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The young man's mind is still a surging perplexity. His face wears a puzzled expression, and his gentle characteristic turns into a panicking one.

He darts through the window, searching for at least a significant clue to his sudden awakening. Quartz yelps for help, but no one seems to answer his distress call.

"Impossible..." Quartz thought with awe to himself. He heard the noises of galloping horses, bartenders buzzing out prices, and sees tens of thousands of feet wearing old fashioned shoes.

"Hey, what year is it?" The young man clenches his fists to the iron bars once again. He continues to ask his inmate about the period, but the inmate's reaction was immense. He thought of the young man as a dull and crazy person with a memory disorder, but little does the inmate know that he's not from their world.

"It's the nine hundredth year. Have you been hibernating?" The inmate teases sarcastically. He gives the young man a suspicious look, and his eyes try to observe Quartz's pupils.

"Please be more specific. What do you mean by nine hundredth year? Do you know Jesus Christ?" Quartz tries to use his profound history skills. By simply asking the inmate if he knows who Jesus Christ is, the young man could figure the era he's in. Before Christ or Anno Domini which means the year of our lord?

"Who in the bloody hell is that?" The inmate queries with squinted eyes, showing a very unfamiliar expression.

"You speak English? So is this England? Or perhaps Britain?" Quartz surveys again in hopes to figure out his current locale. As a history enthusiast, he is fond of using the coördinate system.

"England? Britain? Never heard of those before. If you're not from around here, welcome to the Pureheart kingdom." The inmate greets, yet with a sarcastic tone.

"Pureheart? Now that's a new one on me." The young man utters softly without asking further more questions. He then sits on the corner of the cell, trying to control the anxious sensation.

"It's just a dream... you're going to wake up soon, come on Quartz, wake up." He encourages himself to the point he tries to slam his face harshly unto the brick wall. Once gentleness turns into panic, Quartz tends to do things without thinking.

As he mourns for his painful headache, the abrupt squeaking of rustic gates suddenly catches his attention. The sensation of footsteps and the clashing of metals creaks unto his ears.

"Who are you? And where did you come from?" The voice of a middle-aged woman utters to him. She has blonde hair which twinkles brilliantly, her eyes are painted with the color of cerulean seas, while her skin complexion is fair and decent.

The middle-aged woman wears a very engaging armor. Quartz's attention is then grabbed not because of her beauty but because of her very unreasonable taste of old-fashioned clothing.

"My name is Quartz Vermillion, and I'm from Rome. I want to know where I am, and how I got here." The young man introduces while keeping eye contact with the woman's eyes.

"Rome? I've never heard of such  place before. Where in the sixty-four cities or towns of Sacchi do you belong to?" The woman with black lustered armor questions with suspicion towards the young man.

"Sacchi? Impossible... I've heard of that name before, but I couldn't remember where. How did I even get here?" Quartz questions to himself. He grates his hair, as the intensity and tension of confusion surpasses his limits.

"You were found in the middle of a siege laying unconscious unto lush grass. You should be thankful that I was able to get you out of there.

My name is Jupiter Braveheart, I am the daughter of the king and queen of the Pureheart kingdom. Does this weapon belong to you?" Finally, the woman's name debutes. Jupiter Braveheart, it reminds Quartz about a king from the European countries. Upon Jupiter's grasp is no other than Quartz's Piccolo. 

She seems curious about the weapon, but in return Quartz's mind is baffled. If he is not mistaken, flutes such as the Piccolo are created during these kinds of eras. 

"That is not a weapon, it's an instrument. Can you please tell me how I was sent here? And what do you mean by siege?" Quartz questions further.

"I am sorry, but I can no longer entertain those questions. You are a prisoner of our kingdom. Do not worry, you will be fed three times a day, and the food here is luscious. 

Dare to escape, and you will face me and my family's army. Trust me, you do not want to get yourself involved with the current situations of Sacchi. I will be going now. I'll keep this weapon, in case you plan to use it against the will of my father and my ancestors." Jupiter greets and left the young man with a mind filled with curiosity.

Although as she walks away from Quartz, Jupiter begins to wonder why a young man like him knows nothing about Sacchi and its sixty-four cities or towns. 

"Sacchi? Is that your country's name?" Quartz consults the inmate one last time. The inmate responds with a vicious nod for his annoyed spirit surpasses his limits

Quartz still has a plethora of unanswered questions, and the more he seeks for an answer, the more questions appear. There is still a lot to learn about this new world.