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Gambit of the Living Weapon


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A warrior from a magical world has been blessed by the gods with the ability to turn his body into a sword with immense strength, allowing him to save his kingdom and purging the enemies, as well as granting him a immortal body. As the centuries pass, the warrior keeps getting dragged into wars to save the people from evil , but no matter how many battles he wins, every few years eventually more ...
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Auxiliary Volume
Author's diary - 01
Author's diary - 02 - Criticism
Author's diary - 03 - Influences
Author's diary - 04 - Volumes look back
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Looking for the right candidate
1 Night of the encounter
2 knife man, monster kid and glutton spiri
3 Want to use me?
4 The weirdo among weirdos
5 The one I have been following
6 Silver hair
7 Custody battle
8 Thank you for everything!
9 Marcus
10 The children we leave behind
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 The lost girl on a new world
11 Runaway bride
12 My new house
13 Studying for the exam
14 Truth or dare
15 Dangerous game of tag
16 The return of my mortal enemy
17 Evlin gets new accessories
18 Relieving some stress
19 Moving forward
20 Gambit of the lost girl
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Let the games begin!
21 Another day, another stalker
22 Throwing the gauntle
23 Two girls on the road
24 Making changes
25 Golden hair
26 The paths each choose to follow
27 Reconstruction magician Vs. Tempest magician
28 Night of the encounter II
29 Waking up
30 Lost girl and monster kid
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Where to next?
31 Making new friends!
32 Picking sides
33 Before joining the club
34 The worst opponen
35 Fragile hear
36 Small break
37 Preaparing for battle
38 Terror drenched in silver
39 Job opportunity
40 Where to next?
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 The longest night
41 Night raid
42 The child left behind
43 Family matters
44 Date nigh
45 Night visi
46 Night duel
47 Night escape
48 Midnight despair
49 Midnight developmen
50 Dawn
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Whispers of death
51 Making new friends! II
52 Reaching new heights, facing new lows
53 Strong hear
54 Evlin's fear
55 Shadows of the pas
56 Pet shopping
57 Splitting up the band
58 The right company
59 Newfound comfor
60 Alone together
61 Together alone
62 New best friend
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Inner demons
63 To protect my sister
64 Girl's talk
65 The next Evlin
66 The sleeping mage
67 True power
68 Under new managemen
69 Babysitting
70 The dryad
71 Monster figh
72 Broken family
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 The king of hatred
73 The centerpiece
74 United family
75 The girl with no power
76 The sword of nightmares
77 Accepting the role
78 Rescue mission: Start!
79 Pest control
80 Dangerous enemy
81 New objective
82 Preparing for battle II
83 Clashing of goals
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Pieces set in motion
84 Place your bets
85 The tool
86 Enemies everywhere
87 Couples meeting
88 The silver maiden
89 Eyes filled with intent to kill
90 Sisterly love
91 Saying goodbye
92 Sorry for what...?
93 Back in the game
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Gambit of the found girl
94 Heroes and monsters
95 Gambit of the girl with no power
96 No more games
97 The children we leave behind II
98 Crossbow family vs King of hatred
99 The children that keep moving forward
100 Gambit of the living weapon
101 The bright star
102 Thank you for everything II
103 Found girl
104 Lost girl on her own world
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 The mage's niece
105 My aunt is weird
106 My aunt has a secre
107 My aunt wants to kill me
108 My aunt is in danger
109 My aunt has an enemy
110 My aunt has tons of friends
111 My aunt is being hunted
112 My aunt loves me
113 And I love my aunt!
114 My aunt is a mage
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Birth of the first weapon
115 A tale about two girls
116 A tale about two girls II
117 A tale about two girls III
118 A tale about two girls IV
119 The dragon
120 The diamond princess
121 Fragile heart II
122 Important goals
123 Guy's talk
124 Grudge
125 Days worth protecting
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 New game plus!
126 I'll make a mage out of you
127 Take a chance!
128 Birth of a new weapon
129 Magic potential
130 New threa
131 Outdoors session
132 Rematch
133 My body is the weapon
134 My mistake and her success
135 Forced reunion
《Gambit of the Living Weapon》 Diverging paths
136 Negotiations with the worst negotiator
137 Bad influence
138 Earth magic Vs. fire magic
139 Watching closely
140 The perfect team
141 Priorities
142 Second chances