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"Quartz Vermillion, you have disobeyed my commandments. The last time I checked, no one is allowed to leave the camp premises." Princess Jupiter facepalms, then sighs. Lucky for him, he wasn't scolded.

"I'm sorry, there was this bird who somehow was able to attract me to follow it," Quartz explains with sincerity, however, the princess isn't buying his excuses just like that.

"You seem exhausted? Where have you been? And who is this bird, you are talking about?" Jupiter lifts one of her eyebrows then further questions the young man about his disappearance.

"A pack of hyenas tried to slaughter me. I also heard that their alpha is no other than Wulfric Frost." Quartz explains.

"I doubt. No one is able to escape from Wulfric and his clan. He is one of the enemy's four pillars. Of course, if Pureheart has pillar leaders, Witherstone also has one.

Wulfric and his clans belong to a specie known as Werehyenas. They are similar to the werewolves except for the fact they can transform into hyenas whenever they want to. May it be morning or evening.

Werehyenas are also faster than Werewolves, escaping is impossible."

"But outsmarting them is possible." Quartz counters the princess's statements but she seized to believe until two other pawns returned from the forest with Quartz's sword.

"Your majesty, the young man is telling the truth. His sword has a bloodstain belonging to a werewolf." The pawn explains. He then shows the evidence to the princess, and tries his best to prove Quartz innocent.

"Astounding. You killed a werehyena?" Jupiter questions while observing the bloodstain.

"No. I only wounded Wulfric's leg in order to escape."

"Hmph. If that's the case, then you're a brave man after all. Still, I have to prove my hypothesis. I challenge you to a duel, right now."

In order to avoid further punishments, the young man gladly accepts the challenge. Both of them went out of the tent and proceeded to the battlefield. For the night, it will be the two of them with no one else watching.

"Let's make this a quick duel shall we? The goal is to pin your opponent. Here's your sword." Jupiter instructs then tosses the sword to the Quartz.

"..." Quartz is left with an expressionless face. Being aware that she's a woman, Quartz is uncertain about whether to hurt her or not.

Without another moment to lose, the match finally commences. Both sides run into each other with full force. At first, Quart is quite hesitant since he has never hurt a woman before.

"Pinned you!" Jupiter proclaims.

"That wasn't fair. You're a woman."

"One more duel. There is no need to be a gentleman. Come at me!" Jupiter taunts.

Quartz runs with maximum velocity after hearing the princess's taunt. For some reason, both of them are having fun dueling against each other.

The night gets older, and countless duels occur between the princess and the young man. Both seized to give up after getting pinned, therefore they challenge each other again and again.

Over the distance, is Balthasar Bluemagic, watching for entertainment again. He then tilts his head to a nearby tree and sees the bird Quartz saw moments ago. The bird seems to be watching the match as well.

"Disturb not the harmony of these sacred land lest these two titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the Sacchi's Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting alone its song will fail. Thus the land shall turn to dust. O, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all treasures. Their unity combined tame the beast of chaos and restore the power of one


Now, it begins." Balthasar Bluemagic mutters and dictates the prophecy. He tilts his head back to the princess and the young man and continues to watch from his spot.

"I think I have enough from this duel of ours. It is past ten, therefore you can finally return to your room." The princess sits and gasps for air on the grass.

Just like what the princess said, Quartz finally returns to his room and prepares himself for his slumber. Before entering his slumber, he stares out to his window, and gazes at the stars. He wishes to see the girl she saw back at the woodlands.

Quartz then takes out his Piccolo and starts to play a soothing melody for all men and creatures alike. Without noticing the red bird dashes through the night sky, glancing at the young man and his Piccolo.