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"Before you proceed to the king, I want you to wear this," Balthasar instructs while holding what seems to be a medieval outfit forged out of leather.

The young man, however, didn't abide by the wise man. He isn't used to wearing such medieval fashion during his current and real era. Back at his period, tuxedos and comfortable clothing are widespread.

"You have no choice. You cannot spill any details about Earth, not even its apparel and products." Balthasar adds. He insists and encourages Quartz to wear the outfit even if it disagrees with the young man's sense of fashion.

With a little persuasion and influence, Balthasar is finally able to convince Quartz. However, he isn't happy to wear the outfit. Long leather boots cover his legs, while the gloves serve as a protection for his hands.

The chest plate is also made out of mere leather which only gave the young man a decent armor. Quartz looks at the mirror with an expressionless face, wanting to wear his old outfit again.

Before Quartz left, he asks the wise man one more question. "How are you able to become wiser than a human being? How can a human being like you harness the power of sorcery and witchcraft?"

"Young man, you have no idea what's possible. Remember, this is their world, not ours. Run along now, for I will be here doing my respective task, and perhaps find the key to our return." Balthasar mutters unto the young man's ear. The old man seems very suspicious yet Quartz thought to his mind, how can an old man be suspicious?

Without another moment to lose, the young man proceeds to the main gates of the fortress. To his surprise, the guards let him through, as if the king knows about his arrival. As he enters the gate, Quartz's eyes marvel upon the guards. Each of them has their own respective task.

Some are archers, or perhaps in other terms, long-ranged men. They are in charge of shooting enemies from afar with the help of their keen eyes. Eyes which are probably sharper than those of an eagle.

Aside from the archers, there are infantries patrolling the fortress. Their swords are quite shorter than those of a knight. Do not deceive them, however, for they can take down an ogre with a slash in the heart. Yes, according to the old man himself, there are creatures living in this world that are very unfamiliar to human beings.

Aside from the infantries, there are trebuchets and a whole plethora of catapults. Each category works together in a delicate balance known as the power of one. The power of one refers to the power unity upholds.

Alone men can do so little, but when there is unity, there is strength. This is the concept the people of Sacchi believe in. Unity can illuminate the whole world.

Quartz proceeds with caution towards the majesty's throne room. Unsure of his directions, he asks for assistance from guards standing still on their post. At first, he thought that the guards were nothing but statues. He was shocked however after hearing a response from a guard.

The guard then leads him to the golden doors of the king's throne. In fact, he could hear the princess and the king talking with each other. His heart starts to pound louder and his confidence hides at the bottom of his chambers.

What seems to be thirty degrees Celsius, feels like nineteen degrees Celsius to him. The sensation of loudness shrouds his mind with sweat oozing down his face.

In front of the door, he prepares to knock. Even the guard encourages him to do so yet anxiety pulls Quartz back. His body starts to tremble as he finally makes the first knock.

Unexpectedly, the doors open right away. Two sentries opened the doors for him and now the young man is left with nothing except for everyone's attention. The king, the queen, and the princess. All of them turned their heads at him.

Quartz responds with the choking of saliva. He proceeds with a shaking body, trying to keep eye contact with the king and his royal family.

"Young man, your name is Quartz Vermillion am I correct?" The king questions with his Spanish accent. The young man nods his head. He hesitates to speak and tries to be as cautious as possible.

"I see the eyes of a coward. There is nothing to be afraid of." The queen reassures. Avery Evergreen, the queen of the Pureheart Kingdom. Her eyes are pristine gold, and her complexion is fair and decent. The queen's statement however didn't bring comfortability to the young man's eyes.

"Father, this is the young man I was talking about. He randomly appeared in the middle of a siege, just like what happened to Balthasar Bluemagic." Princess Jupiter adds.

"The Piccolo, you said it is a kind of instrument. Tell me, where did you find such a rare instrument?" The king questions while holding the young man's woodwind flute.

Quartz didn't know what to respond with for Balthasar's instructions remain deeply rooted in his mind. He looks around his surroundings and sees a wide map of the country.

"Young man, I am over here." The king gathers his attention once more. Quartz then tilts his head back to Felix but this time, he has made the perfect excuse.

"I got it from a place far away. Somewhere in the northern reaches of the country." Quartz excuses with a trembling voice. The princess however wasn't satisfied with his answer.

"The northern reaches? That site belongs to the enemy. Father, I believe that this man is lying." The princess objects.

Quartz perspires even harder than before. His hands are now filled with nothing but sweat. He waits patiently for a response from the king.

"Well, if you want to keep it secret then it's fine with me. You can have your 'instrument' back." The king proclaims as he tosses the Piccolo to the young man's hands. Quartz felt relief, but the princess seems to be infuriated at him for telling an obvious lie that her father couldn't see.

"Quartz Vermillion, starting from now on you will become one of my men." The king proclaims. His voice trembles and echoes throughout the room.

"...Which means you will be working for the people of Pureheart. You will fight." Jupiter clarifies.

For Quartz, he didn't like the idea of the royal family. He doesn't want to die with a mere age of twenty and above. Quartz has yet to accomplish back on Earth.

"You cannot resist my orders for I am the king. Men are born to fight, and you are one of them.

You can choose from my available options.

Number 1, you will fight by my side and I shall set you free once the war is over. You will be free to travel wherever you want or do whatever you wish to do.

Number 2, you can choose not to fight, but you will become a prisoner of the kingdom. The choice is yours.

Most prisoners chose to fight, what will you do?" The king bargains.

Quartz continues to remain silent, thinking about the king's available options. Option two seems like a sealed fate but in both ways, he'll soon meet his fate. Either die from malnourishment or die fighting. Both options have the grim waiting in the corner.

"Balthasar Bluemagic explained everything. I expect you to be familiar with the orb of purity. I am only asking you to help me defeat the enemy. It may take years, but the results will be priceless." The king utters with encouragement. He then shows the young man his necklace which contains a small lustrous orb.

Quartz is left speechless. He then starts to believe the wise man's statements. The royal family waits for an answer, and finally, Quartz replies with a yes. Indeed death waits in both corners, but beyond those corners is his reputation. Either die as a coward or die as a brave man known by hundreds.

Quartz's decisions brought a smile to the king's face. The destiny of Pureheart is his to defend.