golden boy, the dragon lady, and the winged centaur leaped towards Xadi and the four started to exchange blows with each other.

Meanwhile, Marcus was still worried about simply leaving his ally behind.

[Mia... Are you sure this is ok...??]

"No talk now darling!!! Our opponent awaits us!!"

[How do you even know where he is??]

"Oh, that's because I have a curse that lets me track blessed energy!"

[... ... ... Wait... What...?]


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