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The outskirts of Sacchi, a place where carnage dwells within. This is no place for a coward fool. Only the bravest come to prove their strength yet none of them returned.

The outskirts aren't comparable to the deserts of Earth for they are polar opposites. The Sacchi outskirts experience nothing but snow filled with carnage and wrath.

It is the type of snow that everyone dreads. It is a silent killer, freezing the hearts of men and women alike except for its dearest compadre, the Witherheart kingdom.

The snow is the shield and the kingdom is the sword. Men of the Witherheart kingdom use the devastating hail as a protection. Due to the hail's thickness, the kingdom of Witherheart is hard to find.

Just like what princess Juniper uttered, the outskirts are in the northern reaches of Sacchi. The place where Purity's opponents settle to gain power.

It is certain to one's eyes that Witherheart may seem stronger and more profound for their allies are not just men but also creatures and beings alike. The administrators of the Kingdom's hierarchy have better intellectual skills when it comes to strategic planning.

Above the hierarchy is the king and queen of the dreaded kingdom. The king's sword is filled with nothing but the blood of the innocent families he has slaughtered. When there is war, no one is an exception, not even the little generations.

If the king serves as the pillar of the kingdom, the queen is the cement. She supports the ambitions of her king even if the ambitions blind her husband.

Vladimir Witherstone, a man no one wants to mess with. His skin is as pale as the snow, and his eyes are painted with a pristine blue pigment. Truly, the king speaks with a gentle tone but never deceive him for once patience runs out, gentleness turns into abrupt anger.

Erica Forlorn, the queen and wife of the king. Her eyes and complexion match the king's hues. Her hair however is darker than dusk. She is highly respected by the king and the hierarchy of the kingdom.

Now these two belong to a specie similar to wolves and predators. They are not werewolves for they don't transform, they are not vampires for they do not desire for blood.

Both the king and queen belong to a specie called Hex. They look identical to humans as well except for the fact that their jaws are filled with the fangs of serpents.

They do not have thirst for blood, for these species crave raw flesh just like wolves. Anything that has proteins are theirs for the taking. They do not transform into anything, making it harder to identify them especially with their mouths sealed.

Hexes are also fond of eating fruits and vegetables. In fact, they are not sensitive to garlic but they prefer not to eat it. The proteins gained by consuming the flesh of another being are stored deep in their chasms.

These proteins are converted into energy, which then replaces a worn-out body part or perhaps an organ. This is what makes the king and queen quite unstoppable for not even the piercing of hearts can knock them dead.

Only in a matter of seconds can their bodies regenerate, making them similar to immortals but not quite. Without protein, they won't have the energy to regrow worn-out parts. This is their only known weakness so far.

One thing however stands out the most. Hexes have the unique ability to transfer proteins from one being to another. May it be another hex or another specie. Through their ability to transfer proteins, hexes can heal the organs of their neighbors and compadres alike.

Although, their unique ability has a small price for salvation. Those who lend their energy fall weak. They can regain their energy however, by eating the flesh of creatures once more.

The king and queen however, are selfish. They only lend their ability to each other, making them grow fiercer and stronger from time to time.

Many have tried to slain the king and queen, yet all of them have fallen. The only way to defeat a hex is by imprisoning them for weeks without food. Gradually, their bodies weaken without protein causing their skins to slowly wither away.

Hexes were known to be friendly and generous beings. They use their power to heal the sick and only feast on grubs and boars. However, the wrath of men changed the course of these creatures, turning them into foes.

Men hunted and captured these creatures. They made them slaves and use them for their own will. However, anything that can be given can also be taken.

From compassionate beings, the hexes became vengeful beings and promised themselves to never help a man again. They learned the will to survive through fighting. Now they feast on every creature, especially the bloodline of men.

Hexes prefer to stay away from mankind. They traveled to the farthest reaches of these sacred land which lead them to the Sacchi outskirts.

One of the brothers foretold by the legend is a hex adopted by the king. Therefore the bloodline of Hexes flows within the kingdom of Witherheart.

They have proven that men cannot always reign superior over anything. There will always be something or someone beyond mankind's compatibility.