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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Author:Yao Ye

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From a young age, Jiang Yi suffers humiliation and bullying due to his sealed dantian.

One day, he wakes up to find his seal broken, allowing him to gain incredible powers. With his cultivation of the Nine Heavens Divine Flames, he embarks on a heaven-defying journey.

All territories are mine, all cultivation techniques are mine, same for all treasures.

If hum...
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 1
1 Prologue - Fall of the Celestial Thearch. Shattering of the Divine Armament!
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 2
2 The Sealed Youth
3 The Nameless Formulation
4 The Magical Black Essence Force
5 Jiang Xiaonu
6 The Saying
7 The Task of the Enormous Deb
8 The Exploding Elixir
9 Earth-Tier Elixir
10 The Grand Scheme to Get Rich
11 The Pearl Gathering Pavilion
12 Ji Tingyu
13 Crawling Back
14 Dawn of a New Era
15 Jiang Henshui
16 Sparring Partner at Martial Arts Hall
17 The Gold Token-Grade Sparring Partner
18 The Second Stage of the Cast Tripod Realm
19 Do You Dare to Fight?
20 Ferocity
21 The Deal
22 You're Suited to Be an Alchemis
23 Exchanging One Life with Another
24 Shattered Bones and Scattered Ashes
25 Yi Family Recruitmen
26 The Desire to Grow Stronger
27 How Fascinating
28 Astral Body of the Earth
29 The Badly Damaged Secret Manual
30 Leng Qianqian
31 Fourth Stage of Cast Tripod Realm
32 Flipping Ou
33 The Good-for-Nothing
34 Begging for Death
35 Immediate Execution
36 Discouraged
37 Leaving
38 Fleeing
39 A Be
40 New Ability
41 Western Garrison Liege Lord
42 The Fifth Spot is Mine
43 Consecutive Victories
44 Are You Trying to Cheat a Child?
45 Exposed Identity
46 Jiang Yi Must Die!
47 White-Ho
48 It's All Over
49 Carry On
50 Get Your Ass to the Western Hills
51 Up the Hill
52 Purgatory in the Human World
53 To Die Alongside with Young Master
54 Young Lord
55 Devil
56 Broken Seal
57 Mercy on the Blade
58 You Don’t Have a Father!
59 Who Made the Seal?
60 The Mt. Spirit Beast Blood Purge
61 Departure
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 3
62 Jiang Yiliu
63 A Visitor
64 The Unlucky Star is Here
65 I Can Actually Snatch?
66 Demonic Arts
67 Madman
68 Scumbag
69 The Death of the Whole Clan
70 Clan of the Battle God
71 Little Thief
72 Tentacled Monster
73 Doing a Business
74 Seven Great Clans
75 A Mistake in Judgmen
76 Your Highness
77 Danger
78 With Me Around, No One will Dare to Lay a Finger on You
79 Investmen
80 Ancient Divine Essence Ring
81 Slaughter This Man
82 A Wolf in Front and a Tiger at the Back
83 Executed on the Spo
84 The Mastermind Behind the Scene
85 A Huge Be
86 It is His Trickery
87 Heaven Monarch of Massacre
88 Martial Dao Inten
89 What a Pity
90 Kill Him in a Single Blade
91 Is it Worth It?
92 Sixth Stage of Cast Tripod Realm
93 Ice Beas
94 Massacre Inten
95 Tiger Father, Dog Son
96 Investigate!
97 A Beauty is Looking for You
98 When I am Around, He Cannot Exist!
99 Exposed Identity
100 Tomb of the Heaven Monarch
101 Zhangsun Wuji
102 Princess Yun Fei
103 Fresh Flower and Cow's Dung
104 You Have to Survive
105 Mountain-Piercing Mouse
106 Moron
107 Taking a Risk Out of Desperation
108 Double-Edged Sword
109 Buried Together
110 Purple Charm Divine Ligh
111 Alone and Without Assistance
112 Secret Art of Judgmen
113 Kill Me
114 Teleportation and Death Traps
115 Jiang Bieli
116 Resplendent Like A Flower
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 4
117 Devil from Hell
118 Wait for Me on the Road Towards the Netherworld
119 The Real Tomb of the Heaven Monarch
120 The Most Valuable Treasure
121 Second Rank of the Nameless Divine Ar
122 Escape From this Place
123 Paralyzing Half of the Body
124 Chaotic Melee
125 Overly Flashy Entrance
126 After the Calamity
127 Massacre
128 Man-Ruler Seal
129 Ultimate Killer Move
130 I Will Go Take Revenge
131 To You, I Have No Secrets!
132 Greetings to Your Highness
133 I am Fine by Myself!
134 Arrogance
135 I Am His Father
136 I Cannot Save This Person Anymore
137 Promotion Challenge
138 Death Figh
139 God’s Restrain
140 The Autumn Gale Sweeps Away the Fallen Leaves
141 Overly Strong but Brittle
142 Demon Emperor
143 Slaughtering Demonic Beasts
144 This Isn’t Eye-Catching Enough
145 Night Feather Race
146 Three-Tailed Spirit Fox
147 Charmed
148 To Kill or Not to Kill?
149 Everyone Must Die!
150 Little Fox is Back Again
151 Silver-Moon Demon Wolf
152 Silly Woman
153 Shui Qianrou
154 Black Qilin
155 Even the Gods Must Die!
156 Soul Spirit Martial Exper
157 World-Extinguishing Silver Necklace
158 Do You Believe This Old Man will Kill You with a Single Palm Strike?
159 Burning the Devil-Sky Silk
160 Terrifying Willpower
161 Elixir Refinemen
162 Elixir King
163 Something Happened
164 Die Without a Burial Site
165 I, Jiang Yi, am Not Worthy Enough for Her
166 Seeking for Death
167 Don't Humiliate This Old Man!
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 5
168 Taking A Long Journey Alone
169 Plucking the Fangs from the Tiger’s Mouth
170 Earth Fire
171 Incinerating a Soul Travel Realm Exper
172 Soul-Seizing Valley
173 Savage Man
174 An Individual with Ill Intentions
175 With Me Around, No One Can Touch You
176 Su Ruoxue's Identity
177 The Silent Grieving is Worse than Feeling Apathetic
178 One Against Ten Thousand
179 Not to Hurt the Harmony
180 Don't Blame Me for Being Merciless
181 Ruoxue Will Answer to Your Feelings
182 Condensing the Purple Mansion
183 Two Purple Mansions
184 Fortune is Closely Related to Misfortune
185 Killing Inten
186 An Ensemble of Heroes
187 Fire Dragon Sword
188 Northern Liang Kingdom's Martial Artis
189 Are You Still Able to Escape?
190 Fight or Flee?
191 Soul Seal
192 Green Noxious Bug
193 Profit from Others’ Conflic
194 I’ll Do I
195 Location Tracked
196 Little Monk
197 Man of Omen or Man of Virtue?
198 Ghost Woods
199 Traveling Far and Wide
200 Assistance
201 Surrounded
202 A Path to Heaven
203 Massacre
204 Meteorite-Killing Formation
205 Prowess of a Saint Artifac
206 Flaming Human
207 Dao Pattern Attack
208 Water Moon Formation
209 Silver-Moon Demon Wolf
210 Yun He, Dead!
211 Shui Youlan
212 Who is More Ruthless
213 Soul Seals as Tributes
214 Walking Into the Trap
215 What Do You Mean By This?
216 Kingdom War Rank No.1
217 Hundred Slaps
218 Celestial Stone
219 Azure Dragon Empire's Conspiracy
220 Defective Saint Artifac
221 Jiang Yi, Receive the Decree!
222 Father and Son Meeting in Person
223 Executed According to the Laws
224 No More Soul-Subduing Herb?
225 Jiang Yi Had Gone Crazy
《Fury Towards The Burning Heaven》 Volume 6
226 He Was Going to Plunder the Soul-Subduing Herb!
227 Prowess of the Fire Dragon Sword
228 Tier-Three Demonic Beas
229 Mystical Spirit Beas
230 Life Balancing on a Line
231 Explode! Explode! Explode!
232 Heaven and Earth Anomaly
233 Transformation
234 Enemy Assaul
235 Anyone Who Obstructs Me Shall Die!
236 A Loud Slap on the Face
237 Crime of Treason
238 Fusing Martial Skills