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17 17| For Pureheart!

The sun rises in the east, spreading its ever-glowing hues of orange. From the serenity of the kingdom, comes the abrupt sounds of trumpets and horns, awakening each and every man inside the fortress.

One of these men is no other than Quartz Vermillion. After hearing the roaring trumpets, Quartz lifts his upper torso, then breathes at a fast pace.

Outside his room, he could hear the footsteps of sentinels and soldiers running across the halls. The young man is left with confusion so he decides to step outside.

"Mate?! You woke up late?" As Quartz watches the running soldiers, he comes across Harold Heartstone who appears to have an anxious look.

"Wh... What's going on?" The young man questions with a stuttering voice.

"Haven't you heard? Another siege has begun in one of Sacchi's town. Waeldestone, its located in the western reaches. Hurry up, I'll wait for you downstairs." Harold explains rapidly then continues to run.

As for the young man, his body starts to tremble in fear. He walks back to his room then shuts the door. With an unsettled mind, he runs in circles, thinking of what he should do.

"Come Quartz, you've got this." He motivates himself with encouragement and inspiration yet a part of him is pulling his confidence down.

"Think on the brighter side? At least when die you'll get a chance to teleport back to Earth right?" He teases himself. Minutes later, sweat starts to trickle down his body.

"No! I must fight. I have made a deal with the king, and therefore I will do my part!" He counters his other side and rushes to the bathroom. With determination and enthusiasm, he forces his body to act immediately.

Once Quartz reaches the gates of the kingdom, his eyes admired the intimidating structure of the king's army. Archers, at the back, followed by the Knights, and Trebuchets then the pawns. As expected, the four pillars, are in front of the army, ready to take charge while riding their horses.

He then tilts his head to the right, only to see the king and queen. To his surprise, Felix and Avery will be fighting with them.

"Ah, I thought you were a scapegoat who plans to hide in his room while a siege rages." Felix looks back and sees the uncomfortable and anxious young man.

"Your majesty, shouldn't you be in the throne room?" Quartz queries.

"What is a king, if all he does is run and hide? A true king fights with his people and not by merely supporting them." Felix pats the young man's shoulder. He then comforts his anxiety with an exuberant smile.

"Your Majesty, I think it is time to head to Waeldestone." On Quartz's left, Balthasar Bluemagic comes forth with his staff and owl while riding a brown horse. The boy remained speechless after seeing that even in old age, men have the courage to fight.

"Shall we, my dear?" Felix looks to Avery then questions her with a mellifluous smile.

"The army is yours to command. I will be fighting alongside you." Avery responds in a sweet tone.

Without another moment to lose, the king and his horse steps unto an inclined boulder. He then lifts his sword to the air as everyone looks unto him.

"For Pureheart!" The horse starts to gallop with the king yelling with determination.

"For Pureheart!" What the king dictates, the army follows. They yell in one voice, leaving all the fear and uncertainties behind.

Archers, Pawns, and Rooks start to dash to the destination. On the other hand, knights and their hippogriffs takes it to the sky.

The king's necklace starts to glow inside a lustrous veil as a fine-looking bird covered with flames appear out of nowhere. The Phoenix, a bird that could only be summoned by the king himself. Its eyes are sharper than any beast, and its speed exceeds the velocity of a bullet train.

Of course, Pureheart has its own allies as well. Stone Golems, are beasts with a jagged body made out of stones, hence their names. When it comes to defense, these creatures triumph because of their firm body. They attack by throwing large boulders to the opposing team.

They only have one weakness, and that is by piercing their heart. One reason behind this is because their chests have small gaps which leaves their heat unprotected. Even the shortest arrow can knock them dead. Still, only a skilled Archer can pinpoint their chest. The gaps are too small for any regular or amateur archer to hit.

Pureheart is also allied with Centaurs. They are a hybrid of a horse and a man. Some of these Centaurs are archers, while others are infantries and swordsmen. They have horns, longer than a bull which gives them an opportunity to dash through their foes and piercing them with their horns.

Now? Only one thing remains, and that is for the siege to commence.