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Black clouds sprawl across the sky, billowing in from the west. A stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder, rolling across rooftops to the pattering of tiny raindrops. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and the downpour begins.

Inside the walls of the Witherstone Kingdom, is no other than Vladimir, the leader of the hexes. He has a pale complexion with eyes belonging to the pigment of blood. Beside him, is his wife. Erica Forlorn. She also has a fair complexion, but with eyes belonging to the cerulean seas.

And what could be better than listening to the melody of an organ as the downpour enrages outside? Both are Pluviophiles who adore the darkness and the rain combined.

Their shadows start to flicker while listening to the music due to the crashing thunders. And from there comes a disruption of the melody, when a Werehyena bangs through the doors.

With a ferocious and brutal face, it walks towards the king and queen. On its leg, is the scar caused by Quartz's sword.

"Your majesty." Abruptly, the werehyena transforms into a middle-aged man with ebony hair and pupils. Instead of fingernails and teeth, claws and jaws are present. In front of the king and queen, Wulfric Frost kneels and bows down.

"And what do you wish to say before our presence this time?" Erica's eyebrows raise, then she questions with a tone that slowly inclines.

"A young man has pierced my leg. The first of any specie to inflict damage unto me." Wulfric Frost explains, continuing to kneel down before them.

"And what specie does this... "Man" belong to?" The king queries yet with an expressionless face.

"I am uncertain of his specie. However, he looks similar to men belonging to the opposing kingdom." Wulfric Frost responds in a respectful manner.

The king then leans forward and shows the orb to Wulfric Frost. The orb's ebony pigment is somehow similar to the room's dark atmosphere. It shines lustrously, just like the orb of purity.

"Do you expect the young man to obtain this orb? Hmm?" Vladimir questions sarcastically.

"Of course not your majesty. No specie can match your power." Wulfric appraises the king in an exaggerated manner.

"Then why do you seem to be scared of this young man?" Erica questions with suspicion towards Wulfric.

"My queen, you have mistaken my demeanor. My only business here is to tell what my eyes have seen." Wulfric disagrees with the queen but in a respectful behavior.

"Do not fear, we will claim that orb, and the whole land will fall unto my grasp." Vladimir chuckles maliciously as the silhouette of a beast from behind the throne makes an appearance before Wulfric's eyes.

Its pupils are those of a blood moon, its scales have the pigment of crimson red, and its wings are cunning. Even if the beast is meters away from Wulfric, he could already sense the fiery flames burning within its chambers.

"What shall be our next step your majesty? I, and the other pillars shall abide by your decisions." Wulfric tilts his head to the floor. Even he is scared of the fiery beast.

"I am bored. Why not start a siege shall we? Prepare the battalion, for tomorrow-" Vladimir pauses for a moment and chuckles hysterically. "The town of Waeldestone will be ours." Vladimir continues.

From above the chandeliers, a griffin comes to existence and transforms into a man. He then dashes down before the king and queen. His hair is silver and his eyes are colorless.

On the left, a puff of smoke drifts across the room, then turns into a woman with teal hair and pupils.

And lastly, on the right. A man with a twilight cloak and a reaper on his hand walks forth in a subtle pace. He has the fangs of a vampire, yet isn't considered as one. No one has seen his hair before for this man loves to wear his hood.

These three alongside with Wulfric Frost are no other than the four pillars of the Witherstone Kingdom.

Morgan Storm, a woman who can transform into smog and gas. Charles Gunner, the man who can turn himself to a stone griffin whenever he pleases. And the strongest out of all of them, Morduk Dragoncult. A fierce man with the power to harness magic and sorcery.

And of course, if Pureheart as a wizard, Balthasar Bluemagic, then Witherstone has a witch, Thalia Blackmage.

Riding on her broomstick, she enters the throne room with a vicious laughter. Just like the king and queen she has a pale complexion. Her hair and pupils are black, with fingernails longer than knives. The pillar leaders, the witch, and the king and queen make up the Witherstone Administration. For others, they are knowns as the Shadow Monarchs.